I want you to understand how much
I love you, dear.

I wake up to your face every single morning and let me just start off by saying that THAT is one of the most beautiful presences to grace me. You spend all night playing with my hair and rubbing my back just to put me to cute are you?! I love when I go to take a bath, you come and sit on the floor just to keep me company. How are you even mine? You make me something to eat as soon as I come home from work and always make sure I have enough ice in my cup for my tea. You’re constantly making me smile like no other, and constantly making me laugh till I’m out of breath. You share your ranch with me..even though I won’t share mine. You hold my hand so tightly, even when it starts to get sweaty. You kiss my forehead..and every time tell me you love me. You sing with me until we’re completely over our voices..then blab about how awful we sound…you my dear, have the most lovely little voice. I love when you sit with me on the porch..then bring your guitar so I can watch you play, because I absolutely adore watching you. The little things you do, every single one of ‘em takes my breath away. You cuddle me. And when you do, I feel so unbelievable. I’m crazy about you, boy. I’m over the moon for you. I’m in love with you. You..I love you. I just do. You’re amazing. And you amaze me. I love you so. You’re mine. Forever.

You guys, I’m so in love. I’m so in love that it is just ridiculous. It’s stupid, so stupid how this boy makes me feel. This boy makes my heart melt like no other. I wanna marry him and have his little cute ass brown babies. I just wanna kiss him every day of every second! I like him. A lot. Like a lot a lot. He’s awesome. And the sweetest man in my life. Cans I just keep him forevvaaa?
I just love you so much Max.♥♡♥♡