Alycia’s Comic Con Copenhagen Panel Recap(9/24)

This is roughly all the questioned she was asked, it is not the complete answers.

  • Alycia said she’s enjoyed Copenhagen so far but hasn’t had time to do sight seeing.
  • She also can confirm that she received a squid as a present.
  • She misses thunderstorms.
  • Most interesting thing she’s ever heard/seen about herself that isn’t true: That she founded a Tulum.
  • Her journey from Australia to America: It’s been a long journey and she’s been doing it a long time. 
  • On Lexa’s death: No one expected it, it’s important that it happened because it shone a light on the issue. Made her the centre of an issue that she didn’t know if she had right to talk about it. Love is love.
  • What apocalypse would you prefer? Zombie or Radiation?: If she’s Lexa, then Radiation. In the zombie apocalypse she’d have ‘regular’ things.
  • Upcoming Projects: She’s trying to fit in films into her schedule.
  • Favourite Taylor Swift Song: Begin Again
  • About the Bed Selfie: She couldn’t remember what the selfie was of and would have to ask Eliza, but if it looks nice she’d say yes.
  • Dream Director: Changes on a daily basis. Steven Spielberg. Martin Scorsese, Quentin Tarintino.
  • Headcanons about Lexa/Alicia: She does have a backstory and headcanons about Lexa. She wished she’d had more information before shooting since they shot so fast. Hardest part about Alicia was creating her as a teenager and letting her be a teenager.
  • Which character has given her the most as a private person: Martha’s New Coat
  • Learning Trig: Really hard. One of the challenges of the job. Hardest part is doing the “A, B, A,B” dialogue with another person. It wasn’t til later that they recognized what they were saying. 
  • Best experience of playing Lexa: Doing all the fight training and the fight in 304. 
  • Would you like to play a villain?: Yes, of course.
  • Do you ship Clexa as much as Eliza does?: Yes. Lexa and Clarke, it makes so much sense. It felt really natural. 
  • Would you play Lexa again in a prequel or something?: It’s hypothetical, but she’s busy with her show, I don’t think she really gave a yes or no answer.
  • Inspired her love for squids: Taken out of context, she didn’t realize how big it would become. It was Maia’s fault.
  • Spirit Animal: Doesn’t know, but it’s not a raccoon.
  • Favourite locations in Vancouver: A really nice bay/beach. For The 100, they film in the same spot, but one time it snows which was nice because she doesn’t see snow that much. 
  • Closer to Lexa or Alicia: Different elements of both. 

They had to cut it here because she arrived late but some fans gave her flowers and she took a selfie.