So I picked up Avengelyne #1 from a bargain bin during SIS14. For a book that’s arguably a 90’s “bad girl” book Avengelyne is more like a sword wielding Belldandy than Xena. Decided to take a little break from comic pages and commissions and draw something completely different.

I never lived through the extreme 90’s foil cover era so the thing is a pretty neat artifact in either way.

Manga Studio, Photoshop.

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Liefeld's Avengelyne Film Has Its Heroine

Given how hot comic book properties are right now, I’m not surprised Rob Liefeld is jumping into the fray. Honestly, I’m surprised he waited so long given how many titles he has to his name.  Just in time to start promoting the movie at San Diego Comic-Con, Liefeld has announced that he is currently working to bring an Avengelyne movie to the big screen – and he already has a star.  Avengelyne, Rob Liefeld’s 1995 Maximum Press title about a gifted angelic warrior defending Earth from the hordes of Hell, will feature noted mixed martial artist turned action star Gina Carano as the titular heroine.  In fact, fans at SDCC can track down Rob and Gina, who will be promoting the film with posters featuring Carano as the heroine.  

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