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Representation matters: my six favourite black female fictional lawyers.

  • Clair Huxtable (The Cosby Show)
  • Maxine Shaw (Living Single)
  • Joan Clayton (Girlfriends)
  • Jessica Pearson (Suits)
  • Olivia Pope (Scandal)
  • Annalise Keating (How to Get Away With Murder)

The Soham Murders

The Soham Murders was a very widely publicized double murder of 2 young girls which occurred in Soham, Cambridgeshire, England, on 4 August 2002. Holly Wells (left in pic above) and Jessica Chapman were 10 years old when they were murdered. The image of the 2 girls above was taken just an hour or so before they disappeared. At around 6pm they went to the shop to get some sweets, they were captured on CCTV passing Soham sports centre with their arms linked, at 6:13pm.

Police were already working on a lead before the girls’ bodies were found. The girls’ teacher assistant in school, Maxine Carr (25) (pictured 3rd above) had been talking to the media, showing them a card Holly had given her on the last day of term, she said “she was just a really lovely girl, just really lovely”. It wasn’t until after the interview was done that one of the producers said “wasn’t it weird how said she was a nice girl?” (this can be viewed here). Maxine’s abusive boyfriend Ian Huntley (28) (pictured 2nd above) had also been talking to the media, infact he was open about the fact he saw the girls on the day of their disappearance, he spoke to the media on various occasions (one of these times can be viewed here). Police brought the 2 in for questioning & to give witness statements then let them go, shortly after this police searched Ian’s storage unit and found the burned remains of Holly and Jessica’s clothes (pictured above). Police arrested Ian and Maxine on suspicion of kidnap & murder. The girls’ bodies were found near RAF, Lakenheath in Suffolk in a ditch on 17th August 2002. The weather was very hot and because of that reason the girls’ bodies were quite badly decomposed and partially skelotinized, it was noted that their bodies were attempted to be burned. DNA and some jewellery on the bodies led to a positive identification it was the 2 girls. Their cause of death was never found out. What is known is that Ian had saw the girls walking by his house and invited them in to see Maxine, their teachers assistant, but she was’t there, she was really out of town visiting family. It’s unknown exactly what Ian did to the girls next, but we do know he killed them. It is said Ian came off an angry phone call with Maxine only minutes before the girls walked by his house. Ian came up with the bizarre story that the girls had came to his door, one with a nosebleed, and went to his bathroom to clean up, he claimed one fell into a bath of water, drowned and the other screamed and was “smothered in mid air”.  Ian was sentenced to life in prison, Maxine was sentenced to 42 months in prison, she insists she knew nothing about the girls’ murders. 


Ava: So, Nialla said Nicky and his girlfriend broke up but only because of their parents? And that he only wants you for sex?

Maxine sad: Yes, that’s what she said. She was so mean about it too.

Ava: Well, this Diosa person is her best friend.She’s looking out for her best friend by trying to scare you away from her brother. But you’ve been fooling around with him in your bedroom since the first day he got here-

Maxine protests: Not the first day!

Ava: Fine, the second day. Whatever. The thing is he’s never tried to convince you to do it with him. Not even this morning when you stuck your hands down his boxers! 

Maxine embarrassed: Sshhh, not so loud, Ava! There are customers around, sheesh!

Ava: Ugh, will you let me finish? What I’m trying to say is this. Nicky hasn’t tried to get you to sleep with him. He even told you it was okay if you guys never do it. And the Diosa girl is his ex. Stop stressing out over what his sister said. She doesn’t want you with him, is all.

Maxine: I think I should take a step back, though. You’re right. I like him more than I probably should.

Ava: I kinda agree, Max. He’s going to be gone once the summer is over. You might never see him again. His parents have owned that mansion forever and this is the first time he ever visited and only because he got in trouble! Also, you’re not the type to have a summer fling. You’re going to fall in love. If you haven’t already.

Maxine: I’m not in love, Ava!

Ava: Maxine Esparza. You couldn’t even work today thinking about him! Honestly? I think he’s way too experienced for you. He’s already had a girl pregnant, and he’s here because he was acting up in San Myshuno. You might be out of your league with Nicky Holmes, and not just because he’s rich. He’s too fast. And you, my dear, are slow as a turtle with a broken leg.

Maxine sighs: Maxine the broken legged turtle? Sounds about right.
Memo To The Resistance: Label Trump
What label could be grafted onto "Trump" to achieve maximum, long-term damage to his brand?

Nick Knudsen at Huffington Post:

The right is historically much better at strategic labeling of prominent figures than the left. An effective label can wiggle into the subconscious and plant a key impression that becomes a filter for all future information. It is instructive to reflect on how brilliantly Trump’s label “crooked” damaged Hillary Clinton’s brand. This moniker, unfair as it was, poked Clinton in just the right spot.

Trump itself is a four-letter word to many on the left, but to another broad swath of the country, the president’s name elicits strong feelings of patriotism and pride. His supporters hear Trump and think: plain-talking; disrupter of the status-quo; businessman-savior. Meanwhile, his “disruptive” policies (bank deregulation, ACA repeal, etc.) will cause great economic harm for his core supporters.

Could the Resistance co-opt the Trumpian tactic of strategic labeling, followed by unwavering message discipline, to help erode the positive connotation some have when they hear his name? It’s not too late. A succinct, pointed and ubiquitously-used refrain deployed at every reference to Donald Trump could influence millions of peoples’ perceptions of the man and his team, in the way that “crooked” sowed seeds of doubt about Hillary Clinton.

So the question: What label could be grafted onto Trump to achieve maximum, long-term damage to his brand, his presidency and his agenda? “Crooked” worked so well because it reinforced core misgivings about Secretary Clinton, and resonated directly with ongoing storylines that dogged her political career and candidacy. Ideally a simple word or phrase, plainly descriptive, could help message Trump’s core weakness to the country.

A quick scan of left-leaning blogs and social media sites uncovers a potpourri of labels that demonstrate the color, creativity and enthusiasm the left has employed in describing Trump: #SoCalledPresident, #OrangeJulius, #CheetoJesus, #Drumpf, #AgentOrange and #SCROTUS, to name a very few.

While these memes are snarky and certainly cathartic for frustrated liberals, they aren’t strategic. “Crooked Hillary” spoke to the center – those who were on the fence about Clinton. Plain insults won’t help to change the perceptions of those in the middle/right. Phrases like “So-Called President” and even the widely-used “Not My President” only sound whiny to these groups and don’t make a strategic point. “Crooked” allowed Trump to diagnose and articulate his warped view of Hillary’s essential character, which fit snugly within and worked to drive the media’s narrative.

So what is Donald Trump’s essential character? There’s an obvious answer: he is an accomplished, relentless liar with no moral compass. This week alone, Trump invented an Obama wiretapping scheme in a transparent attempt to divert attention away from the Russia story. Track backwards through time and countless other examples pop out, like his inauguration crowd claims, proclamations of voter fraud, and of course the years-long birther lie. His refusal to sell off his stake in the Trump organization points to his intention to profit from the office: Donald Trump is selling out America to help his family and his friends in the 1% earn maximum profit. It’s a con job, and it always has been.

Which brings us to: Con Man. Donald Trump is the carnival barker who takes your money in a game designed not to work. He’s the phone call scammer who records you saying yes to an anonymous question and then charges you for a service. He’s the shady character casing your house and stealing packages off your porch. He is literally the man who charges you $30K for a “university” degree that carries no labor market value. He plays you for a fool to make a profit, to inflate his ego, or both.

Con Man Donald Trump. Don the Con. Con-Man-in-Chief. Or simply, “The Con Man.” A suite of labels that all get back to one idea: you cannot trust a word this man says, and there is an ulterior motive lurking behind each statement, tweet or proclamation. He is a swindler and bullshit artist.

Universal use of a “Con Man” label by the Resistance could impact the long game by supporting a slow and low-key erosion of confidence in the man. Refer to him as “Con Man” Donald Trump instead of “President” Donald Trump. Likewise, use “The Con Man” or “Con-Man-in-Chief” in place of POTUS. Light a fire under #DonTheCon #ConManDJT and #TheConMan as social media hashtags. Throw in synonyms to liven things up – swindler, carnival barker, scam artist.

The goal of the Resistance is not just to fight the Con Man’s agenda - it is to apply pressure and force the release of his tax returns, push for an independent investigation into the Administration’s ties to Russia, and eventually to march toward impeachment and removal from office. We’ll need doubt and activism from all patriotic Americans – both right and left – to apply pressure on Congress to act, and that means winning some people over.

When candidate Trump labelled #CrookedHillary, he had the advantage of using his fame and media penetration to spread the message. A “Con Man” campaign would necessarily be more of a grassroots effort to influence the national narrative, which could then be further popularized by resistance leaders who catch on, late night comedy personalities (Samantha Bee, Trevor Noah, Stephen Colbert, Seth Myers, Bill Maher and John Oliver hold a lot of sway), and others. Eventually, the label would trickle up to Democratic politicians strong enough to use it (I’m talking to you, Maxine Waters).

The key message here to all you resisters - I know you love to be creative in describing Con Man Donald Trump, but how about this strategy: they go low, you get smart. Rip a page right out of Don the Con’s playbook. Coalesce around a label. The Resistance can then resume its efforts in a more organized way - metaphorically marching, slowly but surely, up Pennsylvania Avenue to evict the Con Man from the People’s House.


Ava follows Maxine into the house. She grabs her book bag with her change of clothes from an end table where she’d left them.

Ava: Maxine! Wait! Where can I change into my bathing suit?

Maxine glares at Ava, but leads her to a bathroom near the back entrance that led out to the pool.

Maxine short: In here.

Ava softly: Come inside with me, Max. Let’s talk.

Maxine follows her friend into the bathroom. She closes the door, then spins around to face her best friend.

Maxine upset: Ava! How could you do that to me in front of Nicky? Say all that? You humiliated me!

Ava apologetic: Max. I’m so sorry. It came out wrong. It’s just….he looks like a movie star, Max! He’s not anything like the guys here. And so I’m worried, is all.

Maxine hurt: Oh, so you think he’s out of my league? That’s why you made me sound so pathetic? Mentioning my skirt?

Ava: I don’t think that, Max! Not at all. It’s only I’m worried he might not take you seriously. So I wanted him to know how serious you feel about him. That’s all. I’m sorry if it came out wrong.

Maxine: Well it did! I am so upset, Ava! I don’t even want to show my face out there again! I hope you’re glad! You ruined everything! Some friend you are!

Ava cries: Maxine, wait!

But Maxine storms out of the bathroom, too angry and upset to speak further.

[ Open rp ]

“We can do this the easy way or the hard way, but the outcome will be the same”, Maxine stared up at the taller man, eyes strong and determined as he spoke again. “You will never touch him again, understood?” He snarled, without hesitation pushing the guy up against a wall behind them, “because I will make your life a living hell if I ever hear your name again.”

Despite the fact that he was the shorter of the two and not muscular or even that athletic, his presence alone was enough to show that he was definitely not joking around with this. Maxine reached a hand to his backpack that he carried around all the time, showing off the baseball bat so that the other could see it as well. “Do you agree with me? This’d just be the beginning, purely for my satisfaction to beat you up”, gladly the mask that covered his mouth hid the grin behind it, eyes sparkling.

Though, out of nowhere, everything went black for a bit. Maxine snapped out of it as his back hit the wall behind him, his vision blurry before there was another punch. Having quick reflexes came in handy as he managed to pull out the baseball bat properly, swinging it towards the man’s knees until they were down on the ground. He stumbled up.

The ringing in his ears was making it hard to concentrate as well as the blurry vision since his glasses had been knocked off during the first hit. Quickly enough Maxine found them broken on the ground, putting them on despite how crooked and broken they were, a cut under his right eye. “Guess you chose the hard way then, hope you’re happy with your decision”, he spat, putting the bat back in his backpack to not attract more attention as he stumbled into the street.

The ringing in his ears was clearly not going to stop anytime soon and his vision was still slightly blurry. Maxine soon enough bumped into someone.

“Fuck— sorry, sorry, my bad-”, annoyingly dramatically he passed out before he could say anything else, simply falling to the ground.


Kaito: Where have you guys been?

Holly: Do we wanna know?

Hadlee: Shut up, for the record this guy is an asshole and I’m disowning him.

Luke: I didn’t know you owned me, where was that on the contract?

Hadlee: Stop trying to change the subject, I thought you were dead!

Luke: Aha! So it worked!

Hadlee: *internal screaming*

Luke: Hey Max, where did you put my guitar last time we were here?

Maxine: *points* Over there.

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Maxine and Nico Jr. walk outside into the sunshine, Nico Jr. in search of his cousins while Maxine was going to spend her day off with her friend Ava. She wished she could spend the day with Nicky, but she didn’t dare ask him. It was too soon.

They run into Manuel Holmes, who was in search of Nico Jr. since he didn’t find him by the pool. Maxine’s eyes widen at the sight of the handsome young man. He was as good looking as Nicky, and the resemblance between them was so strong she knew they had to be related.

Nico Jr smiles: Hey cuz. I was just about to go looking for you, man! I can’t believe you’re here. Your luck is as sh*tty as mine.

Manuel sighs: I know. All because my Mom freaked out over me doing a stunt off one of the buildings downtown. And Dad got pissed because Daffy and I had a few drinks at the club and he caught us. 

Nico Jr: Maxine, this is my cousin, Manuel, but everyone calls him Manny. Manny, this is Maxine. She lives here. Her mom is the housekeeper.

Maxine frowns at Nicky’s introducing her as the housekeeper’s daughter. But she and Nicky hadn’t defined what they were, so she knew she had no right to be upset.

She extends her hand toward Manny. He doesn’t take it.

Maxine confused: Hello. It’s nice to meet you, Manny.

Reckless Chloe:
  • *almost gets shot by nathan*
  • *nearly got hit by train*
  • *sides with Chloe occasionally*
  • *father alive*
  • *severly injured in car accident*
  • *gets put in wheelchair*
  • *goes back to normal timeline*
  • Max's reward-
  • chloe: Thanks Max. You hella saved my life again.
  • max: Your welcome.
  • *5 minutes later*
  • chloe: *sigh*
  • max: Hoe. No.
  • chloe: *sssiiiiggghhh*
  • max: Don't do it!
  • chloe: I sure wish Rachel was here right now.
  • max: FUCK!!