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Inside a Workshop for Custom-Build Motorcycles

Cinema Mercantile, a documentary film collective, makes short, intimate portrait documentaries about people who build and make things, from an old-fashioned letter press to custom musical instruments. Their latest documentary goes inside the studio of Maxwell Hazan, a designer-turned-bike builder in Brooklyn.

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Snapped a shot of a rider on his curious machine while walking in the West Village. Just so happened he dismounted half a block later in the direction I was going. 

We talked about his build while I snapped away with my camera. I recognized the Savage 650 power plant but the rest of the motorcycle was just very intriguing. I would have to ask after every shot, “How did you make that?”

Everything was hand built around the motor and the neck tube where the VIN number was stamped. He relocated the clutch and shifter to hand controls on the left side and fashioned cruiser handlebars from and his old bicycle. He used an internal throttle assembly to clean things up and fabricated gas tanks from two tubes he found at a culinary supply store.

My favorite is the tail light, made from an ice cream scooper. 

His name is Maxwell Hazan from Brooklyn. He is a coachbuilder. 

Keep it up Max. I can’t wait to see what you come up with next.