Final random thought before bed.

I’m so glad Robert admitted that what Aaron said at the prison affected him. That bringing up Katie is one of the worst things Aaron can do. We all know that fight didn’t come across the way it was supposed to and I always thought that Aaron saying Robert deserved to be in prison carried a lot more weight than it was given at the time.

*picture falls from Max’s bag. Chloe sees it*
C: “ Wait, Max, a picture fell from–uh?! …Thanks, Max, nice shot!”
M: “ What…?”
C: “ I didn’t know you took a picture of me at the pool… I look hella sexy, here!”
M: “ …Shit! Chloe, give it back!”
C: “ Hahaha, no way! …Did you want to keep it for yourself?! You’re such a perv-nerd!”
C: “ I could, but I want something in return… ”
M: “ What the hell do you want?! ”
C: “ I’ll give it to you and forget about it… but you have to kiss me. ”
M: “ God, not again! ”

*apologizes for unnecessary scenario*

Things that are cool:

  • Shipping people

Things that are not cool:

  • Telling someone they can’t ship someon because you don’t
  • Telling someone they have to ship someone just because you do

Song: Running up that hill  / Watch in HD
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20 Reasons to ship Warren & Max
  • They are ‘’weird’’ in a certain way.  Science nerd & Photo geek.
  • He will always be there for her.
  • He protects her no matter what, even he would receive a punch for her.
  • ‘’I’m proud of you.’’
  • She wrote on his slate a beautiful message.
  • She believes in him.
  • ’’Even angels need angels, Max.’’
  • Dana suspected something. And Kate. And Alyssa. And Brooke.
  • He is always willing to help her.
  • ‘’I know how to be invisible here.’’ ‘’Not to me, Warren.’’
  • ‘’ I want to have something for prosperity.’
  • She can’t picture her life without him.
  • ‘’Let’s go Ape!’’
  • ‘’I’m feeling pretty alpha now.’’ ‘’Yes, you are.’’
  • They are jealous.
  • He teases her, even if his jokes are bad.
  • He respects her.
  • He keeps a photo with her in his locker.
  • They can communicate without words.
  • ‘’Like time, my texts are infinite.’’

Happy Holidays! - Pricefield Kissing Montage

Since you all seem to like my relationship so much here is an early Christmas/Holiday present for you guys, she’s really fun to kiss I swear to god. Thank you so much for all the support and love you guys have given me! I hope you all have amazing holidays and a very happy New Year!!


CHLOE IS @yourawesomenesscatcosplay

We will be at Ichibancon 2016 as these lovely ladies on Thursday so hmu if you’re going!