maxmara coat


i bought this maxmara vintage coat because i was depressed but now i have like 10 heavy duty jackets and i have to go back to scorching down under hell and figure out what I’m gonna do with all of them


Vogue.Com: Maria’s Sochi Photo Diary

1 Arriving at Sochi International Airport for the Winter Olympics with the snow-covered mountains in the background.

2 Going through the many coats that I brought on the trip. Loved the red Burberry one with gold metal sleeve details.

3 Trying some Georgian cuisine. This is called khachapuri, which resembled a little cheese boat.

4 It’s never easy dressing up in the winter. After wearing a lot of grays and blacks, I added some pink color for my Sugarpova event with this MaxMara coat.

5 We got to watch a special performance by the Sochi State Circus while they were rehearsing for their weekend performance.

6 The Black Sea shore—little pebbles and dark gray rocks instead of a white sand beach.

7 That was the best jog of my life! Running will never feel the same.

8 Couldn’t believe we finally made it to the Opening Ceremony of the Sochi Olympic Winter Games!

9 Filming a segment with NBC while visiting the tennis courts in Sochi where I held a tennis racket for the first time.

10 Found this photogenic Madame at an entrance to a local restaurant. Couldn’t resist taking a picture with her.