The pink princess is coming for a comeback!! Betsey Johnson’s new line, available at Macy’s, features items for a more budget conscious shopper!

Pink Patch will be done in fabrics like cotton lycra, velvet, denim, chiffon, charmeuse, slinky jersey and tulle. These styles will be in Betsey’s favorite patterns …roses, paper dolls, skulls, python print, leopard, plaids, stripes, tattoo prints, and her favorite drawings all fun and bold colors!

Betsey holds a special place in my heart, always, she gave me my jumping point off in the industry! GOOD LUCK!! Xox


Favorite Friday

This dress may be my favorite deal I have ever gotten! I stalked this dress (yes actively stalked) for about 3 months. I did not want to pay $30 for it (what they were originally charging at TJ Maxx) because I wasn’t sure how often I would really get to wear it. However, I was patient (and lucky) and at the end of last summer this dress was on clearance! And the only one left was in my size Huzzah!

I especially like this dress because of the shape (I love me some full skirt) and the neckline (I like how high it is) AND the pattern. I mean seriously. This. Pattern. Is. Amazing! Whenever I wear this dress I just actively stare at it all day long. There are so many things to see! Unfortunately, this dress spent most of Friday under my academic robes.

We had a campus event on Friday for which we had to wear our full regalia. The purple shoes were still visible (which was fun because my school’s colors are purple and yellow) and they got a lot of attention, but the dress didn’t get to make an appearance until late afternoon. Still, I was glad I wore it because 1.) robes are hot and this dress is nice and cool and 2.) this dress has pockets so I tucked my phone and keys in them so I would not have to carry a purse over my robes (which I think looks tacky).

Hope you all had a wonderful weekend!


Dress: Maggy London, purchased at TjMaxx on clearance for $15

Shoes: Nine West, purchased on sale at TJMaxx for $19.99


The Haute Professor


{Distressed Acid-Wash Denim}… So I’m loving this steal of a deal I stumbled upon recently, aka these jeans! The perfect denim look, if you’re like me and wanting to switch up from the usual denim that you wear:: dark skinny jeans are my go-to denim typically… But these jeans are distressed with an acid-wash look… & get this, $15! I couldn’t believe it, and they feel great on too… Even though it’s a hot and humid summer here in IL, jeans are a perfect option to wear at night on cooler evenings {or to keep those silly mosquitos away!}… You’ll be seeing my booty in these much more. Love these jeans, and I especially love the price! Guilt free :)

Jeans:: TJ Maxx



Splash of Color

I told my students that I would be dressing for the spring in hopes that it would come sooner! This dress made me feel like spring! However, with the boots, coat, and tights I was more than warm enough.

This was my favorite item that I purchased from Zulily (frankly it was the only thing I was really excited about!). It was a bit of a surprise as well because I had added it to my cart on a whim. I wasn’t sure it would be very flattering on me but it turned out perfectly!

I wanted to add a quick little Zulily review this entry. As much as I like this dress, I didn’t like the Zulily experience. To begin, the shipping takes awhile (which I was used to from Hautelook, but they have other advantages). The worst part though is that they do not take returns! So if you don’t like something you are really stuck with it. The prices were great but I am not sure if I would take that risk again! Hautelook’s prices are slightly higher BUT they take returns (unless clearly marked otherwise) so they get the win for me at this point!


Dress: Shelby & Palmer, purchased on Zulily for $12.99

Tights: Betsy Johnson, purchased in a 3 pack at TJ Maxx, ~$3

Boots: Naturalizer, purchased on sale at the outlets for $29.99

Necklace: Can’t recall!

Leather Jacket: Max Jeans, purchased at TJ Maxx, $49.99


The Haute Professor


SO I had mentioned the big boutique blowout in LEX but have yet to post about my goodies :) for those newbies (I was before this time around) its where multiple boutiques get together 1 day and offer items atleast 50% off

I was able to score the fab Judith March dress for $30.00, stinkin cute right?

I controlled myself as I’m saving for the college after math but did get an amazing scarf and cute yet practical tunic :)

Mark your calenders, I heard the summer one will be July 28th!!


Today at work I made friends with these two girls who were shopping. Since I work at TJMaxx, we were joking about the Maxxinista commercials. Oddly enough, I am proud to say I am a true fashionista and 100% maxxinista. I applied at TJ’s because I love the deals and the “look for less” aspect of it. I can put together an outfit for anyone for any occasion and usually throughout the workday I find myself personally assisting people in choices. Two days ago, I helped a woman who shared her story with me while we were shopping. She had recently gotten surgery and had a tumor removed, I loved the 10-15 mins I spent with her, walking around, looking for a nice pair of capris for the summer. Sometimes, it’s more than just shopping, sometimes you meet amazing people. I love helping people.