So here they are! I got them last Thursday. I figured I would do a little review for them in case anyone is interested.

They fit true to size. I wear a size 9 in just about every shoe I own and these are a perfect fit. I do A LOT of walking, since I do not care to own a car, and so far they are holding up very nicely. It’s like walking on babies, very very comfortable and a little squishy. 

Supercorp Week 2017 - Day 2

Prompt: Jealousy 

My wife beta’d the hell out of this one and it turned out so much better than my first draft. <3

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It was the annual L-Corp New Year’s Eve ball. Lena invited Kara, of course, and insisted that Alex was also invited and was welcome to bring Maggie.

“Then there’s my plus-one.”

Kara choked on the brownie she was stuffing into her mouth. She adjusted the phone against her ear and grabbed another square. “What?”

“I’m bringing a special guest.”


“It’s a surprise,” Lena chuckled, “but I’m very excited.”

“Oh. Great.” Kara crushed the brownie in her fist. “That’s great.”

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