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Breaking the Aesthetic Norms by ThirdEyeWisdom

I will be doing my first giveaway soon and this piece will definitely be in it. I just need to figure out how I’m going to do it.

Reblog if you would be interested in getting a free piece of art by me.

I am Maxwell Darwin

I am ThirdEyeWisdom


Welcome to the New Zen by ThirdEyeWisdom

I am proud to introduce my project, I call it The New Zen…

It involves obtaining enlightenment by playing with light and by becoming the self. Each of us has a cosmic artist who wants to sing and dance and paint and draw and do anything else. Let the cosmic artist out. Follow the teachings of the old Zen philosophers, but in your own way. Do not be the stone buddha, be your own type of enlightened being. Every moment of your life is another chance to do whatever you want to do. Go for it. All we really have is the time we have been given, what you do with it is absolutely your choice. Every day, you must wake up in an alternate but parallel paradise. 

Maxwell Darwin

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Patterns, Symbols, and Shpongle by ThirdEyeWisdom

Here is the design for the first tee shirt I will be producing.

At the Shpongle Concert in San Francisco on March 13th, I will be giving away 10 shirts for free, along with some other sacred geometry work. 

I hope to see you there. 



The Darwin Dance (6) “Fortune Days” - The Glitch Mob

On 10.10.14, I got my new eMazing eLite Flow gloves in the mail. Tonight I decided to get it on camera. Bringin’ my musical taste full circle to the artists who introduced me to EDM.