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Representation matters: my six favourite black female fictional lawyers.

  • Clair Huxtable (The Cosby Show)
  • Maxine Shaw (Living Single)
  • Joan Clayton (Girlfriends)
  • Jessica Pearson (Suits)
  • Olivia Pope (Scandal)
  • Annalise Keating (How to Get Away With Murder)

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its maxine here, this is my 2nd follow forever since my 200 followers and currently there are 523 beautiful people following me, ahHH i did not expect this at all. i would like to sincerely say my thanks to everyone who has been following this blog since last year around May, when i became more active here. to be honest, i didn’t exactly plan on doing much here except to look at aesthetics etc and then i gradually became more involved with kpop, with bigbang and then now bts ahhh, i wouldnt say I’ve come a long way and still new here, but thank you so much for sticking by me.

ive made some really good friends who always puts a smile on my face and casually offends me by tagging me in those gifs -side eyes- and to think that ill be doing pen pal with some of them soon, im really excited about it but ahHHHHHHH i love you all and my followers too and the random anons 

also, ive been reading more fanfics since last year, trust me i didnt even read that much till prolly late last year and started my fic recs then too but here i am now with my latest 65th fic rec ahhh thank you so much again

omg i think im rambling on and on but basically thank you so much and i hope i can deliver more to this blog and maybe do some new content who knows, i was thinking of maybe posting my fan art here but i kinda already have it on my twitter so we’ll see about it.

anyway here are the people i love so much, thank you from the bottom of my heart, im sorry if i cant remember all your names, and if i miss you out, im sorry 

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@maxine-caulfield so i was gonna message u w this book rec list but its gonna be super long and its just gonna fill up the chat so i just decided to make an actual post hope thats ok!

its taken me awhile to narrow down the books to choose but here we go (p.s, these are all different genres bc i didnt know what u were after so i did a variety)

the ones w stars next to them are my favs!


sisters red by jackson pearce 

the art of being normal by lisa williamson

finding audrey by sophie kinsella*

the night circus by erin morgenstern* (seriously SO GOOD)

if you find me by emily murdoch

we were liars by e lockhart

fangirl by rainbow rowell*

carry on by rainbow rowell


the legend trilogy by marie lu*

the raven cycle by maggie stiefvater* 

the bone season series by samanthat shannon* (still ongoing im so excited for book 3)

the red rising trilogy by pierce brown

the illuminae files by amie kaufman and jay kristoff*

the mara dyer series by michelle hodkin

miss peregrines peculiar children series by ransom riggs*

the grisha trilogy by leigh bardugo

six of crows series by leigh bardugo

the shatter me series by tahereh mafi

the mortal instruments series, the infernal devices trilogy & the dark artifices seres by cassandra clare* (alot of people dont like these books for reason but personally i love them)

sorry if this got super long lol i just really like books, but i hope u enjoy some of them!

Who are you?

Maxine:That still doesn’t explain anything. Nor does it answer my question.

Maximillion:*annoyed sigh*Maxine…

Maxine:Please don’t give me any more excuses…Just don’t.

Maximillion:What else do you want to me do? I’m trying to fix things between us and your mother, isn’t that enough?!

Maxine:Maybe you trying isn’t ‘enough’…*stands up heading for the door*Just like how mother and I weren't ‘enough’ for you.

Maximillion:That was…That was different back then…You both were enough…

Maxine:If we were enough for you then why did you leave?! For a higher payment? Understandable but you never called, came by to check on us, or even send a letter!! You say we were enough but I don’t think so…Honestly I know absolutely nothing about you except for what mother told me.*frustrated sigh*Honestly I just can’t bring myself to fully trust you.


Maxine:I just…I want to know who you truly are. Are you the man that mother loved and talked about so much? Or are you entirely someone else that  even you don’t recognize anymore?*heads for the door*Think about that for awhile…Let me know when you have an answer.

[Maxine exits Maximillion’s home]

Reckless Chloe:
  • *almost gets shot by nathan*
  • *nearly got hit by train*
  • *sides with Chloe occasionally*
  • *father alive*
  • *severly injured in car accident*
  • *gets put in wheelchair*
  • *goes back to normal timeline*
  • Max's reward-
  • chloe: Thanks Max. You hella saved my life again.
  • max: Your welcome.
  • *5 minutes later*
  • chloe: *sigh*
  • max: Hoe. No.
  • chloe: *sssiiiiggghhh*
  • max: Don't do it!
  • chloe: I sure wish Rachel was here right now.
  • max: FUCK!!
  • *eating dinner at table*
  • joyce: So Max, How are you?
  • max: I'm fine. I'm just a bit tired, that's all.
  • joyce: Well, you can go sleep upstairs if you want.
  • max: No, no. I'm fine.
  • joyce: Well, you sure as hell don't look it.
  • max: ...
  • joyce: ...
  • joyce: It's Chloe, isn't it?
  • max: *nods*
  • joyce: Dang Nabbit! That girl and her Rachel obsession. Is that why you came down here?
  • max: FUCK YES!
  • *upstairs*
  • chloe: I wish Rachel was here...
  • *sits in corner*
  • *later that night*
  • *Joyce's bedroom*
  • joyce: I wish William was here...
  • max: What a Fuckin' twisted family!!!