I’m Not His, I’m Yours // A Dylan O’Brien Smut

Prompt: Just prepare your eyes for some very dirty filth.

Warnings: NSFW, Explicit Sexual Content, Jealous!Dylan, Dominant!Dylan, Daddy!Dylan, Fingering, Orgasm Denial, Oral (female on male), Spanking, Daddy Kink, and Swearing.

Relationship: Dylan O’Brien x Reader

Word Count: 4,951

Song: Hands To Myself by Selena Gomez


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“I’m gonna kill them.” Dylan complained over the phone and I laughed at his impatience.

“No, you’re not, baby.” I chuckled, coaxing him the best I could. “It’s just one more day ‘till the weekend. You can survive this, I know it.”

“I swear to God, if either one of them annoys me one more time-”

“Then, I’ll destroy them myself.” I answered and Dylan let out a deep breath.

“I have to go, but I don’t want to hang up on you.” My boyfriend groaned over the line. “Can we just stay on the phone for the rest of the day?”

“No, Dylan.” I laughed and I could tell the sound alone made him feel a little more at ease. “We have to be responsible here. But, tell you what, when it’s time for your next break we can Skype call. What do you think?”

“I think that you’re the best girlfriend a guy could ask for and I love you very much.” Dylan swooned and I could practically hear the smile in his voice.

“I love you, too.” I responded, smiling as well. “Now go, I don’t want you getting fired.”

“They can’t fire me, it’s the last season!” Dylan laughed wholeheartedly and I laughed along with him.

That’s what our relationship mostly consisted of: smiling, laughing, fun, and heart eyes. Even though Dylan has been beyond stressed lately because of everything that’s happened in the course of the past two years, we never fail to make each other happy. Things have been very intense for him ever since the accident that shall not be mentioned. Shooting The Death Cure had to be pushed back to this year, Dylan had to stay home for six months and try to avoid paparazzi harassment at all times, he needed to physically train for American Assassin and completely go against his doctor’s recommendations, deal with crazy fans that literally sent him death threats when they found out he wouldn’t be in all of season 6B for Teen Wolf, and even manage to audition for future projects to top it all off. Stress has been very imminent in Dylan’s life and I always felt like it was my job to make him feel better.

Which is why, being the amazing girlfriend I am, I wasn’t going to just Skype call him. I was going to personally go over to his work and give him a fun little surprise.

With excitement running through my veins, I jumped up from my position on our bed together and immediately ran to the bathroom for a shower. Dylan’s next break should be in about an hour, considering he doesn’t have a lot of scenes to shoot this year, so I knew I had to get ready quick.

Once I was out of the shower, I put on Dylan’s favorite red lingerie and took a good look in the mirror. The way the strong red color contradicted with my skin tone will definitely drive him crazy and I can already feel myself getting wet at the thought alone. I didn’t even bother putting on any pants because I knew I wouldn’t really need them and, instead, I picked up the t-shirt Dylan used to sleep from our messy med and slipped it on. Bringing the fabric up to my nose, I took a deep breath and glady breathed in his incredible smell. Sure, I see him everyday but I can’t help feeling addictive and always needed more of him.

Putting on makeup right now just to see Dylan would be useless considering he was going to smudge it up anyway. Therefore, with a smile om my face and exhilaration running through my veins, I put on my black stillettos and grabbed my car keys to head for the Teen Wolf lot. It didn’t take too long to get there and, in a matter of fifteen minutes, I was already greeting Phil the security guard as he let me pass the barrier and enter the studio.

The first thing I did was park my car in an area Dylan would never spot and, then, gladly entered his trailer. Since Dylan hasn’t been in the greatest mood lately, I knew for a fact that he wasn’t going to stick around on set in between scenes like he usually does. From what he told me on the phone, Cody and Sprayberry have been driving him crazy all week and he’s definitely going to want as much distance as possible. Which is where I come in and make him feel all kinds of good before returning to work for the rest of the day.

Having patiently waited for Dylan, laid on his pull-out bed, I immediately jumped up and fixed myself to look sexier the moment the door to his trailer flew open. The look of surprise and immediate lust in Dylan’s eyes when he entered, instantly, made desire crash down on my body. I already knew that I would be putty in his hands in a matter of seconds. Without even saying anything, Dylan just slowly closed the door behind him and took off his sneakers as he licked his lips in anticipation.

“Do you have any idea how good you look just wearing my shirt on?” Dylan questioned, his eyebrows raised in intrigue.

“Do you have any idea how much better I’ll look once you take it off?” I teased, smirking up at him.

My words definitely sparked something in him because Dylan instantly jumped on me, the intense sexual tension in the air an incredible influence on him. I giggled at his excitement and his lips were quickly on mine as my fingers instinctively ran through his hair. I smiled when Dylan’s tongue slid across my bottom lip, already asking for an entrance, and I didn’t think twice before opening my mouth for him. He allowed me to call the shots and would moan everytime I played with his tongue skillfully.

When we both needed to breathe again, Dylan detached his lips from mine and gently caressed my cheeks with his soft hands. His eyes gazed into mine with such emotion and care that a blush immediately made its way on my skin. Dylan never failed to make me feel special and I adored how intimate our relationship was. I always thought that intimacy was about allowing someone to touch you, but it’s so much more. Intimacy is someone who touches you beyond just the physical contact because they find a way to your soul. Intimacy is who you text at four in the morning to share your biggest fears and dreams. Intimacy is the person always in the back of your mind, no matter how distracted you are.

“I love you.” Dylan whispered before pulling off his shirt I was wearing and placing a gentle kiss on my mouth.

The moment he realized I had put on his favorite lingerie set, Dylan couldn’t hold back the immediate moan that fell from his pink lips. His eyes raked my entire body and I felt his cock slightly twitch against my thigh, through his red crimson pants he wore for Stiles’ character. Standing up from the the pull-out bed, Dylan began unbuckling his belt.

Suddenly, the door to his trailer immediately flew open and the both of us froze in absolute shock. I didn’t even have the thought in me to cover myself up with something, anything, before the intruders invaded Dylan’s safe space.

“Hey, Dyl, are you trying to hide from us?” Sprayberry immediately hollered when he and Cody were inside, both instantly stopping in their tracks once they noticed their co-worker wasn’t alone. “Oh, my God!”

“What the hell are you guys doing here?!” Dylan shouted angrily, the veins on his neck bulging against his skin.

Well, looks like someone’s stress is officially back.

“W-We, uh, W-We,” Sprayberry stuttered trying to answer, but was too astonished to form an actual sentence.

Much like Dylan did just moments ago, Cody’s eyes raked my entire body and, by the way he was biting down on his bottom lip, he definitely seemed to like what he saw. Before I could even do anything, Dylan jumped back on the bed and instinctively covered my body with his. Embarrassment and uncomfort took over my emotions as my boyfriend protected me, shielding my body from unwelcome eyes.

“Get! Out!” Dylan yelled, his Alpha male side appearing now that someone glanced at his female without his permission. “NOW!”

Sprayberry was the first to immediately sprint into action, forcefully pulling Cody out the door with him and literally having to tear his gaze off of my body. I let out a nervous breath I didn’t even know I was holding in the second the door sounded shut and the two actors were finally out of the trailer.

“Damn, it’s a good thing I wasn’t naked yet, right?” I chuckled nervously, trying to make the best out of this situation. However, it was no use. Dylan was furious and no longer in the light-hearted mood like before.

“He was totally eye-fucking you and that’s what concerns you the most?” Dylan scolded and even though he was angry, my entire body filled with desire.

Dylan’s usually very sweet, but every now and then he goes completely dominant and it’s the sexiest fucking thing ever. The way he pulls my hair as he forcefully pounds into me or roughly spanks me just because I went against one of his many commands always had me on the edge.

“You’re right.” I smiled innocently, looking up at him as he noticed the tension change in the room. “I’m sorry, Daddy.”

The flicker in his eyes immediately went from rage to complete and utter lust the second I let the kinky title he loves so damn much come out of my mouth. The warm and golden-brown color once in his eyes was replaced with a dark black, his pupils now dilated to the maximum. Dylan’s bulge pressed against his pants and  I couldn’t take my eyes off of it, knowing exactly what stood beneath the fabric. Although he wasn’t the only one turned on beyond comprehension as arousal pooled uncomfortably in my panties and I desperately wanted them off of me.

Reaching my hand down to my panties to get rid of it, Dylan’s hand suddenly gripped my wrist and stopped me from moving any further.

“Did I say you could do anything yet?” Dylan questioned.

I gulped and slowly shook my head, his eyes focusing on my lip when I bit down on it. He let go of me without another word, but it didn’t even feel like he did because of his addictive touch still lingering on my skin. Dylan stood up and walked over to the door, locking it as he licked his lips with his eyes trailing over my body.

“Take off your bra.” He commanded, walking back over but not sitting down.

“What?” I asked as I watched him take off his shirt, the sight of his impressive form stunning me.

“Ah, ah, ah, babygirl. You know the rules.” Dylan tsked, shaking his head as he unbuckled his belt like before and opened his pants. “Only speak when I give you the permission to.”

Heat rushed throughout my entire body until it landed with full force in my core. Dylan and I had this little game whenever he was dominant and it was one of my favorite fucking things. The game was simple, but absolutely drove me crazy: Dylan would give me three chances and if I strike out every single one of them, he had no other choice than to punish me.

“Strike one.” Dylan stated, a smirk playing on my lips with what he said next. “And I know you just heard what I demanded.”

At the same time that I reached behind my own back to unclasp my bra, Dylan dropped his pants. His erection pressed hard against his boxers, the gray fabric slightly wet from his arousal. When both of us finished taking off our pieces of clothing, Dylan’s eyes were already glued onto my now exposed perky breasts.

“Now your panties.”

My boyfriend and I pulled both of our underwear off our bodies, watching the other intently. As soon as we were free of clothing and completely exposed to each other, Dylan grabbed himself in his hand and stroked his shaft slowly. The sight of Dylan pumping himself as his eyes gazed on my body turned me on in ways that I can’t even explain.

“Touch yourself, babygirl.” He commanded, my mind melting at his husky voice.

Following his orders, I sat up straight on the bed and spread apart by legs for him to have a full view which made him moan in response. I brought my hand down to my already soaking core and gently slid my finger through my folds, separating them. Slowly rubbing small circles against my clitoris, I couldn’t help but let out a moan. I watched as Dylan used his thumb to caress his tip and I desperately wanted it in my mouth, but I knew that I had to follow his order or else I’d be punished. However, being punished by him does sound very inviting.

Using my other hand to pinch my nipples and tease not only myself but also Dylan, I noticed his grip tighten around his member. Dylan let out an unsatisfied groan when I took my hand away from my breast, but then immediately moaned when I used it to push a finger inside my heat. My back instantly arched and I let out a whimper at the feeling, provoking him to pick up his pace around himself.

“You look so beautiful pleasuring yourself, princess.” Dylan grunted as I moved faster along with him.

Of course I knew how to work myself and make my body feel good, but there’s no denying that Dylan is so much better at it. The way his long and skillfull fingers knowingly curl up inside of me in such a perfect way that not even I knew how to do or the way his sinful tongue flicks expertly against my nub has me wishing that he would just jump on top of me already. But, if there’s one thing Dylan O'Brien certainly loves being is a fucking tease.

“Fuck, baby. Even though this feels good, nothing compares to your beautiful lips and warm mouth wrapped around my cock.” He moaned as my body craved for his touch. “Stop what your doing and come kneel in front of me.”

An exciting idea roared to life in me when I decided to ignore Dylan’s command and willingly get my next strike. I tuned out whatever he had to say and focused on the incredible feeling of my finger pumping inside of me purely to spite him. Which definitely worked because in a matter of seconds I could hear Dylan growling and approaching me. I, suddenly, felt his hands rip mine away from my body and forcefully pull me into him, our naked bodies against each other as we stood.

“Strike two.” He warned through gritted teeth, his jaw clenching and looking sexy as ever.

Before I even knew it, Dylan pushed me down to kneel in front of him and harshly grabbed onto my hair with his hands. Bringing my own hands up, I held onto his thigh with one hand and wrapped around his base with the other. I smirked at Dylan as I licked my lips and gawked at the delicious sight in front of me. I gladly took Dylan’s tip inside of my mouth and he immediately moaned when I did. The first thing my tongue came into contact with was his precum and I can’t deny that I love the salty taste. As I gently sucked his head, my hand began to slowly pump his dick.

One of the many things I love about Dylan is that he’s very responsive and isn’t ashamed in letting me know exactly what he liked. Which is why I already knew that one of his favorite things I do when I give him a blowjob is lick his prominent vein on the underside of his cock at the same time that I very lightly and very carefully graze my teeth against his topside. Dylan let out a throaty groan the second I did exactly that and it seemed to light a fire in him because he immediately took control.

My boyfriend pushed himself fully into my mouth until he was hitting the back of my throat and I was gagging around him, only for him to pull away and do the exact same thing again. Dylan was happily fucking my mouth and, to be honest, I didn’t even mind it. The lust was so far deep in my blood that all I could focus on was how sexy he looked as he practically used me as a fuck toy and how damn good he tasted.

I hollowed my mouth around him to create a much tighter environment for him and the filthy sounds of his shameless moans erupting from his chest made my core ache more than it already had. Due to the fast pace and my wet mouth, it didn’t take long for Dylan to reach his much needed release. I hummed when he unloaded and his hot cum shot straight down my throat, his hips bucking in response.

Once Dylan came down from his high, I pulled him out of my mouth and he shuddered at the contact due to how sensitive he’d become. Wiping away the spit on my mouth and any cum spilling down my chin, I stood up with a smirk on my lips and Dylan immediately kissed me. His dominance faltering for the slightest second so he could show me how much he cared for me through the gentle action. However, the moment we parted, dominant Dylan was back.

“Can you sit on the chair for me, babygirl?” He pointed to the chair under his desk he uses to study his lines as he headed over to the small closet.

“Yes, Daddy.” I obeyed because both of us knew that even though he asked, it wasn’t actually a question.

My eyes widened immediately when I noticed just what he grabbed from the closet and Dylan approached me with an intense grin on his lips. I wanted to desperately ask him why the hell he had that in his trailer or what he thinks he’s about to do to me with it, but I knew that that wouldn’t be the greatest idea.

“It’s not mine.” Dylan defended himself when he obviously saw my shocked facial expression at the metal handcuffs in his hands. “It’s Stiles’, but I don’t see why we can’t have our own little fun with it. What do you think?”

“Well, I know for a fact Stiles and Lydia have a lot of kinky sex with handcuffs.” I smirked, reaching my arms behind the back of the chair for him to lock them there. “So, I say we should also give it a shot, Daddy.”

“That’s my girl.” Dylan smiled, placing the cold metal around my wrists to lock them behind me.

The next thing my boyfriend did was push my legs apart so I was completely opened for him in a way that felt so dirty and exposing but I loved nonetheless. Dylan’s lips instantly wrapped around one of my breasts, already biting down on my nipple, and I whimpered when I couldn’t grip his hair with my fingers. As he teasingly worked on my breast, Dylan brought a hand up to my core and my hips instinctively bucked the second his middle finger rubbed against my sensitive nub. He started slow at first but as soon as he knew I was ready for more, Dylan picked up his middle finger’s pace and, using his other hand, he slid one of his long fingers inside of me.

I couldn’t hold back my moan at the incredible feeling, considering my body had been craving it for the longest time now, and the first finger was immediately followed by a second. I absolutely loved how much Dylan understood my body and exactly what it needed which is why I was already getting close to my release in a matter of minutes. His skillful fingers curled inside of me and pumped with such fervor that I didn’t have any ounce of self control in me anymore. I knew I was about to reach my edge and, much to my dismay, so did Dylan.

“Not yet, princess.” He teased and I whined when he removed his fingers from my soaking wet heat. “You only get to cum when I say so. And I want it to happen around my cock.”

After seeing me completely opened for him and a moaning mess just because of his fingers, Dylan’s erection was already back up and ready for more action. Precum glistened on his tip and even though I did give him head only a few moments ago, I already wanted to do it all over again. What can I say? The man has a delicious dick.

Dylan was pumping himself a little bit as he watched my chest rise and fall from my rapid breathing before grabbing my feet and hitching them up on the chair. He pulled my waist towards the edge of the seat, making me lay down since I still was locked to the back of the chair, and Dylan positioned himself in front of my entrance. Without even giving me a warning, he instantly slammed inside of me and my entire body arched at the invasive act. He waited a few seconds for me to adjust and when I sort of did, Dylan began roughly thrusting into me.

“Fuck, babygirl, you’re always so tight.” Dylan moaned, his face snuggled into my slightly sweaty neck.

The pleasurable feeling of his thick width stretching my tight walls as he pounded in me, quite deeply considering how the position we were in favored his ability to be completely buried inside of me, sparked the orgasm I was so close to reach that Dylan denied up to the surface again. I clenched around him once and he growled against my skin, my entire body vibrating with the sound.

“Don’t cum yet.” He demanded and I whimpered.

Even though I tried to hold it back, I clenched around him once more and this time Dylan immediately brought his face up to glare at me. We were so close that I could feel his breath brushing across my skin and, yet, all I could focus on was the bound knot in my stomach ready to break free any minute now. The thought of going against Dylan’s commands was both terrifying and exciting and, to be honest, I didn’t know which one attracted me more.

“Don’t you dare.” Dylan threatened, bringing one of his hands up to forcefully pull my hair and make me look him straight in the eyes. “I’m serious. Promise Daddy you won’t cum until I allow it.”

“I-I promise, Daddy.” I managed to say through moans. However the second his cock twitched inside of me when I said his favorite nickname, I was long gone and there was no way going back.

My entire body shook, my toes curled against the chair and uncontrollable shouts erupted from my chest as one of the greatest orgasms I’ve ever experienced bolted through my veins. I could feel my core clenching around Dylan’s shaft at the same time that it released all of my pent-up arousal and gushed onto him. I screamed so loudly that I was certain everyone on the Teen Wolf lot heard me and I was also sure that despite not following his orders, Dylan was loving the way I was a mess. Everyone including Sprayberry and Cody knew that the person who just made this young woman scream so much in pleasure was Dylan and that it didn’t even matter how badly they might have wanted her, she was his.

My own release triggered Dylan’s and as I was coming down from my intense high, my boyfriend was reaching his. Dylan’s cock twitched before cumming for the second time today and shooting his liquid inside of me, the incredible feeling of his hot cum running against my walls making me moan. The sound of Dylan’s own moans echoed through the trailer and I watched in awe as his face contorted in pure pleasure. He held onto the edges of the chair tightly, his muscles straining against his arms as he shook.

“Strike three.” Dylan managed to say through his husky and breathless voice once he came down from his high.

The sweet taste of adrenaline rushed though all of my veins and my heartbeat pounded so hard it pulsed inside of my ears the second Dylan said those two simple words. A mixture of concern and lust flooded inside of me and I didn’t quite know which one was stronger.

Dylan slowly slid out of my body, his eyes staring into mine the entire time, and I winced at how sensitive I’ve become. Going back over to the closet, Dylan pulled out a small key and walked over to me again. He hovered over my body, his incredible smell filling my nose, and unlocked the metal cuffs on my hands. They immediately dropped to the floor with a clang and Dylan didn’t even seem to care. Putting the key down on his desk, Dylan stood up straight in front of me.

“Let me ask you a question, princess.” He husked. “Do you think you’re a good girl?”

“Yes, Daddy.” I answered, bringing my hands over to settle on my lap. “I do.”

“Hmm, well, I happen to think you’re very very naughty.” Dylan murmured. “And do you know what happens to naughty girls, baby? They get spanked.”

Before I could even put together what was about to happen, Dylan harshly grabbed me and made me stand. My boyfriend pushed me down onto the desk, my ass sticking out for him, and he stuck his leg between mine to keep them apart. He slowly began to caress one of my cheeks with the palm of his hand and goosebumps covered my entire body.

“How many should I give you, babygirl?” Dylan teased. “Does ten sound good?”

“N-No, that’s too much.” I stuttered.

“Okay, then, ten it is.” He chuckled darkly and I mentally prepared myself for what was about to come. “Count for me, princess.”

Suddenly, Dylan lifted his hand and roughly slammed it back down on my ass cheek. The intense pain immediately making my hips bucker in response. The ache and pleasure shooting through me and landed straight in the bottom of my stomach, sparking the creation of a familiar knot.

“O-One.” I whimpered and, as soon as I finished speaking, Dylan spanked my same cheek again. “T-Two.”

He repeatedly smacked my right cheek five times in a row, my skin aching intensely with every hit. Everytime he would slap me, the knot inside of my stomach would become tighter and tighter. I knew that by the time he finished spanking me all ten times, that knot would break and I would be orgasming for the second time in this trailer. I was already a shaking, moaning and whimpering mess in his hands and, as embarrassing as it was to be so vulnerable to someone, I couldn’t care less.

Dylan rubbed my right cheek for a few seconds to ease the stinging pain on my skin before moving to my left and striking my ass again without any warning. My knees were wobbling and weak and if it wasn’t for his leg holding me up, I would’ve definitely fallen down my now.

“S-Six.” I mewled, my voice only able to come out as a whisper whilst he continued his punishment on me. “Seven, Eight, Nine.”

By the tenth strike, the extremely tight knot had snapped and spread an insane amount of pleasure inside of me. My vision blurred and went white as my orgasm dissolved in my blood and bones. My body jerked against the desk, my skin digging into the wood, and arousal immediately spilled out of me and ran down Dylan’s thigh. It didn’t matter that my ass was burning in excruciating agony, the pleasure was so much more powerful.

Dylan held onto my hips as I finished reaching my edge and came back down to Earth. His fingers creating tender circles on my skin.

“You okay, baby?” He asked me and I managed to bring myself back up, with his assistance of course.

“Yes, Dylan, I am.” I turned around with a smile on my face, wrapping my arms around his neck for stability.

“I wasn’t too harsh, was I?”

“No, you were perfect.” I shook my head happily, leaning in to place a soft kiss on his lips.

“Good.” Dylan smiled, his eyes no longer dark and now back to its gentle color. “It’s just, the way Cody looked at you drove me insane and-”

“I know, baby.” I interrupted him before he could finish, caressing the back of his neck with my fingers. “But, I’m not his, I’m yours.”

Dylan smiled at me with everything he had in him and I swooned at how beautiful he was. However, not just in the way he looked or in the way that he always manages to say things that makes me fall in love with him more and more everyday. But, just in the pure way that he is.

I hardcore headcanon that Ed became something of a mythical figure to the Amestrian military (and probably Amestrian public) after the Promised Day

Like immediately afterward he goes home and stays home to help Al recover, then travels the West as like a scholar, then settles down with Winry and has kids–it’s pretty obvious he never went back to the military at any point during that, and that he’s stayed well and far out of the public eye.

So what’s that leave the military with? “Hey you heard of Edward Elric?” “Oh yeah isn’t he that dude who passed the state alchemy exam at 12, punched God in the face, toppled the whole military coup with Fuhrer Mustang, and vanished? Yeah he had a cubby here for like…4 years.”

And with so many people knowing half-truths about what really happened in Amestris, I fully believe that hundreds of fantastically stupid and marginally correct rumors spread about Ed. “I heard Ed Elric met God twice.” “I heard he’s the only person to ever successfully break the core law of alchemy.” “I heard he’s a 4,000 year old prophet who discovered immortality and that’s why he’s so skilled.” “I heard he fought a tank.” “I heard God personally took his limbs away and that’s why he’s half-metal.”  “I heard he actually invented alchemy.” “I heard he once beat up Fuhrer Mustang with his own hands.” 

Like it’s the most central, prominent piece of small talk among new recruits–who knows the best little factoids about the child prodigy who hangs with God and saved the world and disappeared Jesus-style immediately after. Mustang walks out into press conferences, maximum security with reporters clamoring to lobby their questions at the leader of the entire nation, and somehow he always ends up with a flood of “Can you confirm?” tall tales about Ed.

“Fuhrer, is it true that Edward Elric discovered how to transmute his soul into a higher plane of existence and so he quit the military to achieve the status of a god?” 

“Edward Elric is a 32 year old man who lives in a farmhouse out east and raises sheep part-time. Last I heard from him he was learning how to make raspberry pie and trying to teach his daughter how to count to 7. Who the hell feeds you this information? Next Question

Here’s a little demo video for you guys that have been asking what is rosin and how it is made! Rosin can be achieved several ways, if you’re broke then starting with a hair straighter is always nice. If you can afford the higher end presses for maximum yield I would highly suggest @rosinbomb on Instagram or if y'all wanna peep their site! Their presses are god sent because not only do you not need any air compressors for it, it’s also extremely silent and doesn’t weigh over 60 pounds! Meaning you can easily bring it where ever you go and you do your squishing silently! Pouches are not required for pressing but they do help a lot with catching any flower particles that may usually end up in your rosin. First you break up your nugs into small pieces, not extremely small (do not grind your nugs either) a dime is a good reference to go off of how large your flower pieces should be (remove all stems from flower) Next you put all your broken up flower into your pouch, make sure you push all the flower to the bottom! If the corners are not packed then your rosin will not squish out all the way from the pouches, make sure the top of the pouch isn’t overflowing since you don’t flower particles in your rosin! Also make sure your pouch isn’t packed TOO tight or TOO loose- I feel like this is the hardest part for me. Get two square pieces of parchment paper, lay one down in the press and put your pouch in and make sure it’s aligned to where the actual ram lays, place your other parchment paper on top and squish away! I usually squish around 205-230 depending on how much I’m squishing and the quality of the flower!! If you guys want an in depth video showing everything I talked about above please just let me know 💞 don’t forget you can save 5% on your press as well as receive some free goodies to get you started with my code “shatterkitty” on their site

The Steve’s Auto Restorations body is built with a stock roof height and opening but employs a one-piece, 360-degree door ring pressing for maximum strength and consistent panel fits. Except for the front and rear nerf bars, all the car’s exterior trim pieces are stock ’34 Ford, including the taillamps and decklid handle. The pinstriping was laid down by Frank Galli.
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Photography: David Freers

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Do you ever think we should just stop this? Maximum Victory ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

Victoria pressed closer and kissed Max hungrily, nipping her lower lip and grabbing at her hair. For her part Max was kissing back with just as much fervor, fingers tangled in blonde hair and pulling her closer, pressing their bodies closer. With a shove Max toppled backwards onto Victoria’s bed, the blonde immediately straddling her and reclaiming her lips. 

“Shirt off.” Victoria growled against her neck. Max shivered and sat up, yanking her shirt off. Victoria wasted no time in kissing across her collar bones, leaving hickeys in her wake. “You. Are. Mine.” Max groaned and shivered at Victoria’s claiming kisses and possessive tone.

“Always.” she replied breathily. 

They lay together, naked bodies pressed close, Max nuzzled into Victoria’s shoulder, her chest rising and falling slowly. Victoria stroked sweaty hair out of Max’s eyes,an unusually soft look on her face. “Do you ever think  we should stop this?” She whispered, not actually intending to be heard. 

Max stirred, blue eyes opening sleepily. Pressing a kiss to her shoulder and rolling to snuggle more fully into her. “No. I don’t care if it’s selfish. I like being with you.” She replied, tracing her name  into Victoria’s smooth stomach. “I like the way you kiss me and the way you grab my hand and squeeze.”  Max shrugged. “I like this.”

Victoria rolled over and pulled Max into her body, the smaller girl curling into her body. Victoria  kissed the top of her head. “hey Tori?” Victoria hummed her acknowledgment, lips brushing across her brow. “I think I love you.”

Victoria’s breath caught in her chest and Max bit her lip.  Victoria tightened her hold. “I think I love you too.” she whispered.

Player's parental influence on fallen kids (part 1) or why Frisk wasn't born as kind from the start

Or how mika is struggling answering anon’s question rip

“Hmm about what Frisk and Chara think of the Player, again it’s gonna be lengthy. I dont know whether i should call this meta, headcanon or theory.

First of, Frisk.

Ok, i have this headcanon that the moment frisk “fell down” to the underground, apart some general knowledge, frisk doesn’t have any memory of their background. So pretty much as Chara, Frisk was a confused kid who doesnt know what to do or whats going on.

Do you know little goose and little ducklings? When they were born, they will “imprint” (or “inprint”?? I honestly dont remember). Basically the first thing they see in their life will automatically becomes their “mother”. Be it a mama goose, a human or even a toy, they will forever follow this “mom” around untill they get to think on their own.

Frisk is like those little ducklings. Whose their mom? Whats the first thing they see? Notice that the first thing they did when they stood up from that patch of flowers was to look straight at the fourth wall, look straight at US. The player. And probably Chara too.

Ohohoho do you see what I mean? Congratz! We became a mom! We and Chara…

That moment, Frisk puts FULL trust in our and Chara’s guidence. Frisk will do everything we tell them to do without any question.

Go left we command, theyll go left. Go right we say, theyll go right. Take another piece of candy, theyll do it despite feeling like “scum of the world”. (Its not chara telling frisk is the scum of the world. Chara NARRATES what frisk feels. But yeah they do comment “look what have you done”) Spare. Theyll spare. Flee. theyll flee. Flirt. Yep absolutely. FIGHT. Okay they will do it because you tell them to do.

“Wait do you mean that frisk is ready to fight and kill someone.” Yeah…
“But frisk is gentle and kind!” Can you wait for me a sec.
Bwahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha no.

Do you know that we can spare Snowdrake by letting Frisk telling him that noone will love him for who he is? (Again itisn’t Chara who tells Frisk to do it, Chara NARRATES what Frisk is doing to us Players) And do you know that we still can have a perfect True Pacifist ending even though we let Frisk just stand there and watch Monster Kid fall to death. It’s ok though Undyne saves them! And in epilouge instead of “shes mean” we will get “dont talk to me again”.

Idk about you, when i see chara as a human not a demon, i also see frisk as a human not an angel, a push-over human who can become loving but can also become..ehm…violent.

Remember in Undertale, unlike monster soul, human soul doesnt need compassion and love to exist. No, im not saying Frisk is a psychopath/sociopath/whatever. It means that as much chara isnt born to be evil, frisk isnt born to be kind. 

Kindness, compassion, love. To monsters, it is something to be born with. To humans, in both undertale and the real world, it is something to be LEARNED from outside, from family, friends and the world around. Our personality is the result of interACTion between ourselves and the world outside. (Actually idk how to say this exactly in english, but basically this is what we learned from school :v ) And we also learned that human’s personality isnt fully formed until like… 20s or 30s years old?? Or 40s i cant remember. just think about it. Think about what kind of person we were 10 years ago and the person we are now. For me myself, its a whole lot difference.

What I am trying to say here is that, like every young child, Frisk’s character and personality at the beginning of the game isn’t fully developed (and isnt “rigid” either) until later, thanks to the Players choices.

In the true pacifist run, the choices we make, the reactions from the monsters, these feed Frisk and Chara’s Red soul with compassion and love. Thanks to that Frisk learns of love, Chara feels love AGAIN. 

Thanks to that, Frisk has their own character development. Remember after we burned down Undyne’s house and we have a little battle with her. No matter what we choose, be it Fight or Act, it only does her 1 damage. “But isnt it because her def is super high?” I was thinking about that too but then I remembered that she actually FELT the attack was very weak. “Like Frisk what are you doing here I pressed like maximum level of fight why didn’t you tried your best like usual??” Remember that last blow with Asgore? It should have killed him but no. Who held back?  That’s some subtle sign. Oh but look at this. Remember when we told Frisk to laugh or to heckle Snowdrake’s mom but they DIDN’T. Remember when we click FIGHT with amalgamates, asriel and lost souls, it’s always a MISS. No we Player didn’t miss, but Frisk did. Intentionally. Do you think thats because Frisk finally disobeys us the Player and refuses to fight? “Like mom, you’ve been teaching me about MERCY by giving mercy to everyone even Flowey and now you want to me to fight them ohohohoho no. -_- “ Frisk still listens to us but now has the voice and thinking of their own.

In no mercy route, however, we make Frisk a killing machine. Fight. Fight. Fight. Love? Hahaha they don’t see it anywhere, they haven’t seen it anywhere because we didn’t show them at all. Love and compassion in that run became a completely alien and foreign thing. Killing was “too much” (check the music file in the game named “mus_toomuch”). But they still trust us. They still need to follow our commands. So they coped with that by distancing their feelings, becoming numb. They became empty and a nothing like a puppet. Their own personality came down to almost a zero.

Back to anon’s question. Frisk thinks the Player as a… role model, a parental role sorta who they fully trust.” 

And now to Chara…. which I will talk about it much much later because *wheezes* aaaaaaarrrrggghhh but theres too many stuffs i wanna talk about them like how the Player affect them and how they trust us the player in the end of true Pacifist route or how significantly we affect chara when we cheat sans during no mercy run by proving how we are DESPERATE to gain power and LOVE afjsbsjsbksbskbsksgis actually i almost spoiled the whole thing.

But again this is how I see things though, you can totally have the insight of your own about it but I was like super duper want to share this thoughts because I haven’t seen anyone talking about it yet and it stuck in my head like a freaking leech that prevents me from drawing anything uhhuhuhhu

Seventh meeting

As promised, a little longer this time. We are getting to the good stuff!

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Being as quiet as she possibly could, Hazel prepared another pot of coffee. She usually only drank one half herself, but she figured she would need at least twice that to fill the soup bowl that had served as Tobias’ cup last night.

Taking a sip from her own mug, she shamelessly studied the tiger asleep on her couch. Tobias looked almost comical on her small couch, his limbs too large to fit on it all at once.

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So I picked up Avengelyne #1 from a bargain bin during SIS14. For a book that’s arguably a 90’s “bad girl” book Avengelyne is more like a sword wielding Belldandy than Xena. Decided to take a little break from comic pages and commissions and draw something completely different.

I never lived through the extreme 90’s foil cover era so the thing is a pretty neat artifact in either way.

Manga Studio, Photoshop.

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The PR guy is pictured in a few shots as Louis is getting into the car too, I'm not sure if anyone pointed that out. He probably made sure it was set up in a way to get Louis maximum press.

Oh yes indeed. That’s his job and that’s what he’s doing 100%. 

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do you know approximately when this denial will be dropped? it's nearly 2am here id like to sleep hahah xx

Usually M&G are around 3-4p for an artist, and if they’re smart they’ll nip this before then. I’m assuming around 1-2p PST (4-5 EST / 9-10 BST).

TO BE CLEAR: That doesn’t mean it will happen today; but if it is going to, that would be a great time to do so. They’ve sat on things longer than a day before, and this has been getting them maximum press. I don’t know what their end game is.