I know im not the only one who wants to see a new TV show with TC CARSON and Erika Alexander. In the show they will have a daughter who is 16, and is a female version of Kyle, Maxine is still a lawyer who runs her own law firm and Kyle has quit his job to Sing and perform jazz full time and is successful (famous jazz singers and musicians make cameo performances on the show with Kyle when he has a gig, people like Robert Glasper, Nnenna Freelon, Roy Ayers…)….who would play the daughter??

Kim Coles and Overton are no longer together, Synclaire decides she wants to go back to college, she writes a very successful book on how to deal with stress, named “The woo woo woo principle” OR “Can you woo woo woo?” (Jeffrey Osbourne, look it up) and becomes rich, Overton spends his time trying to win her back, so he isnt out of the show they just arent together, he got threatened by her success but he will slowly win her back over the course of the show, they WILL get back together and move closer to Maxine and Kyle.

Kim Fields marries and has triplets with Dexter, all three of her sons have a crush on Kyle and Maxines daughter, who is a bit older than them, Regine (kim) is a stay at home mother, she still loves fashion and runs a successful fashion blog.

Scooter and Queen Latifah, (Khadijah) dont have kids but want to adopt, they make cameo appearances, Khadijah has turned Flava Magazine into a full scale TV network called FLAVA and has become as powerful as Oprah

Its not another Living Single, this show is about Kyle and Maxine, the others just make cameo appearances…Martin Lawrence can play the annoying neighbor who is single and loves to mingle, he brings dates to Kyles gigs and they always end bad..because he is cheap.

The show’s opening music and theme song will be written and performed by The Foreign Exchange (Phonte and Nicolay) they will also serve as Kyle’s band on the show and music directors for the show as a whole.