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Unpopular Opinion Time

I, a die-hard Tangled fan who runs not one, but two Tangled blogs, legit DO NOT WANT a live action Tangled movie. Above and beyond me thinking that Disney is really overdoing it with the live action remakes, I don’t think it would translate well at all into live action.

  • One of the major characters is a horse cop dog, which they would have to render in CGI, and would end up looking ridiculous in a live action setting. Unlike Pascal, Maximus is a character who is never left out of stage show productions, because he’s actually important to the plot. (It doesn’t matter how much you like Pascal, you have to admit that he’s not actually important to the plot of the movie. Everything he does can be done in a different way with little to no effort on the writers’ parts.) He’s also a comical character, which would get awkward fast.
  • There’s a lot of slapstick in Tangled that would either have to be omitted (thus leaving out a good chunk of Eugene’s charm), would have to be rewritten into a wordier kind of slapstick (which they do in stage shows at the Disney Parks, and which works fine in that format where the whole plot is condensed down and narrated), or would end up looking as ridiculous as a CGI horse cop dog in an otherwise serious setting.
  • I can almost guarantee you that I would be disappointed with one or more casting choice. I am extremely picky when it comes to these characters.

This does not mean that I would not welcome a live action Rapunzel from Disney. I just don’t think they should go with the characters and plot of Tangled. Frankly, if they chose to make a live action Rapunzel, I would like to see them tackle Glen Keane’s original story idea, with Bastion and Grifol and Xavier the Blacksmith.

Man, bullying is the shittiest thing ever

It has been a huge topic these last few days and I feel like I should put my 2 cents in.
I need a topic though, so lets go with cosplay because the area of cosplay has a ton of bullying within it.

If you see somebody cosplaying at a convention and you have the nerve to tell them that it’s, “F-Grade effort” or “Horrible cosplay, shoddy compared to *insert cosplayer here,” you are the worst kind of person in the universe. That person you just insulted has put tireless amounts of hours and work into making something he/she can be proud of. Not only that, the cosplayer is so proud of their cosplay, that they’re fucking wearing it to a convention. You’re not only patronizing their good work, but you’re beating their self-esteem into the ground bit by bit. 

What if it’s a picture of someone’s cosplay? I don’t fucking care what it is,  you post a comment on any social networking site and there is the possibility of the same person seeing your statements, tearing away at their boundaries. It’s not only in bad taste, but bad character. If you’re seriously willing to go that low, you should really take a step back and review the problems in your life. There is obviously some room for change.

Now, this doesn’t just pertain to cosplay, it pertains to a limitless amount of problems in life. Don’t bully people or I swear to god that I will call you a meanie.

When speaking in terms of the 4th Dimension, cracks in time must exist in it’s current state, as cracks in physical objects appear at the microscopic level. While one raises the scale on dimensional physics, all have distinctive similarities and access routes to one another, whether it be linear or direct. A smooth cue ball will never be perfectly smooth, no matter how deceiving it may appear to the human eye. Such is the same with 4th Dimensional physics, as small as we can reach, we still cannot view the theoretical area of time within the universe. These cracks will prove to be crucial to the development of our future race.

This pic is from NE’s Grand Lodge from last year, and I’d just like to point out how everyone looks like they’re just smiling for the picture, but when you look at me (second to last on the right) I’m JUST SO FUCKING EXCITED. 

Everyone: Yey picture

I’d also like to point out Alvin, to the right of me in the pic, who really wanted to become a Demolay when he was younger. At that time, he lived in the Philippines, and Philippine Demolay is a lot more strict that US Demolay. Initiates must memorize selected introductory lines in the ritual book and also must memorize their obligations- something of which is an option AFTER joining in the US. Not only do they have to memorize lines, lines that can be pages long, they practically compete to become members because the chapters can only hold so many with the space available. Demolays are treated like officials there. 
Alvin never got the chance to become a member, and he’s been heartbroken ever since. 
NOW, this summer is NE Demolay’s state event: Conclave. An event of which we will put on the Demolay Degree for the invited persons. We are specially inviting Alvin. The reason? Anyone who witnesses the Demolay  Degree becomes an honorary Demolay. I cannot wait to see the expression on his face, or how much joy it will bring to him.

This is not the face of a happy man, this is not the face of a full man, this is the face of a foolish man suffering by his own hand. I, at approximately 3:14 PM this afternoon entered Tokyo, an all you can eat sushi bar in the Old Market. Needless to say, after leaving at around 4:50, I had consumed a bowls worth of calamari, 32 pieces of salmon nigiri, six pieces of tomago, a few pods of edamame, and a scoop of tempura ice cream. Do not make the same mistake I have, I am a glutton and I need to sleep for about five days after this punishing meal. No man should ever go this far.