maxon shreave

Maxon: ¿Qué es lo que has dicho?
América:Que te quiero.
Maxon: ¿Una vez más, por favor? Solo…
(Cogió sus manos con las de él)
América:Maxon Shreave, te quiero. Te quiero.
Maxon: Y yo te quiero a ti, América Singer. Te quiero con toda mi alma.

Why I Think Kile is Going to Win Eadlyn’s Selection.

I am a huge Keadlyn fan. This isn’t intended to hurt anyone’s feelings. I am just trying to figure out of my favorite OTP is going to become a canon. If you won’t judge me on my findings keep reading!



When Maxon and America first told Eadlyn about the selection she freaked! When she then finally agreed to it, she ran out and ran into KILE FREAKING WOODWORK. Then, they talked for a bit. When Kile and her walked away fro each other, she was thinking, “There were bigger problems in my life right now than the state of Kile’s manners. I couldn’t waste my time quibbling with people or being distracted by anything that couldn’t put the Selection to death.” 

Then who of all people gets into the selection? KILE FREAKING WOODWORK

▶︎The Exchange◀︎

Eadlyn’s parents were saying how she needed some romance after she went into the selections, and she was stubborn about it, but then she gave in. Guess who she then went to? Our boiiiiiiii- KILE WOODWORK

Then, when Eadlyn actually goes to Kile, Eadlyn said to Kile that he could have anything he wanted. Kile told Eadlyn he would want to leave the palace. Eadlyn says fine.


▶︎Kisses Galore◀︎

Eadlyn and Kile kiss exactly 3 times.

1st kiss: When Eadlyn asks Kile to kiss her for publicity and then this happened➳ 

Kile leaned down, lips meeting mine, holding them there. Then his lips parted and closed and parted again. I drew a breath in the moment between kisses, sensing he would come back again. He did, and thank goodness, because I hadn’t been kissed like this before and I needed more.—-having the urge to hold him in that pose all night.—-Was he feeling that funny warmth creep into his arms and chest and head, too?—-I watched him go and told myself that the only reason I was smiling like that was because the cameras were hidden somewhere, not because of anything Kile Woodwork had done.

2nd kiss: Eadlyn invites Kile it her room and says to him, “Kile Woodwork, do you want to kiss me?” Then this happened➳ 

I wrapped my hand around his head, pulling him to me, and an instant later his arms were around my waist. It was the perfect balm for a long day. Kile’s kisses were direct and slow, and he made it impossible for me to think about much else. We toppled onto the bed, holding each other as we laughed. “Of all the things I thought would happen when my name was called, I never dreamed I’d ever kiss you.” “I never dreamed you’d be good at it.”—-We lay there, laughing so much we were nearly crying. I played with a button on his shirt, and he twirled a piece of my hair between kisses, and the world shrank to just the two of us.—- THEN THEY STARTED YELLING AT EACH OTHER AND THIS HAPPENED➳ —-Kile rounded back, staring me down. I was sure his anger was reflected in my face. I waited for him to scold me again, as he’d done a thousand times growing up. But his eyes softened, and before I knew it, his hand was at the base of my neck, pulling me to him. He crushed his lips to mine, and I simultaneously hated and adored him for it. All I could think of was the way his mouth moved and how I seemed so fragile in his hands. The passion slowed, until the kisses were so soft they tickled.—-“You are so spoiled, and you are so obnoxious … but I’m here.” With a final kiss, he opened the door and left. I gazed around my room, dizzy with confusion. Why was he trying to get me to open up when he clearly couldn’t stand me? And I didn’t like him either! Sometimes he could be just as bratty as Josie.

3rd kiss: Kile and Eadlyn bump in the hallway after the whole kitchen group date and Eadlyn is overwhelmed and upset about what people think of her, so she automatically put her lips to Kile’s because she said she wanted “the world to stop for a minute.” Then this happened➳ 

He grabbed me by the wrist and swung me into the nearest room, slammed the door, and pushed me against the wall. He kissed me harder than I’d kissed him, apparently not bothered by his lip so much if he knew what was coming. “What’s this all about?” he breathed. “I don’t want to think. Just kiss me.” Without a word, Kile drew me to him, his hands lost in my hair. I grabbed fistfuls of his shirt, holding on to him tightly. And it worked. As we swayed together, everything else stopped mattering for a little while. His lips moved from my mouth and onto my neck. These kisses were different than before. They were aggressive and demanding, pulling all my focus. Without thinking about it, I dragged his shirt upward. He laughed devilishly into my cheek. “Okay, if clothes are coming off, we really ought to go to a room. And you should probably know my middle name.” “Is it Ashton? Arthur? I feel like it starts with an A.” “Not even close.” I sighed, letting go of his clothes. “Fine.”—-I shook my head, tracing a finger down his chest.—-“Is my kissing that bad?” I started laughing, thinking back to the other night in my room. It had seemed so alien when Kile wanted to talk to me, but I wasn’t completely sure why I thought that now. I could have had a new outlet, a new perspective this whole time.—-I straightened my clothes, knowing that going to work would distract me. “Let’s do something soon. Not a date, just spending some time together.” That crooked smile spread across his face. “I’d like that.” He started tucking his shirt back in, and I fought the blush that I could feel on my cheeks. How had I gotten so out of control?—-I remembered how angry I was when I saw his name comeup the day of the drawing, like I was being cheated somehow. Now I didn’t care how that form ended up in the pile; I was just glad it did. I hoped that he felt the same way.

THEN THE HENRI KISS: I really did love it. To all of you Henri shippers I get why you love them together. I REALLY DO! I just want mention one thing after that kiss… Guess who popped into Eadlyn’s mind after that kiss? KILE FREAKING WOODWORK!

▶︎The Hint◀︎

Keira Cass tweeted this a few days ago, and one very interesting part of the heir popped into my mind…

Camille and Eadlyn have a bit of bonding time, and then this happened➳ 

“Isn’t there one person who fills your heart and takes up all your thoughts?” As she {Camille} said it, a name popped into my head. And I was so surprised that anyone came to mind at all that I didn’t have time to absorb exactly who it was.

I HAVE EVIDENCE OF WHY I THINK IT IS KILE! (You should not be surprised)

So he {KILE} was just being discreet on the Report! I furrowed my brow in thought. Or maybe he was simply planning to pass his time kissing me. Or maybe he’d been deeply in love with me since he was seven and was only now finding the courage to stop teasing me and say so. Or maybe— —-Why did Kile—for goodness’ sake, Kile!—keep popping into my mind?

That means that Kile does pop into Eadlyn’s mind often! Even after Henri and Eadlyn’s very adorable kiss Kile pops into her mind!

XoXo! (Sorry if there are any grammatical errors) 

P.S. Kiera Cass, you are amazing and wonderful. You make worlds come alive and all of us selectioners love you! @partylikeawordstar

Again .And again. And again. And again.  And again. And again. And again. And again. And again. And again. And again. And again. And again. And again. And again. And again. And again. And again. And again. And again.

A Quick Transcription of the Selection

America: I have a boyfriend called Aspen, I love him and I want to marry him.

Aspen: I’m gonna dump you cause I love you. It’s for your own good! 

America: wat?

Aspen: Date the prince while I pine over you at home, untill finally i’ll come and unintentionally stalk you at the palace making your life 3x harder and three books longer


Prince Maxon: Date Me?

America: NO. WAY.

Prince Maxon: Date me?

America: yes!.. no!…maybe?… I need more tim-

Aspen: I’m BAAAACK!

The Selection Aesthetics

America: sterling silver, worn ballet flats, throwing pebbles at windows late at night, cherry flavoured chap stick, the rustling of trees, bread baking in the oven, lilac swans, fierce determination

Maxon: shoe polish, ruffled hair, pictures on film, rolled up shirtsleeves, cracking the spine of a book, early morning birdsong, walks in the moonlight, the smell after it rains, scavenger hunts

Marlee: bubblegum, stopping to pet dogs on the street, playing dress up, jasmine and lilies, canopies on beds, knitting misshapen scarves, wheat fields at golden hour, the sound of a river rushing

Aspen: white doves, fresh linen, sea salt and stormy skies, tree houses made of oak, the low chords of a piano, the shine of medallions, salted caramel, blank paper, a distant shout, fresh scars on old wounds