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TJ Maxx cashier: “Did you find everything you were looking for?”
*Me unloading full cart* First of all, I wasn’t looking for any of this

golden-trash-for-you  asked:

hey y’all!! any long fics that are either really depressing or really realistic and sweet?? and any fics for a beginner taekook fan that doesn’t like the ship but wants to get into it?? thanks u AND MUCH LOVE <3

I think I’ve got you covered - I tried to make this as well rounded as possible - and all these TaeKook fics are somewhat like you described as well so I hope you enjoy them :)

Symmetry of Your Grin by desert_windmill [Taegi, E, 84k]

White Chalk by g_odalisque13 [Taegi, E, 72k]

Swimming With The Stars (Until We Drown) by lethallergic [Vhope, M, 36k]

something was bound to go right sometime today by roommate [Jinmin, M, 91k]

someone’s hand opens; i hold it, it begins to rain by squeen [Yoonseok, M, 17k]

The Still Point (Of The Turning World) by inkingbrushes [Yoonseok, M, 74k]

never settle (chasing down the devil) by gunhee [Namgi, M, 23k]

dragon in a flower garden by namakemono [Jikook, M, 32k]

soundtracks by maxx [Yoonmin, M, 31k]

Bon Voyage by rosiex [Yoonmin, E, 47k]

Strawberry Lube by minyoongz [Yoonmin, E, 82k]

The Boy in the Music Box by MissterMaia [Yoonmin, T, 52k]

still waiting on your sunshine by airplanewishes [Jihope, T, 51k]

Ocean Claimed by jeong4vr [Vmin, T, 61k]

아침은 다시 올 거야 by fitzgarbage [Vhope, T, 27k]

hounds of love by fitzgarbage [Namjin, T, 67k]

Present by pinkmonnie [Jikook, T, 21k]

to the night, will you follow me? by nonheather [Yoonjin, T, 95k]


Black Dahlia by AmandaPleese [E, 66k]

You Were My Versailles At Night by seikou [E, 20k]

Take It With A Swallow by seikou [E, 60k]

Love Will Always Be a Lesson (Let’s Get Out of its Way) by mindheist [E, 60k]

cut out all the ropes (let me fall) by aeterisks [E, 76k]

Comeback Kids by rix [E, 34k]

you and me, we’re bumper cars by ongstzone [M, 49k]

trust your heart if the seas catch fire by maxx [M, 131k]

We’ll find a way to make it right by fitzgarbage [T, 45k]

Catch My Eye by AwkwardBeansidhe [T, 27k]

maybe we’re all just fools by airplanewishes [G, 52k]

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I always thought Elle was awesome.  Not only is she the Stealth identity I’ve been waiting for since I started playing, but she’s friggin’ hawt.  But now, with this card art, I see this and I have to play her.

Just look how fucking smug she is.  Look at how much character there is in this art.  The effect on this card basically reads “Yeah I just kicked your ass, and I’m about to do it again.”

Similarly to how I first saw Day Job…

…and immediately became a Maxx player.  Because you find out that this fucking badass…

…is actually named Carol and works at the bleak, futuristic, cyberpunk version of Best Buy.  In the hell that is their Customer Service department.

They’ve done such a great job with this game of marrying fluff with the mechanics of it that each game has a real narrative quality on par with a more traditional boardgame.  Where-as games like Magic or Force of Will feel like you’re hacking a bunch of disparate mechanics together to make a winning strategy, Netrunner maintains its theme all throughout the game.

Day Job is a great example of that.  The Corp player spends their turn building defenses and planning out how they’ll deal with you trying to sabotage their best laid plans.  They pass to you.  You play Day Job, the card that says “Yeah I could’ve run on your servers and tried to unravel your whole possibly-evil megacorporate regime…buuuuuuuuuut I actually really need some money right now so I spent my whole turn at work answering phone calls.  Your turn again.”


It is back to school for me!

Today was technically my first day of my junior year of high school and my freshman year of college.  Today I got a tour of my campus and tomorrow I am meeting my professors and so far, I am really excited.  Monday through Thursday I only have 3 hours of classes, so for the majority of time I spend on campus will be spent in the library.

All of my supplies have been purchased from either Big Lots of T.J. Maxx so I can’t find any links for them, but they are pretty basic supplies.  I did not know exactly what to get for my classes seeing as they are college classes, so I tried getting what would make the most sense.  

Posting on here should become more regular since I will be in classes and taking notes giving me content to post.  I was really inactive during summer just because I had nothing to post but I am back and ready to post a lot!

I hope everyone is looking forward to their school year and that they have a great one!!

If I go to T.J. Maxx hoping to find a vintage mother-of-pearl bracelet on sale for $29.95 and I don’t find one, there is no affordable-vintage-bracelet shortage. There is only one deluded shopper who needs to snap out of it. This is exactly the dynamic at work in the talent marketplace, when employers say, “There’s a shortage of talent!”

That’s ridiculous. Talented people are everywhere. When you hire them, they will walk in the door with energy, experience and ideas. You’ll have to train them on your specific systems and processes. Some employers aren’t willing to do that.

They want job-seekers to show up at their door completely up to date and certified in six or eight of the newest tools and technologies — but then they don’t want to pay for that training! The fictional “talent shortage” is a bid at cost-shifting training costs away from employers and onto universities, community colleges and individual job-seekers themselves.