maxine and kyle

Hypothetical Question: Ava DuVernay has just been assigned to direct the “Living Single” remake and you’ve been given the opportunity to choose the actors and actresses. Who do you cast to play the main characters: Khadijah, Synclaire, Maxine, Kyle, Overton and Regine?

I'm really confused about this sudden deficit of platonic relationships between M/Fs on TV shows?

So can we make a list right quick cuz maybe I’m missing something…

Just add onto the shows that you watch and I will add it onto this master list. I want to do a little experiment..

Sleepy Hollow:

Jenny x Ichabod

Abbie x Frank

Abbie x Andy

Corbin x Abbie x Jenny

Frank x Jenny

New Girl:

Jess x Winston

Jess x Schmidt

Jess x Coach

Nick x Cece

Coach x Cece

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