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[TRANS] “On the day when I first met Ryu Jun Yeol” - Lee Ji Young (Max Movie, Feb 2016)

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The first time Max Movie met Ryu Jun Yeol for ‘Socialphobia’, he still has no agency nor a manager, and he found our studio by himself by riding a bus. He then greeted me and also gave me his name card, which he took out from his bag. On the name card, there is a picture of Ryu Jun Yeol smiling with his braces shown at a place similar to the Ssangmundong road. It contains his name, birth date, mobile phone number, email address, and even packed with his filmography list. To receive a name card from an actor, it was my first experience. “Did you make it by yourself?” “Yes! I should introduce myself with this.” Ryu Jun Yeol is surely different. Ryu Jun Yeol’s eyes widened of curiosity after hearing that I am in charge of interviewing Rookie actors. “Among the rookie actors you have interviewed, was there anyone who have become a superstar?” “There is none yet. Please Ryu Jun Yeol, be one.” And he smiled until his eyes vanished in one line. “It will be good if it happens.” he answered. That was the story of April 2015. Few months later, he really became a superstar.

Right now, he doesn’t need to give out his own name card anymore. I am not sure if the story of his “handmade name card” has already became a memory. But Ryu Jun Yeol’s passion and sincerity still has not changed. If I meet him again, I need to get a sign on that valuable and rare name card. And I really want to say this to him, “you’ve really become a superstar.”


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