HWTR to you accidentally falling asleep on them




  • The movie has been so boring—plus you were rather tired after a long day—that you inevitably fell asleep with your head on Joji’s lap. 
  • He let you do that at your request since he didn’t mind the contact (and he could keep himself under control after doing this for so long).
  • He doesn’t realize that you were asleep only when he gets bored of the film himself and suggests going to bed. When you don’t answer, he’d look down and see that you were actually sound asleep on his legs.
  • He sighs, not having the heart to wake you up and tell you to go to a more comfortable place—you look comfortable enough sleeping on him, with that pleased smile on your lips. 
  • Even if you’re together as a couple or just friends, he’d treat you the same way: he will let you sleep peacefully, despite his own growing discomfort. 
  • I mean, he’s bound for his own legs to fall asleep after a long period of time of not moving—even a slight movement might wake you up and he doesn’t want that. 
  • Covering you with the blanket, he’d place kisses on your temple from time to time while he struggles to finish the film. 
  • Eventually, he also succumbs into dreamland, hugging you close.
  • Still, if he manages to stay awake for long, he will try to carry you to the bed without waking you up so you can both be more comfortable.
  • “Mmm, Joji…?” he’d stir you awake, but you’re too tired to completely get up so you fall asleep back again in between his sentence. The last thing you see is Joji’s smile.
  • He puts you in the bed and, though he feels kinda bad for invading your privacy like this, but still cuddles you. You don’t let him go either, as you snuggle into his chest, mumbling something.
  • He’ll deal with the consequences later. 

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