Strip poker with the boys

A/n: this is more of a crack fic, just a random long idea. If you’re looking for something more sexy…I’m sorry V_V

“I hope no—I hope no.” The boy is dangerously playing with the bottles, making a tower out of them. Everyone else in the room is holding their breath, watching with interest if Max could pull it off. “I said I hope nobody—hic—does a…” His expression turns twisted, the grin on his lips malicious, preparing for the attack. “SMASHING GRAB!” It’s a given that he fails in grabbing the bottles properly, and the top and bottom ones fall loudly on the ground.

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The Cancer Crew Reaction: You teasing them

Requested by twdgislife 。・:*:・゚’ <3

Joji: *in a family reunion* (PLEASE STOP!!!! I CAN´T DEAL WITH THIS…RRHHH)


Max:- STOP OR I´LL KILL YOU. tonight.

I am really sorry…

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Im sorry for taking so long to upload, you know … college and stuf… anyway,

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since the video has been taken down, heres 3c explained

3c stands for 3 chefs. it’s what the crew called themselves after coming up with the cake video ideas, before the whole chef movie meme existed.

joji, max, and htb all have a tattoo somewhere on their body thats identical to max’s, but we don’t know where.

ian did not want to be a part of it/didn’t want to get the tattoo, so he is NOT a “member” of 3c.