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I wish I could get rid of these feelings. You were toxic, yet I still remember you fondly. A part of me wants you back, and I’m tired of it. I’m tired of nostalgia making me think your poison was medicine. I just can’t seem to let you go. I wish I never held on in the first place.
—  Maxwell Diawuoh, Request: a girl who can’t let go of the boy she loved, even though he wasn’t good for her

Thank you all very much for your patience! Here is Maxwell swinging from the ceiling fan (lowest setting)

Due to his weight, the ceiling fan was SUPER SLOWED DOWN. like, REALLY, REALLY slow.

I would like to clarify that Maxwell is not hanging from his neck, he is hanging from a well-constructed harness (that I did not get a picture of :’(). Because he is super top-heavy, I had to attach the string to his head. I PROMISE THAT NO SUFFOCATION OF MAXWELL TOOK PLACE

Rest assured, Maxwell was promptly freed after this video was over :’D

(I would like to apologize for not holding the camera still)
Walk the Line - The Manwell (Manniness) - Gundam Wing [Archive of Our Own]
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Walk the Line 
That moment when you realize the best thing in your life will eventually cross paths with the worst thing in your life… and just you can’t bring yourself to give a fuck.
2x3, AU, Rated M


A Safe Good Place (on AO3)

2x3.  AU.  Rated M.

This all started from writing prompt 50 on THIS POST and it seemed like a fun challenge to try and work a prompt into each subsequent chapter.


The moment when Trowa realized that the best thing in his life had finally crossed paths with the worst thing in his life, he was surprisingly relieved because, really, what it all came down to was the simple hope for a safe, good place.

It would take a risk, the biggest risk he’d ever imagined but, he’d do it.  He’d make it happen.  At this point, there was no turning back.

“Tro! Babe, what’s up?”
“Is anyone else here?”
He smirked. “Noooo, but—”
I flipped the sign over to “Closed” and flicked the deadbolt shut. “Come with me into the workshop.” I scooped up his arm in a gentle grip and angled him toward the back of the store.
“Hey. What’s going on?”  Attempting to joke, Duo said, “This isn’t something kinky, is it? Cuz that’d be just plain mean. I have to work here, y’know.”  

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Also, fic title inspired by some music that I spied in a chat between @claraxbarton​ @kangofu-cb​ @amberlyinviolet​  FYI: There’s a new title for the story that is hopefully a better fit for the fic.


oh! do you remember the day we met? you knocked on my door… and you asked me if i had some cold medicine, ‘cause you were all snotty...

I often wish I could change my past. Most of the time, it’s because I regret ever meeting someone and I wish I never knew them to begin with. With you, I want to change everything I ever did to make you believe that I wasn’t good company. If I could, I would rewrite every bad part of our story. I’d pinpoint the exact moment I became a character you had any possibility of disliking and furiously edit until I made you smile as much as I used to. I wish we could go back to that. I wish I could tell you that every day it feels like my heart is expanding more and more to make room just for you. This love I have for you will not die, even though most days I feel like you’d prefer it that way. There’s a strong hope in me that you could reciprocate someday. But before that, it’d be nice to know if you’d even want me around in the first place.
—  Maxwell Diawuoh, Request: A girl who is hopeless in love with a man who she hopes even likes her after everything they went through.

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What's worse the Maxwell Lord/Alex Danvers tag or Mon-el/Lena Luthor tag

mon-el/lena is worse cause he’s an abuser -> maxwell may have been a ‘villain’ but mon-el is worse plus… some nasty writing in season 1 decided to put romantic connotations between alex/maxwell in the first place whereas as with lena and mon-el there is nothing at all and negative -673 chemistry

“You really don’t trust anyone, do you?”
“Never met anyone worth trusting.”


    He could see it in the dark, barely illuminated camp, his partner’s back was turned to him as Wilson was seemingly staring into the weak fire. It had been difficult for the two of them, the winter was harsh and the world was unforgiving. The bliss of their romance lasted only for a few days before an invisible hand threw it against the cold floor of reality, breaking it to pieces. It stood in their way, they cared too much about each other and it had in the end prompted the very reckless decisions the former king had so much been afraid of.

    Cruel irony, the one making those decisions was none other than Maxwell, the older and the wiser of the duo. When the hounds came, neither of the two was ready for them, they fought off the white dogs as well as they could, but in the end, tired and frostbitten, they found it impossible to win.

    He hadn’t explained anything, just hit and ran, the angry animals following him without a single thought, easily distracted from his more injured companion. He’d died there that day, having run for as long as he possibly could, as far away from the camp as he could. He still hadn’t quite made it to the beefalo when razor-sharp fangs pierced through his calf, and the man fell, leaving himself to be mauled by the hounds.

    He’d been missing for a few days, his fate should have been obvious to the scientist, and when he was back, cold and hungry, yet in one piece, Maxwell was quiet. He’d approached Higgsbury from behind, watching his shoulders shake from the cold.

    The magician threw a log into the fire as Wilson clearly didn’t care about the light dying on him, and sat next to his companion. “Don’t ask.” he muttered, snatching Wilson in an embrace and feeling the smaller man fist at his jacket. The shivers still rocked him, but now they were not from the temperature, but from the loud sobs that the younger muffled against his lover’s chest.

    “Oh god, are you crying?..” the question was stupid. He’d cry too if he was on Wilson’s place. Maxwell only sighed, pulling the smaller man closer as he pressed a kiss on his temple, “I’m sorry Wilson, I’ll never do that to you again.”

Your darkness does not disqualify you from being loved.
Everyone, in one way or another, is waiting for the light to get in.
—  Maxwell Diawuoh, Once A Day (65/366)

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I've discovered a book written by a man named William Maxwell taking place in the 1920s. The plot is that a man named Wilson is killed. I can't believe this. IT'S REAL LOOK IT UP IT'S CALLED "SO LONG, SEE YOU TOMORROW"


So I put Ryan into Fnaf World…..but he is a glitch, cuase he was never meant to be in the game to begin with. He would be a secret boss in the glitch world that you could run across if using the glitch rock (not the one that takes you to the world between worlds) in the dusting feilds, and by walking around the security boss in the normal world. If you manage to find him, and defeat him, you could also progress to the core of the game like when you defeat the normal boss (doesn’t matter if your in the glitch it would take you to the same place).

To become the villain; [Don't Starve]

Pairings: None, but there are subtle hints of Maxwell/Wilson
Rating: T
Warnings: Violence
Notes: Written for the ’Lived long enough to become the villain’ prompt on my Wilson blog, tagged by the-starving-man and nightbecomesher!
It originally had to be much shorter, but inspiration had the best of me and it quickly turned into a small fic. 

It is my first completed written work in years, and I’d be very grateful if you let me know what you think!

Many thanks to my wonderful betas, Sephielya and Flamia. ♥♥♥

“Look if it isn’t everyone’s favourite pal,” Wilson began, a wide grin stretching across his face. He inhaled deeply from the small cigar he held in his hand, and nudged Maxwell’s face with the edge of his shoe, prompting him to rise his head from the ground.

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