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April 16th 2007- April 16th 2017

10 years ago Seung-Hui Cho went into his college, Virginia Tech, armed with .22-caliber Walter P22 semi-automatic handgun and 9 mm semi-automatic Glock 19 handgun. He opened fire on his school taking the lives of 32 people, injuring 23 (17 by gunfire) and he eventually took his own life.

Today is a time to remember:

Jamie Bishop

Jocelyne Couture-Nowak

Kevin Granat

Liviu Librescu

G. V. Loganathan

Ross Alameddin

Brian Bluhm

Ryan Clark

Austin Cloyd

Daniel Perez Cueva

Matthew Gwaltney

Caitlin Hammaren

Jeremy Herbstritt

Rachael Hill

Emily Hilscher

Matthew La Porte

Jarrett Lane

Henry Lee

Partahi Lumbantoruan

Lauren McCain

Daniel O'Neil

Juan Ortiz

Minal Panchal

Erin Peterson

Michael Pohle Jr.

Julia Pryde

Mary Karen Read

Reema Samaha

Waleed Shaalan

Leslie Sherman

Maxine Turner

Nicole White🌹🌹

May they rest easy and have peace. Prayers go out to the victims, the victims’ family, those who were injured, their families and all the people who were there that day.

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#BlackWomenAtWork shows why some women identify as womanists, not feminists
For many black women, the "mainstream" feminist movement wasn't — and isn’t — enough.

When Bill O'Reilly insulted Rep. Maxine Water’s hair and White House press secretary Sean Spicer told reporter April Ryan to “stop shaking your head,” the comments by the two white men hit a nerve.

Black women — who often face a one-two punch of racism and sexism in their daily lives — immediately took to social media using the hashtag #BlackWomenAtWork to air out their grievances, including those about other women.

The struggle isn’t new. Decades ago, activist and writer Alice Walker coined a word that spoke to black women’s special dilemma in the struggle for equality. She used the term “womanist.”

A womanist, as Walker defined,  is “a black feminist or feminist of color … a woman who loves other women, sexually and/or nonsexually … committed to survival and wholeness of entire people, male and female.”

For many black women, the mainstream feminist movement hasn’t been — and still isn’t — enough.

I learned to make my mind large, as the universe is large, so that there is room for paradoxes.
—  Maxine Hong Kingston, “White Tigers”
Well, Sea Patrol, you let me down tonight.

I really hate to say this about any episode of Sea Patrol because I love it so much, but I really, really disliked that episode. With a fiery passion. It just didn’t work for me, it felt like it was not following the essence of the show. And of course the MK scene at the end had me speechless and sputtering at the television haha. Poor Mike, he’s trying to fix this and Kate’s just giving up. She has a right to, I see her side completely, but he just seems to be trying so hard to make their relationship work. Maxine subtly meddling doesn’t help either! AND DUTCHY, YOU IDIOT. Disappointed, completely. That is all.

Her skin is stretching thin over her bones, struggling to keep in the storm clouds gathering in her stomach; she’s feeling too much. She’s too angry. She’s going to explode.

‘You don’t understand!’ she screams. It is a wail; a screech; an accusation. It is more than just grief or anger or misery.

—  “It is hatred, and the walls shake with the heat of it.” // g.h.m.