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5 Young Adult Books Releasing July 18, 2017!

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Do you plan on reading any of these?

  1. The Library of Fates by Aditi Khorana
  2. The Last Magician by Lisa Maxwell
  3. What Goes Up by Katie Kennedy
  4. No Good Deed by Kara Connolly
  5. Witchtown by Cory Putman Oakes

Happy reading!


‘Philomena’, Stephen Frears (2013)

She told four people today that they’re one in a million. What are the chances of that?

Coronation (Maxwell x MC)

So, @canknot asked me if I was going to continue the TRR series I started on my old blog, @ashtonlaurent.  I had sort of given up on writing a chapter 5 since so much has changed in TRR since then, but I figured that I might as well end out the series! 

Summary: Established in Washington DC, Maxwell and Kennedy (MC) watch Liam’s coronation and the ball on television.

Rating: T for smoochies and champagne bottle throwing.

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“It’s on!  It’s on!”

Maxwell shouted as he pressed the few buttons on the computer and glanced to the wall in front of the couch.  Instantly, the live stream from the Cordonian Broadcasting Corporation appeared on the 85 inch TV hanging on the living room wall in the Ambassador’s residence.

“I’m coming,” Kennedy said, holding the bottle of wine with one hand and two glasses in the other.  

It was only noon in Washington DC, but it was seven in Cordonia and she couldn’t think of a better excuse to day drink than watch Liam become king.  She settled into the couch beside Maxwell, pouring two glasses of sparkling wine. She handed one to him and then curled up beside him, snuggling under the arm he threw over her shoulders.  He pressed a kiss to her forehead and she smiled, reaching out to stroke small hearts on his thigh.

Together, they watched the coronation ceremony, laughing and pointing out everyone that they recognized.  Liam looked predictably stoic as he walked down the aisle and was crowned, while the now former king and queen sat on the first row, the barest hint of smiles on their faces.  Bertrand sat a few rows back, his face a little paler than usual and his frown a little more pronounced.

“Has he returned your calls yet?” Kennedy asked Maxwell.  When he shook his head, she sighed and took a sip of her wine.  “Give him time.  It can’t be all bad to have the ambassador for a younger brother.  He’ll come around.”

They watched the procession from the church back to the palace, refilling their glasses and snacking on a large bowl of popcorn that their butler brought to them.

“I gotta’ say,” Maxwell said as he took a handful of popcorn.  “Having a staff to wait on you full time is the best part of this job.”

Kennedy rolled her eyes.  “Not living here with me?”

Grinning, he bent over and kissed her passionately, the sensation racing down to the tips of her toes and everywhere in between.  When he pulled away a moment later, his grin was mischevious but honest.  “No… living with you is the best part of my life.”

“Charmer,” she said, smiling as he pressed another kiss to the tip of her nose.

The program cut to commercial, and when it returned, the cameras were broadcasting from inside the ballroom where Liam would announce which woman he had chosen for his wife.

“Who do you think is getting the final rose?” Maxwell asked in a gossipy, girly voice.

“Shh!” Riley said, sitting up and moving to the edge of the couch.

The ballroom erupted in applause as Liam walked up to the podium. He waved politely the crowd until they quieted and the only sound left was the sound of clinking glasses or occasional cough.  “My fellow countrymen,” Liam said, barely looking down at his notes.  “To become your king is an honor I never expected nor dreamt of.  But now that I am, I can imagine no greater honor.”

“Fifty bucks on Madeline,” Maxwell muttered.

“You’re on,” Riley giggled, picking up a few pieces of popcorn and tossing them at him.  He caught them in his mouth with a smile.

She turned back to the TV.  She didn’t know if it was the wine making her feel so nostalgic and reflective, but she was suddenly overcome with pride and happiness.  Liam was one of the best things that had happened to her, not only because he had shown her what she was capable of, but because he’d helped her find the man she wanted to spend the rest of her life with him.  He deserved nothing but the best out of life, and she hoped that this day was the start of a beautiful, wonderful life for him.

Liam continued.  “This social season has given me much to think about.  In a short time, I’ve had to learn how to adapt to my new role, how to do what is best for Cordonia, and how to overcome obstacles and disappointments that come my way.

“During this social season, I met several remarkable women, all of whom were from different walks of life with different viewpoints and different ideas of how to rule this country by my side.  In truth, all of these women would be excellent partners and rulers.”

He paused, looking up.  His eyes caught the camera, and for a moment, Kennedy almost imagined he was looking at her.  But a second later, he was looking back at the crowd.  “As you know, Cordonian law dictates that in an engagement season, a royal prince must select his bride from the women presented at court.”

He stopped, not bothering to look down at his notes as a slow smile appeared on his face.  “However, Cordonian law makes no such rules and regulations regarding the King’s choosing of a wife.”

A murmur went up from the ballroom.  Kennedy reached up and pressed a hand to her chest as her heart began to beat wildly and beside her, Maxwell’s eyes widened.

“He’s not—“

“What is he—“

“As I am now King of Cordonia, and not a royal prince, I am under no obligation to choose a wife from the women presented to me this social season.”

Someone in the back of ballroom shouted and people began to look around wildly, their attention torn between the shouting in the back and the king at the podium.  The camera cut to the former king and queen, who had gone pale and were quietly whispering to one another.

Liam’s smile broadened.  “Therefore, as my first act as King, it is my pleasure to announce to you, and to the rest of my beautiful country, that I will not marry this year. Cordonia deserves a queen who cares more for the people than for the crown, who cares more for people than politics, and who comes to this life of her own accord instead of being forced to compete.”

Someone at Madeline’s table fainted and someone at Olivia’s stood, throwing a bottle towards a different table half way across the ballroom.  As the bottle crashed into someone’s head and someone else screamed, the screen went black.  A second later, a CBC logo appeared on the screen along with “We’ll be right back!” crawling across the bottom of the screen.  

The landline next to the couch began to ring, as did both of their cell phones.

Maxwell picked his up and glanced at the incoming number, grimacing before he picked it up between two fingers like a dangerous animal and dropped it behind the couch cushions where it buzzed continuously.  “What in the hell was that?” he asked.  “Is he trying to start a revolution?”

“No,” Kennedy said, laughing as she leaned over, pressing a kiss to her love’s still shocked face.  “He’s doing what he was born to do… rule.“

And for my next magic trick, I shall name to you all the kids in this picture!

Left to right: Max, Christopher, Kerry, Courtney, Kathleen, Ethel holding baby Doug, Bobby, Joe II, Bobby Jr., David, and Michael. Rory was born after Bobby was killed.

But yeah, just ask, she saw me on LiveStream, I do that without any reference.

This is what my life has come to. I’m an expert on Bobby’s kids.

Hey, it’s something. They are cool/interesting people.


Welcome to tumblr user charlotterobespierre’s historical/political book giveaway!  Here are the rules:

  • you must be following me (charlotterobespierre) OR my other blog (vivakennedys)
  • only people with mailing addresses in the United States are eligible to enter (sorry…shipping rates)
  • reblogs and likes are one entry each.  You can reblog as many times as you’d like.  
  • the giveaway ends on March 6, 2015 and the winner will be randomly chosen by March 9, 2015
  • if you win, I will message you and you have 48 hours to respond, otherwise I’ll have to choose another winner. 

The books you will receive:
What This Cruel War Was Over - Chandra Manning
Twelve Years a Slave - Solomon Northup
Make Gentle the Life of This World: The Vision of Robert F. Kennedy - Maxwell Taylor Kennedy
Darfur and the Crime of Genocide - John Hagan
Discourse on the Origin and Foundations of Inequality among Men - Jean-Jacques Rousseau
When the King Took Flight - Timothy Tackett
The Family on Trial in Revolutionary France - Suzanne Desan

Good luck!