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atrast-nal-tunsha replied to your post: roo got me back on my iggy salt and now i caN’T…

I’m guessing I don’t want to know? I think I stopped after Dylan came on board.

oh no my canon stops after book three let me give u the salt

(under a cut bc i tend to ramble abt this)

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prog bands as classic Spongebob quotes/scenes
  • Yes: "what could be better than serving up smiles?"
  • King Crimson: "now you must acquire a taste for free-form jazz"
  • Emerson, Lake & Palmer: "is this the part where we start kicking?"
  • Genesis: "the inner machinations of my mind are an enigma"
  • Pink Floyd: "just the three of us. you, me, and this brick wall you built between us."
  • Jethro Tull: "not when i shift into MAXIMUM OVERDRIVE"
  • Rush: "it sounds like someone... WANTS TO SELL ME SOMETHING!"
  • Van der Graaf Generator: A L O N E
  • Barclay James Harvest: the scene where Spongebob gets jelly from a jellyfish like it's a cow

By accident, my sister came across these Doctor Who Series 9 videos by TheUnknownTechnician: some of the most extremely sad moments without the music. This means you hear every movement made. You’ll hear every breath, gasp, sigh, and any other emotional sound at maximum volume. This is like standing in the same room and witnessing the powerful acting between Peter and Jenna. The first one I watched is from Face the Raven when Clara discovers she’s going to die, and she does her final farewell speech to the Doctor. Listening to Peter’s panic breaths and Jenna’s rapid gasps was so difficult to sit through. :(

So let’s play some more! :D Here are other videos in chronological order:

Doctor Who | “I’m The Doctor, and I save people!” Speech Extract

Doctor Who | The Doctor’s Zygon War Speech Extract

Doctor Who | Clara’s Death Scene Speech Extract

Doctor Who | Heaven Sent - “How Many Seconds in Eternity?” Speech Extract

Doctor Who | The Doctor Forgets Clara Speech Extract

So this whole, “Demisexual” thing…can we talk about it??? Because reading about it, I’m like, “Fuck, that would explain a lot.” I hate casual sex. I always have. I’ve tried it and it’s always ended badly. I don’t want a friend with benefits, that sounds confusing and hurtful. I don’t understand how people start having sex before they build a relationships. That makes no sense to me?? Like, why would that be a thing?!? I’ve met a lot of really traditionally attractive people that just don’t do anything for me because their personalities are not quite my cup of tea. I’ve never had sexual fantasies about anyone that I didn’t know closely or haven’t already had sex with. (It always felt awkward and wrong to fantasize about anyone I wasn’t actually going to have sex with or that wasn’t aware I was having them.) I’m great at sexting. Not because I love it, but because I straight up spent years asking questions about people’s sexual preferences and what thrilled them and now specifically choose words that I know will illicit maximum response. It sounds really un-sexy put that way, and it sort of is? (Because it doesn’t turn me on most of the time, I just thought it was a thing that people do for a long time, so I was like, alright, I’ll try the thing.) I feel like I’ve spent a lot of my life trying to pretend like I’m okay with things I really don’t like because I always felt like something was wrong with me for not liking them. I’m not sure how I can simultaneously come off as a Dominatrix and a prude, but I’ve somehow managed it? 

Dating is really hard also, because I think I mentioned that I’ve discovered that I’m a HSP (highly sensitive person,) and though I often come off as confident and put together, I’m just a sad ball of mush hoping that someone will eventually fall in love with me. I’m more relationship driven than career driven, and love, to me, is the ultimate relationship. I’ve always thought that sex was the easiest part and never understood why people get so bent out of shape about sexual compatibility. Won’t getting to know a person tell you if you’re sexually compatible or not? A lot of things are teachable, and those that aren’t you can feel? Doesn’t everyone pick up on vibes like sound waves? I hear with my body as much as with my ears, that’s probably why sex feels so intimate and daunting and I don’t want to do it with anyone that I don’t trust. So maybe I’m not a Demisexual at all? I really don’t know.

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Prompt #4. “Is that my shirt?” - Young Sully and Marlowe. Please?

[i hope this is alright! I’ve never done this ship before, and honestly never written Marlowe in a fic so hopefully it’s not too ooc!]

Victor Sullivan was usually better with the ladies. Spilling a drink on his lady was not what he’d had in mind for his one date opportunity, but here they were. By chance, Katherine Marlowe had arrived in the city the night before his flight out, and had been in the bar below his motel room when he’d come down for a drink.

Now he was sitting alone at the table while she searched upstairs for a new shirt; her blouse soiled from an enthusiastic swing of his beer after one of his jokes. She had been extraordinarily unimpressed, and he worried what the mood of the night would be on her return. He suspected that the ruined item had been worth more than his motel room.

When his panic had reached nearly its maximum, the sound of a door opening alerted Victor to Marlowe’s return. Still dressed in her slim black slacks, she was now sporting a rather flamboyant pattern button-up that was a good few sizes too large. She was also sporting a very disgusted expression on her face.

“Is that my shirt?” Victor said, an eyebrow raised. Kate wearing one of his shirts willingly was one of the last sights he thought he would see. Then again, willingly was probably the incorrect word to use.

She lowered her gaze at him. “I think I should be asking if this is your shirt - you look like a street merchant!”

Victor gaped in protest.

“Well excuse me, darling, but I actually like my sense of style! You didn’t have to put on the shirt.”

“I disagree - every shirt in your wardrobe is an abomination. I had no choice.”

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Big Bang: Signs Ups Closed - Grace Period Open!

Here are the positions we currently have open!

Artist - Provide One (1) Piece of Art For A Story

Maximum of 7 slots are open! Must be willing to read explicit works!
Again, you do not have to draw something explicit.

Cheerleader - Cheer On A Writer! Emotional Support and Sounding Boards!

Maximum of 7 slots are open! Must be willing to read explicit works!

The link to sign ups is at the bottom of the schedule.

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How would the guys play horror games? And, maybe how would they react to being jump scared? And, also, maybe, if they had to choose, what game would they play?

hey! we’ve done the boys’ reaction to jumpscares here!  ╰། ◉ ◯ ◉ །╯

How the guys play horror games:

Noctis: He acts cool on the outside, appearing to not be phased by the huge enemy that’s currently coming after his character. After the chase scene is over though, he has to put the controller down and wipe his sweaty hands on his pants.

Prompto: Prompto goes into the game not expecting it to be all that bad. After all, it’s just a game and it should be less scary than a horror movie, right? That all goes down the drain when the first chase scene happens. He’s screaming the entire time and has to pause the game.

Gladio: He takes the game really seriously, playing with all the lights off and the sound at maximum volume. Sometimes he gets so into it he doesn’t realize when someone else comes into the room. Go hard or go home.

Ignis: He really tries to take a strategic approach to the game, observing the enemies’ patrol patterns and checking for an opening where he can sneak past or attack. Ignis is also really good at keeping his composure and not freaking out when he’s in a tight spot.

What game they would play:

Noctis: He does fairly well at action games, so Dying Light is a good choice for him. The free-running aspect of the game allows a lot of freedom. Noctis also likes RPG-style horror games, like Corpse Party.

Prompto: He does considerably better with action/shooters than with flat-out survival games, so the Silent Hill series is completely out of the question. Games that have co-op options, like some of the Resident Evil games, or Left 4 Dead, make things a little less scary since he has someone helping him out. 

Gladio: Games where you can just destroy hordes of enemies is right up his alley, like Dead Rising or Dead Island. Gladio likes the challenge or choosing to fight or to run, and crafting his own weapons is a fun aspect of the games too.

Ignis: Ignis is into survival horror games, like Outlast. The strategy involved with watching carefully and avoiding enemies is really enjoyable to him. Silent Hill is also a good choice for him, due to the psychological aspect that keeps him guessing.

Kazue Kato’s commentary on Kinzou

Could it be…? It is! The last of Kazue Kato’s mini interviews on Blue Exorcist characters from the character book! The rest are here. Enjoy!

Kinzou Shima


Why is Kinzou in a band? Because he thinks it’s cool. And he plays the shamisen because he had to learn it when he was little. I imagine he was a really hyper kid, so his mom made him go take lessons and then he ended up really getting into it.

By the way, Nirvana Strider is made up of a shamisen player, a guitarist, a bassist, and a drummer. To compare them to somebody famous, I’d say they sound like Maximum the Hormone, but much harder to listen to. I couldn’t come up with a decent band name, so I just threw in a Buddhist word and called it good. I would have liked to call them something even crazier! (laughs)

I hadn’t originally planned to do the bonus chapter with the concert, but I got a pretty big response from readers after they found out that he was in a band from his profile in the tankoubon. I think most people were imagining a visual kei type rock band, so I wanted to take the chance to come clean and say “I’m sorry, it’s actually a hardcore metal band with screamo and a shamisen…” (laughs) It seems like people have taken a liking to Kinzou too, so I’m on the lookout for a chance to bring him back!


Anonymous asked: how are things in the mind palace as of late?

Anonymous asked: Have Char and Johann told everyone they are a couple? Or was everyone able to figure it out on their own?

Turns out, the doctor and his Prince haven’t been all that discreet. It’s probably fair though, given what they’ve put up with in the past; even if Hannibal isn’t quite big enough to see the greater, ehm, poetic justice.

(mindpalace2k15​ a reality show-esque ask blog + story lines - where several verses all come together and live in a big house. Shenanigans ensue. Feel free to leave them your asks and influence the story!)  

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⁂ (for Sonata, for maximum angst)

The gunshot sounded like a too-noisy drum to her. That’s what she told herself it was. And the moment of pain she let pass through her like water. It didn’t matter. She had pushed Aria out of the way. It meant this Aria would be safe and she wouldn’t lose her again. Before she knew what she was doing, she had lifted the heavy machine gun from the trunk of the car and aimed it at their assailants, even with the black, watery blood flowing from her heart and her shattered gem. And the bullets rang out in all directions, taking them all down, her eyes a blood red and glowing as she obliterated the threat. 

But when they were gone it sank in that the bullet had run through her. Not just her heart but through her back too and breathing was labored. She fell to her knees and coughed. She thought she could smell the burning flesh of her foals again. Something she swore she would never smell again.

“Aria…” she spoke up, tears peeking out. “I don’t want to go in the dark…”