We love taking an unknown road to find out where it goes. Found this wonderful backcountry spot in southern Utah. We didn’t see one person the entire time we were there. I wondered why and then I remembered that it’s freezing. Max’s water was a solid piece of ice in his bowl inside of campy this morning. I tell you what, it is the best time of year to explore. I was the only person on a natural bridge hike in Capitol reef. In a national park! On a Saturday! #vanlife #westylife #withoutwalls #wintercamping #adventuredog #maxtravels

I did it! For those of you who wonder about our favorite campsites, I posted a new blog (link in profile) with a few worth exploring. Time to get your reservations in if you haven’t already! Here we are at white sands watching the sunset. #tentwithaview #mytentview #vanlife #campvibes #getoutside #rei1440project #getoutstayout #camptrend #camping #campingwithdogs #maxtravels


Happy last day of 2014! Max and I are so excited for more adventures. Here’s 15 seconds of some of our favorite moments of the year. Music: “on the road to find out” -Cat Stevens. #vanlife #neverstopexploring #maxtravels

Max, Campy and I are so thrilled to have @gowestycampers sponsor our journey. Campy was pampered (upgrade galore) the past few days and is ready for more adventures! Thanks to GoWesty, we are able to stay on the road to share adventures with you! So happy to be a part of the @gowestycampers family. #westylife #vanlife #maxtravels #gowesty (at Highway 1)