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Hey guys, i have recently reached my goal, and thought i would do a follow forever :) First and foremost thank you guys so much for putting up with me and being so kind to me. I have met some of the best-est people here (not to mention how flawless each one of you are) and I will always be thankful. I know for a fact, that i have missed someone here, so please holler at me, and i will simply add you in…easy as that :) 

HOCKEY HOMIES ♥ (My people who I annoy alot and don’t even deny it. I am annoying, case CLOSED! Consider yourself bolded, italicized and underlined cause ILYSM) 

 14jamiebenn ayeewutup almightylundqvist brassyanddmoore bournival-carnaval boobyryans @boston-strong-forever brendanngallagher bgallyhasmyheart bishop-off-my-ass bruinsstrong chitownhockey chicagohawky c-awlidge-hawkey canadian-eh87 cupcakeslover5 christopher-james-kreider dont-stepan-shit ebsnugehallsy  finnish-your-czechs goaliesticks gabelandesgod galchenyuked galchylover94 girardahan goallagher-galchenpuck happy-kappy hatrickaner honka-honka-burnin-love h0ckeyismylife hockeywashergame inprustwethrust jeffsskinner joffreylups kreidizzler like-in-tonights-sky maxxie-patches marchandmad nerdyhockeyfanaticandmusicjunky patrickkanethesecond  pksubban76 pucking-habs patrickkanethesecond rypien-37 siddharthcrosby savebytalbot sharpsh00ter10 thatdumbrant toewspricedraisaitl troubsandscheifs tkaner tom-and-jarry typaulseguin verbitch wildhawksduran

POPULAR BAES (You know those cool people, dorks like me can only imagine breathing the same air as them. People who are too cool and beautiful for me, y'all probably be a millionaire and marry a hockey player one day)

44morganrielly alexclutchenyuk a-bgally alexsteener bennseguin bgally-agally backlund-in-black boston-hooligan bgally-agally bbickells beterpudaj bringmethehockey crawfordthegoalie careys-price catlady31 drewdoughty dont-puck-with-me dannyb-48 ffrangeg grizby go-back-to-ikea galchenyum-gallawhore gally-chucky holygoalie32 hockey-and-supernatural hockeyyybabyyy habs5eva imneverbackcheck johnttavares kingphaneuf kingduchene knucklesnilan kane-you-handle-it kane-you-shuffle lack31 lettersfromtheattic ladysstardust lizlikewoe nylandersflow nealscookie ohmygally pittsburgh-penguins-fan87 princebudaj princecarey ryan-mcstunna riemszaks sainteflanelle shawzer65 the-count-of-danny-kristo tylerswagguin toews-fruity-booty theflyingpenguin27 tessa-scott-and-jisbon them-hockeyfeels toesandpeeksy vvilmyers wristshotslapshotbackhandgoal

AWESOME NON-HOCKEY BLOGS (people who post other awesome stuff, i seriously love you guys for putting up with my hockey stuff)

thenshwarmaafter supernatural-avengers 

For the new eyes that are on this post, please just say hi to me and i guarantee you we can be homies. Just try, you can back out whenever you what, no cancellation fee. 

So I guess it’s time to do another one of these. I’ve made some great friends over the past year or so on here and I am very thankful for it. And I hope I can make more but again I don’t know how to start conversation so if you ever want to talk just message me anytime

Special People:

hockeyismyreligon - Jan is the best. extremely nice and a fantastic person all together. Your place to go if you love Carey Price and chemistry jokes :)

nyrqurlforev - She’s awesome and  she needs you to tell her that because she doesn’t always think so. Definitely worth a follow

petitereveries / rvrbata - she’s somehow been following/ putting up with me for the longest time. even back to when I was an indie aesthetic blogish (don’t ask) 

iwannabe-yourbabygirl - she’s super nice to me for some reason and her blog is gr8

young-mullet-enthusiast - just an all around great blog and caring person

coach-qs-stache - very knowledgeable about the Blackhawks and also a cool nice person

valzilla ​- one of the few non hockey blogs I still follow and also one of the few I know in person. She’s a nerd but a friendly and accepting one

now for the rest I would have liked to put it in a specific order or at least somewhat organize it but I am too lazy

The Rest:

koootraa  meowshawnlynch michalhandzus roofdaddypkane pastrnakattack daddyseabrook goallagher-galchenpuck  marchandmad massholehackey craawford enforcechicago billyjoelfanfic patrick-kane teenagekane evgeniemalkin  ketnep crackpoutine iloveshinpads65 sparkledagger sadchihuahua vaccinatethenhl shuffling-with-kaner vrtanen loochskywalker waysweeterthanbriancampbell hawkeytime cerealmadrid 2muchtuna canadiens-not-canadians andrewshawshankredemption nemoniemi blackhawks-shuffle blackhawks-little-reindeer blackhawksandrevelations themutt65 boobryan bruins-babe captain-crosby crosbieksa captain-karlsson chi-town-elf darcythekuemperor deck-the-staals true-bromantics ericstaalsmugshot jordanstaalsmugshot galchenyum-gallawhore glassbanger21 jaycutty captainserious-lycute lactose-and-tolerance laughton-alltheway lupestroops jodrouin dallas41chicago88 maxxie-patches nicksbonino officialhilaryknight phillipedesrosiers pkanes-brows hohohagelin recchis reillysmithismybf sainteflanelle sandaapandaa santa-claude siddharthcrosby thats-hawkey-baby lack31 vorassist wickedpissahbruins 

also I follow a ton of people so if I forgot you i’m REALLY SORRY

thank you all  :)

So it’s about time I sent out one of these again. Thank you to all those who have stuck by me for the past year, for putting up with all my Scherbak feels, and for just being my friends in general :)

baes: goallagher-galchenpuck (the ultimate bae) // hockeyismyreligon // kreid-ordie // zachfucalegoals (or wherever Arin went because I can’t remember her new URL and I forgot to bookmark it) // goaliesticks // alex-wennburgers // heisirreplaceable (Hexy you’re still at the top ♥))

my favorites and/or those who I specifically remember following a long time ago [in no specific order]

maxxie-patches // captain-crosby // darrylheartzhenya // robertoluongone // zachpariseisbae // h0ckeyismylife // hawkeytime // crackpoutine // j-ebs // ghb14 // icehot13 // saxuallyactive // saintbobrovsky // whoretuzzo // bruins-babe // marchandmad // massholehackey // msautumnwind // crosbye // typaulseguin // crosberle // canadiens-not-canadians // nationalhottieleague // sparkledagger // awesome-zetterbeard // christopher-james-kreider // christopher-kreidopher // pucking-gallagher // hatrickaner // bgallys // galchenyum-gallawhore // joffreylups // finnish-your-czechs // young-mullet-enthusiast // borninthecold // lifeishopeful // the-destroia // tantantheglassman // g-ryffinclaw // darthtulip // dallas41chicago88 // fiveforfisticuffs // thisismydivision // thisisahockeyblog // sidmalkin // sealcat // htbj // vaccinatethenhl // friedcammalleri // phnxrsng // ketnep // bournivals // ladysstardust // thranduil-the-elven-king // fresh-prince-of-briere // catlady31 // tom-and-jarry // toovotervinen // howardssaves // fabulouslyprice // a-bgally // theyslayedthedragon // classicmarsh // bruinuck // imneverbackcheck // landessblog // hollimaatta // 

special mentions to for being awesome:

 the lord of the hockey tumblrs erikkarlsson65 // 

also this is like 1/250 of my blogroll so please don’t be offended if you’re not on here I love you all but I follow 4500+ blogs so that’s kinda hard to get everyone </3

I hit my goal of 400 followers recently, so it’s high time I made a follow forever list. Keep in mind that I follow a huge amount of blogs, and if you feel like I left you out of this list, I apologize. You’re all amazing! anyway here goes!

#s, A-H

14jamiebenn, 2us2ks2good4you, alexandra-caroline-greysalexgalchenyuk, awesomeducks123, backlund-in-black, bastiansschweinsteigersbeau-bennetts, blackandgoldkeywork, bluelinedoughtyboston-hooligan, bringtheschennergy, bring-the-schennergy, briouxtiful, carlhagelins, catlady31, christopher-james-kreider, curlygirl88, datsyukian-deke, dcrednyblue, deviltrigger4425, dont-stepan-shit, eddie-lack31, elias-lindhomie, fabulouslyprice, fakegrungelol, gallylove, goallagher-galchenpuck, hardtobryzgalove, hatrickaner, hlundqvists, holymaatta, howardssaves


isles-stoneman7, itsjackiiee, jaketrouba, johnttavares, killing-me-smalls, kronwalldo, lack31, lahs-ellah, lamerkaner, letangeh, lionelmessiah, loochskywalker, lucicbergeron, luon-go, marcel-goc, massholehackey, maxxie-patches, meowdoughty, miracle-ice-hockey, neuering, neuers, oliimaatta, ooshiie, pascaldupuis, peeksandtoews, penalty-shots, phnxrsng, phuck-hockey, pricecrosbytoews, pucking-habs, queernuck


raantastic, rangrdangr, raskbutt, russianbear71, ryanggetzlaf, ryan-mcstunna, saadfathers, sasssytuukka, scoraceks, sharpsh00ter10, shayne-gostisbro, shermsalot, siddharthcrosby, sidneycrosbysdick, so-hockey-eh, soccercrazii, spencerrwatson, staalker, storms-of-jupiter, supercallyfragilistic, tendysetups, that-random-anon, thepriceisrightbitch, tkaner, tom-and-jarry, toothgapbrassard, tuukkasrask, unitedstatesofkessel, vanriemsdyks, webering, wickedpissahbruins, you-saad-bro, youaristocat, yzerman, zdenocharazard

Hello friends, so as you may or may not know I reached 500, thank you so much !!!!!, which means I’m halfway to 1K. Since I’m close to 1K I figured I would make another one of these things. If you’re tagged in this, you’re a cool dood and we should talk more. Bolded are my favorite people on here. Italicized„, you are v rad and you’re my homo.
Thanks again guys, if you’re a new follower of mine, welcome and talk to me because I don’t bite. B)
((creds to dickieorpik for my graphic))


• alexandersteen alexgalchenyukk alexpietranjellos barca-penguins beaunnett bikesel benngeron beterpudaj bieksasjuice brendanngallagher bruinuck crackpoutine cuzitsthecup danhammerhamhuis darrylheartzhenya dont-puck-with-me eh-hockey elias-lindholms empty-netter fratboytoews fuckyeahalexandersteen goalieelove hockey-fever hockeywillkillme


i-speak-hockey johntortorella joshleivos keep-it-spoice keepcalmandmuse kingdoughty kingduchene kneesandt0ews lack31 lehockeyy letangeh like-in-tonights-sky lizlikewoe magnuspaajarvis mattduchenne mattgreenies maxxie-patches mother-puckers mrslupul19 ohmysergeibobrovsky ooshiie pie-tran-jello pinguinette plaidassmofo


scoraceks sidcrosbys slimskjeidy sobuttka steve-otters stickshafts swedeneden tearsfortarasenko91 teuvo that-random-anon thatwasquick thethreemuskeskiers tjouchie tuukkarasksass typaulseguin vaneks vladimirovichs webering zackgreinkes

In honor of reaching 500 followers, I decided I would do a follow forever! About 2 weeks-ish ago I was hacked and had my account deleted, and with that I lost almost 1k followers. But thanks to a lot of my amazing mutuals and friends on here I was able to quickly regain a lot of them :) A majority of these blogs are mutuals but not all, I was gonna bold all my favorite blogs but then I ended up literally bolding everyone so basically all these blogs are amazing and worth checking out ily all :))

A - D ||

a-bgally alex-wennbergs benngeron bbickells bigmackinnon boston-bruins-tuukka-ruins boston-caleb bostongirlatheart boston-hooligan boston-strong-forever bruinuck bruinsstrong bruinswarrior chitownhockey christopher-james-kreider crashthecrease demdimpleskhudobin david-pastrnak dont-stepan-shit dont-touch-my-rask d0nt-p0ke-the-bear

E - N ||

elias-lindholms empty-netter fricktoews gentlebenn grantairesunderwear hawkeytime itshockeystoriesbyphoebe jackocalllahan jeffsskinner johnttavares johnturtlerella kingphaneuf lack31 littleballofbrad63 littleballofhate63 loochskywalker lundqvisition lupeskog marchandmad massholehackey matszuccarelllo maxxie-patches nurserekka 

P - Y || 

perfect-patrice philly-lily phnxrsng pkaned pricecrosbytoews princebudaj radbradmarchand raanta saadfathers sasssytuukka seidenburger sidcrosb snuggiehamilton sox-andthecity staalsie teenagekane the-art-of-hockey the-destroia themerlotline4life title-town-boston tuukka-tantrum teamtuukkarask tuukkasaaask tuukkasass tuukkarasksass tkaner verbitch wickedpissahbruins youcankissmyrask

I hope i did this right and im soo sorry if i forgot anyone, there are farrr too many amazing hockey blogs on here to fit into one follow forever :))) 

In honour of this blog reaching surpassing 250 followers (thanks y'all), I finally made this follow-forever! And as promised, the shitty graphic. :) 

bolded are simply great hockey blogs i love to follow, italicised are ppl who are basically famous because of their cool-factor


accidentalsnorkeling accueillons-nos-canadiens backlund-in-black beterpudaj boobjenner brodin-thebacon brodins broshied bruinuck cappykoivu catlady31 charliecoylecutie chawwich darcykuemps demkos dustinstokarskis erikkarlsson65 fymontrealcanadiens galchenyum-gallawhore gengaaar glovehand goallagher-galchenpuck habsforlife hashtaghabsnation haulalujah hockey-fever hockeyimaginesbykiriandabs hockeyismyreligon 


jonas-brodins kingkoivu kuempers lack31 ladysstardust lahs-ellah landessblog lars-hella like-in-tonights-sky maxxie-patches mikaelgranlove mikeweavers minnesotalove mo-gardiner officialfinland ortios parisedise pksubban76 princecarey princessjmon3y prustytute raphael-diaz sar-dyharhar sassyeeffingcassie scandellas scandi-lous shellfishlove spock7411 stevedangle thecanadiens verbitch wildabouthockey 


chillwithdill hella-sasssy zwperson

thanks again for following !!

Hey guys!!

In honor of Christmas and a follower goal I’ve recently reached, I decided to do a follow forever!

The IRLs: arctic-hickeys calistarr halcyon-nights-of-youth pucking-habs

Behind enemy lines (a.k.a you like Boston but somehow follow me??? Also very awesome people): marchandmad massholehackey loochskywalker tuukkasass pastrnakattack

Most awesome people to ever exist: wheelofdawn lahs-ellah hockeyismyreligon goallagher-galchenpuck sainteflanelle young-mullet-enthusiast ladysstardust goaliesticks marianyossa bgallyhasmyheart anze-kopistar catlady31 teddy-bear-mony merrykleinsmas 

Y'all are the best: galchenyum-gallawhore price-isright siddharthcrosby darrylheartzhenyarobertoluongonedelaying-the-gamesavedbypricelars-hellapksubban76hockeyapuckalypsemeaghan-mikkelsonjoffreylupsplekafacepkanes-browsthewizardofcros87hotdaddannybriere captainserious-lycute christmaskanershuffle fabulouslyprice frenchhockeyloveuse maxxie-patches blackhawks-shuffle hockeyplease

(Knowing me, I’ve forgotten like half of you, so sorry if you’re name’s not there!)



Hello guys!
Since the beginning of my blog you been amazing with me. And I learned a lot of things about all NHL players&teams. :)
Sorry if I don’t tagged you:( I love you all❤️ they are not in a orders;)

batman-loves-rock 1-uongo bgally-agally maxxie-patches lars-hella rosalie-goulet scoraceks lackstamkos gallysquaredgivesmelife gallysgirl chuckysgirl27 bournival-carnaval brendangalchenyuk nationalhottieleague of-krejci-and-rask alexclutchenyuk vaneks goallagher-galchenpuck hashtaghabsnation killing-me-smalls habsforlife galchylover94
nalxoxo peace-in-price dont-touch-my-rask princessofthecrossroads habsgirl18 always-a-great-day-for-hockey gally-chucky sassygallys maxymepaiement22 ohmygally pucking-habs goallagher-galchenpuck livc19 ilovechicago1988 sainteflanelle ayeewutup b-gally-gally backlund-in-black miracle-ice-hockey captainstamkostoews imneverbackcheck beaunnett oh-keptin-my-capatin

P.S: Go follow nalxoxo she is really a nice person with a nice hockey blog:)

Have a nice day or night;) 😘

I was tagged by the lovely typaulseguin and hatrickaner

So i’m going to going to NYC this friday, so i thought i would take a couple selfies and say goodbye. Idk how old baggy sweaters and snapbacks are, im still gonna wear it. (even if they look ugly) Here’s my narration from left to right and top to bottom. 

Picture 1: Hey, im going to NYC!! 

picture 2: It’s gonna be sooo much fun :) 

Picture 3: But i won’t be on tumblr much :(


Picture 5: Can i get some love guys? Get this to 60 notes haha

Picture 6: Just kidding, you probably don’t wanna see my face haha.

I tag: maxxie-patches goallagher-galchenpuck thatdumbrant dont-stepan-shit hockeywashergame pucking-habs 14jamiebenn gabelandesgod pksubban76 ebsnugehallsy johnttavares c-awlidge-hawkey jeffsskinner nerdyhockeyfanaticandmusicjunky brassyanddmoore goaliesticks like-in-tonights-sky finnish-your-czechs tom-and-jarry ladysstardust ohmygally and who ever wants to do it :) ♥

So since I’ve hit 500 followers, I decided to make a follow forever because you’re all so sweet and I love you all and there’s a lot of blogs to whom I don’t talk to but you deserve to know I love you. 

Thank you to my followers, you’re the best (& you’re all goddamn pretty tbh wow) <3

(The photo is not mine, just my edit)


1-uongo alannaspeak alexsteener aloneomega backseatserenade-inwonderland bandsandflannelss bournival-carnaval brendanqallagher brieregod-48 cosyourejustadaydreamaway cthehorizon dancing-inthe-tardis dianaisdumb drivingmeintomanic dylanobilinski emilyinspace fabulouslyprice gengaaar girlofstaale goallagher-galchenpuck greenishappiness/habs5eva hellyeahstaale hiverpourtoujours hockeyapuckalypse (hands down best url ever) hockeyismyreligon hollerade 


iconapunkrock killingthemwith-kindness king-subban la-la-lana-winters lars-hella let-love-come-in lifeishopeful maxxie-patches mcmorris1969 mcprairiekids mikeweavers mychemicaltaco nckd33p no-a-unicorn-dumbass pagesandcovers patronused perksofbeingsuperwholocked pucksluuuuuut 


reachforthefuckinsky seguinsunderwear shewritesherlife siddharthcrosby survivingtheteenageyears svensandbechs  theywerentrealcops-jace too-gorges tuukkaflask vincent-van-gay 

Hey guys! So I’m making my FIRST follow forever because I hit my goal and it’s really short but wow you guys are amazing and need to be reminded :)

angtobe // alexandra-caroline-greys // alexanderkillorn // alexburrowsishot // anttisraanta // bruins-babe // baesaad // braandonsaad // boedylicious // bostonfooins // branclonbollig // bruinsstrong // craawford // christopher-james-kreider // crackpoutine // crnpuck // duncsharpy // dont-be-saad // epxrn // fratboykopitar // hattyforpatty // hawkey-girl88 // hockeyboystho // hockeyoneshots // icouldntcomeupwithanythingelseso // ilovehawkey // jolaurence // jonatthantoews // kane-and-toews // kanersbabe88 // kaneyoudigittttt // kanergirl88 // kinghenrik // lordtoews // marchandmad // mo-gardiner // maxxie-patches // offseasontoews // oliimaatta // peekabookaner // phuck-hockey // prince-toews // rocktheredblueandgold // saadybae // schenn-timental // savebybobrovsky // sherlockey523150 // so-hockey-eh // shakinlikethedevil // thenazmaniandevil // thisismydivision // touchyourtoews // tuukkasaaask // tylerseguin-91 // typaulseguin // unitedstatesofkessel // we-kane-we-shaw-we-crawford // wtftoews // youtube-and-blackhawks // 19ismycaptain // 8kaner8 sparkledagger

[also if this was really random and you’re like who even IS this, don’t be alarmed, I’m just appreciating everyone here]