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Just found out Wong Kar-Wai’s next film is a biopic about Yip Man, Bruce Lee’s mentor/grandmaster who taught him kung-fu; with Tony Leung as the lead. And that dude from the “Six Days” video (and a few other WKW films) Chang Chen, might be playing Bruce himself. The female cast also includes WKW regs Briggite Lin and Zhang Ziyi.

A Wong Kar-Wai kung-fu movie??? This could be either super amazing or the artsiest kung-fu movie ever made. Either way, WKW + Bruce Lee is all sorts of win.

EDIT: This is yet another WKW film without Christopher Doyle as the DP. More like Wong Kar-WHYYYY?!?! :(

New Edition
Heart Break

Ricky Bell wins this photo with his I’m-too-cool-with-my-Wayfarers-on-with-my-matching-red-and-black-socks-to-go-with-the-Jordan-III’s-but-I’m-also-deep-because-the-hand-on-my-hi-top-fade-makes-me-look-like-I’m-contemplating-something-in-addition-to-resting-my-elbow-on-my-knee-exposing-all-this-man-leg-allowing-me-to-make-this-forced-pose-while-everyone-else-is-standing-pretty-much-normal look.


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