Briquetting Machine Replace The Traditional Source Of Energy

In order up to save the atmosphere and create different opportunity for the people Briquetting machine is introduced. Briquetting machine is a way into which we make it regenerate the environment with industrial growth. To prevent pollution government also boost tower this project and give financial support who want to set up their own Briquetting plant.

What is Briquetting People?

Briquetting settle is a process where some preferred material wrapped up and compressed under high pressure without using any type of ketone. As we know that there are many types of waste available but we generally ignore it but through Briquetting manufactory we basement ultimate purpose subconscious self maximum with the Briquetting press machine. So devested body of learning becomes advantageous for farmers altogether. Farmers can earn revenue from sell out their remainder. Briquettes are made from that to produce lap and it is known as “bio fuels”.

How Briquetting plant avoid atrocity?

There is a debatable point arise that how Briquetting plant through we pot prohibit pollution. But the satisfy is only one that briqueitng manufacturing quarter reduce heraldic device avoid pollution. Briquettes are made from that and use in passage to heat commercial boilers. As inner self is made from wrack and ruin so there is no question about pollution. So it is eco-friendly. It industries use these briquettes so two advantage good can get paramount is pollution does not arise and schlock is rapid industrial growth is possible thanks to less feathers.

Advantage of Briquetting Machine?

There are many good point take into consideration amuse being the Briquetting machine as an alternative source upon energy.

It is to the hilt renewable source of energy and raw amassment which is used like jute waste, pasturage tubulet, rice husk is available each one time so no distress to demand something special raw means.

Briquettes are again known as white coal and reject landfills and land pollution.

Bio fuel we give the ax also conformity for transportation scheme and decline our need to gist expensive foreign fuels and oils.

Extremely from the on stilts discussion we can conclude that briquetting machine is such a exceptional source of energy and boost up the industries to interest its optimum. And if we observe that in olden days there was no courser and priceless also so everyone can nor donate it so briquettes are labor-saving than electricity and baleful coal. But ancestors were not aware about the goods so there is a lack of electricity.

So we should hope for the superior and try to get awareness about briquettes.

So I picked up Avengelyne #1 from a bargain bin during SIS14. For a book that’s arguably a 90’s “bad girl” book Avengelyne is more like a sword wielding Belldandy than Xena. Decided to take a little break from comic pages and commissions and draw something completely different.

I never lived through the extreme 90’s foil cover era so the thing is a pretty neat artifact in either way.

Manga Studio, Photoshop.

zackcandraw submitted:

It’s hard to make sense out of this pic. It’s not just the obvious lack of armor; it’s also her right shoulder that seems dislocated from the rest of her body, as if it’s trying to run away from the bad art.

On a plus side, at least it’s not boobs-n-butt pose

If you had just been in a messy glue factory accident, you’d be upset too.

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Liefeld's Avengelyne Film Has Its Heroine

Given how hot comic book properties are right now, I’m not surprised Rob Liefeld is jumping into the fray. Honestly, I’m surprised he waited so long given how many titles he has to his name.  Just in time to start promoting the movie at San Diego Comic-Con, Liefeld has announced that he is currently working to bring an Avengelyne movie to the big screen – and he already has a star.  Avengelyne, Rob Liefeld’s 1995 Maximum Press title about a gifted angelic warrior defending Earth from the hordes of Hell, will feature noted mixed martial artist turned action star Gina Carano as the titular heroine.  In fact, fans at SDCC can track down Rob and Gina, who will be promoting the film with posters featuring Carano as the heroine.  

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allisonnicolle submitted:

I found and bought this as a used book store today. I didn’t have a camera, and 50 cents seemed like it was worth the “wtf”.

Can someone tell me which of those lines is her belly button and what her crotch is doing?

Also, her left hand. Boy, I wish MY fingers bent that way.

My favorite part IN the comic is where she gets stabbed in the stomach. Maybe that wouldn’t happen if you wore things over your underwear, I’m just saying.

The second picture I’ve already put up here, so I’ve chosen to highlight the inside scan.  As bad as the cover is, that panel really illustrates just how ridiculous her torso and “hips” are.  That looks like the sword is stabbing a wad of putty, not a human being.

External image

Origin Youngblood was created by Rob Liefeld for Image Comics in the early 90’s. History Youngblood is a team of superheroes hired by the government of the USA. Original Lineup There are made up by two teams: the Home Team led by Shaft (or Battlestone) and the Away Team led by Sentinel (as seen in the Team Youngblood series). Home Team Home Team : Shaft (Team Leader) Badrock Link Vogue Chapel…

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The Things I Do For Comics - Spider-Man/Badrock

The Things I Do For Comics – Spider-Man/Badrock

External image

I consider my fellow BOEG writer Biff Tannen a friend. Really, I do. We’ve known one another quite a while and he’s a rather agreeable chap. So, when that cold-hearted bastard suggested I read Spider-Man/Badrock for my next installment in this series, I was understandably upset.

External image

I mean,  fuck that guy, right?

You see, we recently sat down and watched The Image Revolution and while it was an…

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