Extang 7785 Classic Platinum Black Tonneau Cover

Extang Classic Platinum Tonneau Covers have an exclusive 4-way adjustable, all-climate tonneau design that helps in adjusting the location of the snaps for a looser or tighter fit and helps for easy use in cold weather. Classic platinum covers feature a heavy-duty tonneau with reinforced edges and corners. TuffSnaps are made of steel and brass that do not break. SnapStopper keeps snaps on the rail when tarp is rolled up for bulk hauling. They facilitate fast and easy access to the truck bed and cargo by simply dropping the tailgate or by rolling up the tarp. TuffKlamps allows two bow heights. High bow height facilitates maximum water shedding in harsh conditions and improved gas mileage.
Extang 7785 Classic Platinum Black Tonneau Cover Low bow height provides sporty good looks and cold weather tonneau attachment.