maxwell rivera


Maxwell - Lifetime 

Good morning! We wish you a beautiful Monday and a lovely week!


You hold me down, I’ll be above

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Maxwell - Everwanting: to Want You

Lay all night here on top
If you want to
I’m giving all I’ve got, every drop
Don’t you want to?

Minus my negative
Change what I thought I would never
Spoke a kiss, verbal bliss
And I was made a much more better

‘Cause where you touched was such a no no
A blush filled plush, I loved it oh so, I love it oh so much
It’s sweeter than candy
Could all this lust be a symptom of you, baby?


Maxwell - Let’s Not Play the Game

So if this is you, here’s what you should do
Don’t even come up, don’t even say stuff
You know it ain’t true, baby, what’s the use
Let’s not play the game


You’re the highest of the high, so don’t ever wonder…


Maxwell Singing Lifetime Acapella

This is so AMAZING!!!! WONDERFUL!!! Feels like angels sing!


Maxwell - Fistful of Tears

We gon’ fight the war, we gon’ fight our fears
The only thing I wanna throw is a fistful of tears

Good morning! Wish you all an amazing day :) 


tears run down my face while i watch these videos,,i cant believe how many liives we lost so soon :’( its hard being so far from everyone when they need a shoulder to lean in peace to those we lost♥ Maxwell i love yu baby watch over me<3 daze my buddy i will forever miss yu and how yu always made me laugh<3

**idk how im gonna get through this being so far from home n everyone i love**


Maxwell - Gestation:Mythos

I think the first song on Maxwell’s Embrya was rewinded and it sounded like this. It’s awesome! I’ve always wanted to hear this song or whatever it was. Max is the best.

“This next breed would be the bridge into the millenium”


Alicia Keys & Maxwell - Fire We Make

Hi baby, won’t you tell me the truth
You wanna be the one
You can’t stay away
Oh, hey darling
Don’t you make no excuse
We can chase the sun
And burn the hole inside you




Alicia Keys feat Maxwell - Fire We Make