maximum ride (manga)


If you dare to read this story, you become part of the Experiment. I know that sounds a little mysterious- but it’s all I can say right now.
- Max

Happy National Book Lovers Day!

7th grade, middle school. The 2011-2012 school year was a life changer for me in many ways. One of them being in my English Lit/Comp class we were required to do a thing called silent reading: read a book for the first 10 minutes of class and record it on a reading log. At that point, I was at the prime of my hard core otaku stage and all I would read is manga. There were times before that I would attempt to read an actual book but I would never finish. With the encouragement of my teacher (who I owe so much for many things), she allowed me to take the time to browse through her classroom library for a book that would spark my interest.

Eventually I stumbled upon a small trade paperback novel titled Maximum Ride by James Patterson. Fun fact, at that moment I remember my older sister reading a book of that series a year or so before then and that was actually the reason for me to give it a try. 

I didn’t know what I was gonna get myself into, I really really didn’t but by the very first page I. Was. Hooked.When those 10 minutes of silent reading were up, I did not want to stop. I asked my teacher if I could read it until the end of class, I still didn’t want to stop. I asked her if I could read it during lunch, I still didn’t want to stop. I asked her if I could borrow it to finish it during the weekend. By that following Monday, I was on the second book that I borrowed from the school library. 

For the rest of the year, I was all about Maximum Ride. I re-read them multiple times because I loved it that much, including the manga adaptation (I was basically on cloud nine the fact that my favorite book series is also a manga). I highly anticipated the release of the supposed last book that Summer (eventually finding out there was one more 3 years later). Basically I would not shut up about it.

Despite how the series ended (bless books 1-3) and despite how I may not love the series as much as I did, Maximum Ride holds a very special place in my heart. The story of Max and the Flock was what got me into reading books. It showed me that there is so much more than manga, that a good story and amazing characters don’t have to be within a graphic novel. Not only that, it sparked my interest on writing; by mimicking Patterson’s style with the way he wrote Maximum Ride, I created and developed my own unique writing style that not only entertained my teacher but my classmates as well. 

No matter what anyone may say about the Maximum Ride series, it will never ever change my feelings about it and how much it has done for me as a person and as a reader.