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T.J. Maxx And Marshalls Tell Workers To Trash Ivanka Trump Signs
Employees were told to throw away signage and mix clothes into racks.

It appears as though T.J. Maxx and Marshall’s are in the midst of fading out Ivanka Trump items from their stores.  The retail stores appear to be following in the steps of Nordstrom and Neiman Marcus, which just last week dropped Trump’s brand.

Tyra Banks beauty line “Tyra Beauty” as well as “the Honest Company,” which is affiliated with Jessica Alba have also just announced that they will no longer advertise during “the Apprentice” on NBC.  The online retailer “” has also dropped Trump brands.

The owner of TJ Maxx, Marshalls, and HomeGoods is continuing to pay store employees in Puerto Rico who are unable to work due to storm damage and power outages.

I already love Marshalls, but now you’re gonna have an even harder time prying discounted shoes out of my grubby little hands.

Look SugarBaby Chic without Breaking Your Bank Account

So I’ve come across a lot of questions in the past on how to look good without compromising your bank balance. Sugaring is competitive, and as much as we love our sugar sisters… We’re all in the same bowl. There’s sugar babies who are stunting in red bottoms flaunting Rolex arm candy, and there’s sugar babies running around in denim and tops. (Totally not looking down on either.) We often forget that men are visual creatures, and most of them are attracted to a woman that knows how to dress well. If you want to be a rich man’s choicest arm candy, then you best start dressing the part. You can’t expect to have the Ritz Carlton experience with a Holiday Inn & Suites package. Money attracts money. Starting out not many of us have designer this and designer that. I certainly didn’t own anything designer starting out. Other than a few presents from family & vanilla men. So here’s how I started out… Firstly I got myself a vanilla job. Retail is great for this, plus one for those employee perks! I worked a few months to save some money for a decent wardrobe. I shopped at places like: Ross, TJ Maxx, Marshals, Nordstrom Rack, Plato’s Closet, Amiclubwear, HotMiamiStyles & Tradesy. This allowed me to purchase new, previously loved, and discounted clothing at a fraction of the MSRP (manufacturers suggested retail price). I purchased dresses, ankle pants, chiffon tops, blazers, accessories, & lingerie (new of course). The key is to avoid anything flashy for instance a black top with Boss B#%* or something like that written on it. The key is to dress professional, chic, & keep versatility in mind. When I say versatile, I mean a blazer that can be professional with a collared shirt but still look chill with a pink chiffon top when you roll up the sleeves. As a sugar baby you’ll be exposed to things women your age aren’t. Things like flying private or taking weekend/ day trips with your SD for pleasure or work. Each and every occasion needs to have an appropriate outfit. Think of all the scenarios you could possibly be in and purchase outfits accordingly. A sugar baby can never be over dressed. These men are willing to pay top dollar for women out there. Your first few sugar daddies are like your foundation pillars. Make sure you sift the salt daddies away! The first few ones need to be taking you shopping for items you cannot buy without breaking your bank account. For example, it’s Cocoa Cathy’s 22nd birthday, and her daddy asks her what she wants. Cocoa Cathy should be saying, “Well Daddy, for my birthday I’d like my allowance as usual, but I would absolutely love it if you’d be able to get me a handbag I’ve been eyeing for quite a while!” If Daddy is pure sugar he will say, “I’d be more than happy to buy you that handbag! Look it up & I’ll forward you my card details.” This is sugar! Cocoa Cathy knows that this daddy just went through a brutal divorce so she knows not to ask for a Celine. She instead opts for two handbags from the $800-1K range. She lets Daddy pick which one would look better, and of course daddy goes for the expensive one. This shows how much Daddy enjoys Cocoa Cathy’s company, and he knows that Cocoa Cathy has sophisticated taste. (just an example) You should utilize your allowance to purchase staple sugar clothing items like palazzo pants or cardigans. There’s no need for a sugar baby to be a brand ambassador wearing 20 different designer labels. Often, this gives your sugar daddy the vibe that you already have it all. Be smart when purchasing your initial sugar wardrobe. You don’t have to break your bank account doing so. We all know we’re sugaring to one day run into a Whale Daddy, but until then those 2-3K/ month daddies aren’t bad! Also make sure you still have personality! Your wardrobe can only sell you so much! Your personality really signs seals and delivers your arrangement. For my new babies, please do not wear your heart on your wrist. These men are brutal and will try to talk down to you. They will try to make you feel like you’re not worth that 2-3K allowance. That’s a huge red flag for you to move on! Never compromise your allowance range.

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Tips for saving money

Just a reminder that this is what I have found to work or be useful like the apps or tricks


Clearance Rack

most stores have these and sometimes they even hide them, switching where it goes but usually there by the back and can really save you some money

2. Shopkick is a great app I use where when you go shopping you scan things (you don’t have to buy anything) or just but walking in the store and you rack up points to get gift cards

3.Sell your unwanted things different apps you can use Mercari neerbuy letgo

4. Get Amazon prime for free by using a free trial using a gift card that no longer has money on it and make another account in a month

5. Get Spotify Premium for 99 cents every winter Spotify does a promotional event where you can get 3 months premium for less than a dollar.

6. Go to cheap stores Trader joes, Tj-Maxx, Marshalls and Kohls

7. Don’t go to the store hungry you buy food you don’t need and usually it’s unhealthy

8. Credit Card reward systems these actually work and are so good my grandma has got over 2000$ of money just from using her cards to buy things

Smart Shopping for College

Buying items for college is both stressful and expensive, and I have a few tips to those who want to buy quality items at reasonable prices. If you’re living on campus, check out the list I have posted as a guideline for purchasing items for college. If you’re a community college student, I have created a list for you also. Both lists are on this blog. Also, feel free to reblog and share this information with others.

Do not be afraid to check retail stores such as TJ Maxx, Ross, and Marshals before heading to Bed Bath and Beyond, Target, or Walmart. Some items will have to be purchased from Target or Walmart, because the prices are unbeatable on some items. Also, check to see if Amazon’s price is lower than that of a retail store.

When shopping for school supplies and cleaning supplies, try Dollar Tree (some items are actually great quality and name brand) and Dollar General. (Coupons can also be used at these stores, so if you have a coupon go ahead and use it.)

Shop back to school sales for school supplies at Office Depot, Office Max, and Staples. (It is possible to get folders for 1 penny, and you can go to multiple locations to get the deal over and over again.) Target and Walmart also have school supply sales, but they are closer to school starting and don’t have penny sales.

Back to School sales generally pick up in late-July and early August, so keep your eyes on the circulars sent to your home address. Don’t wait until the last minute to buy school supplies because the prices raise significantly.

Before you purchase a minifridge call your university’s housing department or check their website for micro-fridge rentals (oftentimes the cost can be split between the roommates, rather than purchasing a fridge and having to haul it back and forth every year, they aren’t worth the hassle). Also, find out what size is allowed if you bring your own. Housing violations are serious and can e avoided with proper preparations. If you must purchase your own, try Costco or Sam’s club, they have great prices on them during the summer.

If you have to purchase your own furniture, try Goodwill and the Salvation Army. Sometimes these places have gently used and brand new furniture for sale at insanely low prices.

Home For the Holidays (Luke Hemmings)

im a slut for pregnancy announcements im sorry


“How should we tell them?” Luke asked you as he drove to his parents’ house.

“I think you should go in first,” you said, laying your head back on the headrest as you looked at your one-month-old, “They’re gonna be all excited to see you and I think Morgan should have her own moment.”

You managed to keep your pregnancy – and the birth – a secret from everyone. It wasn’t that difficult with both you and Luke living a couple hours away from your parents and the fact that the band had been on break for about a year now. But you were obviously incredibly excited to officially welcome the newest Hemmings to everyone.

“How do you want me to get you in the house?”

“Just tell them I’m getting something from the car and I’ll be in in a minute,” you shrugged, “That shouldn’t give anything away, right?” As Luke turned onto the street, you piped up again. “How mad do you think your mom will be?”

Actually mad or pretending to be mad?” he chuckled.

“Both,” you giggled.

“Pretending to be, 110%; Actually, -600%” he teased, “She could never get mad at you – you’re her favorite.” You simply rolled your eyes, smiling at him when he winked at you in the rearview mirror.

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Types Of Aunties

The Bougie-  She always let’s you know what name brand she’s wearing. Post all her new purchases on facebook. Drives a Mercedes and owns a Pomeranian/Yorkshire Terrier. Always has an expensive gift ready for you

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The God Fearing Christian- She makes every conversation about the Lord. When you sleep over you wake up the next morning with blessing oil on your forehead. Makes the prayer cloths for the women in the congregation. She can throw down in the kitchen. Is the one in church that passes out because she caught the Holy Ghost. Is always telling you to get right with Jesus

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The Homophobic- She says that she doesn’t care about people being gay as long as they don’t put it in other people’s faces. She hasn’t had a man in over ten years and her cats keep running away

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The Sexually Silent Christian- Like ‘The God Fearing Christian’, she too has strong faith. The only difference is she has slept with the the deacon and the pastor from the sister church, as well as Sister Black’s husband. She thinks that nobody knows what’s she’s up to but, all the old folks call her a ‘Jezebel’ when she isn’t around

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The Rump Shaker- She is hip to all the new dances. She is the one to turn up the Memorial Day BBQ. Out twerks you and all of your cousins

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The Cool Cat- She is is just hella chill. She fixes you a plate when you come over and genuinely cares about what’s going on with you. She listens to Beyoncé on her way to work in the morning. Her favorite places to shop are TJ MAXX and Marshalls

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master list

hey, friend. you’re probably wondering “wtf danielle, how did clicking ‘keep reading’ lead me here?!?!?!?!”. well, i’ll tell you.

the original post that was here (my master list) decided it was going to take out the links and not let me put them back!!!!!! so i had to make an entire new master list for my mobile friends which you can now find here!

i’m sorry if your expectations of finding any actual master list here were completely and utterly destroyed, but you know. blame tumblr.

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Top 5 (cheap) places to shop? 😋😋 they usually always has 50% off the entire website, forever 21 for some things they can literally eat my ass tho they’re getting expensive, Primark, otherwise TJ maxx marshalls & Burlington coat factory are my lovs

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Hey there. I have a question. What are best and easy ways to cleanse a room/house? I feel energies around me especially at night and get a bit scared. Anything I should put/do to better the energy? Thanks :-)

I’m so sorry this is extremely late, but hopefully still relevant. I’m working on clearing out my inbox >.>

Personally I think some of the best and easiest ways to cleanse space are:

  • Literally cleaning. Wash your sheets, pick up your messes, organize your shelves, etc. Your bed and pillows tend to hold on to a lot of muddled energy basically just because that’s your restart place. You leave your yesterdays there and keep sleeping on them! I know it sounds weird, but other than literal dirt, if you believe that energy sticks around, clean your sheets.
  • Open a window or crack one if you can. A constant flow of fresh air is great for keeping energies clear.
  • I love using pillow or room sprays. Usually you can find pre-made ones pretty cheap at discount stores like TJ Maxx or Marshalls. They are usually water-based with essential oils like Lavender, Rose & Orange Peel, and generally already have cleansing or calming properties. They’re like little bursts of happiness! You can also opt to make your own with moon water (or regular filtered) and your choice of essential oils.
  • Stock up on selenite? It’s a self-cleansing crystal and is great for clearing spaces as well. You can often find these in smoke cleansing bundles because of this property. They’re relatively cheap and you might be able to get a good-sized one at a fair price.
  • Himalayan Salt lamps or pieces also are self-cleansing. They are supposed to work on clearing the air in your home and neutralize contaminants, so it will work the same way for your energetic space. They do, in my experience, degrade over time, but will last a long time. If you get one I recommend putting a cloth under it. Mine has always shed pieces over time and the salt can embed itself into wood or other porous materials and eat away at them.

I hope this is helpful to you!

Duggar Shopping Challenge
  1. Go to your nearest discount clothing store: Marshalls, TJ Maxx, Khols, Ross, or another similar place. (Not a thrift store!)
  2. Start the timer when you walk in.
  3. Find a modest, duggar-approved outfit that you would willingly wear in pubic. (Must cover the knees, collarbone, and shoulders. Skirt or dress. Tank top if the neckline is too low. Slip if the skirt is too see-thru.)
  4. Take a picture from the neck down in the dressing room.
  5. Add up how much it would cost you and how long it took.
  6. Post it on tumblr and tag me! (or submit it on my blog!)