maxjpell: women i love

Women firefighters douse flames during the Pearl Harbor attack.

This image makes me – I can’t really describe the effect it has on me. The first time I saw it, I got choked up. Look at those women. They look so strong and brave and capable, they are of all shapes and sizes and nationalities and they are so beautiful to me. These women stepped out of the kitchens that society told them they ought to stay in when war came, they took up the challenge like a boss.


Women I Love |♥| Crystal Reed

“In junior high I had something really, really nasty happen… Every summer, our Catholic church has a carnival where you drink and play Bingo, of course, the Catholic church… I was in line for this ride called the Kamikaze and I’d just eaten an elephant ear. I was standing behind the really, really popular girl, of course I’m like, ‘Oh my God, she could change my whole high school career!’ right? So, they sit me next to her and it’s fun, you know, 'NSYNC is playing, and we’re going forwards and going like this [motions up and down with her hand] and all of a sudden it stops and then it reverses. And I remember feeling a little sick and then I’m like 'Oh God’ and my world just started spinning. Everyone’s screaming and having such a good time, the really popular girl next to me is screaming and having a good time, and I projectile vomit. However, the wind was blowing, and as she’s screaming, it flew into her mouth!” [x]


Since I was 16, I thought ellen page was the most beautiful face I’ve ever seen.  I still think so, years later. She is a personal muse, fashion icon, and role model. She’s so comfortable with herself, Androgynous, Cute,  Handsome, & Charming. All around beautiful human.

Women I love, #1 - Ellen Page