maximum height

anyone who believes dick grayson is taller than 5'8 and koriand'r is shorter than 6'5 is a Fool and a Coward

My heart honestly aches for Taylor and the continuous hate she has to deal with. Taylor does nothing but live her life, remains mature, poised, and level-headed. But for some odd reason, people feel the constant need to seek out something she is dong wrong. This girl can be washing her laundry and you’d find reason to tell her she’s doing it the wrong way. I think Taylor has finally come to the sad conclusion that no matter what she does, there is always going to be some ill-mannered and callow individual who will attempt to bring her down. And because she’s always stayed silent regarding issues involving hate, and not giving you the reaction you so desperately desire, it just proves to show that your only motivation behind all of this is jealousy. You have absolutely nothing against her because she has never once given you a negative reaction. But what I have also realized, is that while you bash her for her every move and go on and endless ploy in search of her “wrong-doings” , she still continues to climb the charts, to reach maximum heights of success, and live life on her own terms. All this criticism only results in more of her number one hits, and more attention for her. And although she is a human and still feels hurt by some of what is said as expected, it still doesn’t reach or affect her like some of the world wants it to. So all in all, she’s gaining more attention, success, and you don’t hurt her. And might I ask you then: Who is the real winner here? You, a person who lives their life obsessing over someone else’s? or…. Taylor, the girl who only continues to reach higher levels of fame, success, and a has fan base that grows faster than you can ever come up with an indecent clickbait article? hmmm.

/easternstretch review

hi its iggy and today i will be reviewing the 7 fuckin’ dolla emote /easternstretch

lets see what it has to offer to my /gpose experience

1. The Sneeze

allows my character to sneeze into their elbow. good addition. i’m glad my character is finally able to show some proper hygiene. 

2. Look At My Friend

wow!!! i can finally bend over and coo at my paissa without having to play dead. i’m in love! great! highly recommend!!!

3. ?????

i’m still figuring out what this is. if you figure it out, please DM me. 

4. Tipp Toe

in case you didn’t feel tall enough being over 7 feet in your fantasy MMO, look no further. finally, you too, can continue to make your shorter friends neck strain as you continue to ascend into maximum height. 

Final Score: 8/10

great addition to my emote collection. can see my character using this time and time again when they need to sneeze, and also a big fan of being able to bend over to look at my precious paissa pal.

pls don’t forget to like, favorite, and subscribe. thanks

u can make jokes about Peridot turning into a gremlin but u know the opposite of that?

The Diamonds are the literal opposite of this because they keep getting bigger and bigger.

When Yellow Diamond first showed up, I tentatively matched her around around (or slightly above) 20 feet or so. My basis for this was Yellow Pearl, who is the same exact height as Crystal Gem Pearl (based on the fact that they are Pearls). Pearl is shorter than Garnet but not significantly so, and Garnet is goddamn tall, so much so that she bends down to get through doors. Doors are, on average, 6′8 high, implying that Garnet is upwards of 7 ft at minimum. So I figure that Pearl is probably on the tall side by human standards, at least 6′5 but probably moreso.

Yellow Pearl, standing up, was about the size of YD’s knee; so I guessed she was maybe a little over 15 foot. Further appearances made me change my mind, and I guessed her to be several feet higher.

Now, with recent episodes emphasizing their height to maximum effect, that seems a very conservative number

the Diamonds get bigger and bigger, one day they’ll need seperate planets for each foot to stand on, why did they even need the Cluster

He goes through three random duffel bags before he finds what he’s looking for. Just as he’s about to make his move, Katsudon decides it’s the perfect moment to take a break from practicing the fastest step sequence anyone’s probably ever attempted and come off the ice to hang out for a bit before I meet Victor for lunch, it’s been a while since it was just us. And of course he immediately zeroes in on the lighter in Yuri’s hand, because there is a helicopter parent trapped inside Katsudon’s chubby ass that finds every opportunity to come out and make Yuri’s life a waking nightmare. 

“Yurio,” Katsudon gasps, positively breathless with disappointment. He looks like he’s two seconds away from crying, turning himself over to the police for gross negligence, or both. “Have you started smoking?”

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These are the Calvert Cliffs, in Calvert County, MD on the Chesapeake Bay and the Patuxent River, for which bluff erosion is a serious problem (up to 2 feet a year are lost). Given that Hannibal is set in the DC metro area, and the discussion of bluff erosion, these are the most likely (and only real viable) setting for the final scenes of 3x13. At maximum, the height of these cliffs above the waterline is 25m (82ft). (These are the highest waterfront cliffs within a several hundred mile range)

Cliff diving generally takes place at heights between 18m-45m, though with the wrong angle and/or too shallow water, a height of 6m (20ft) is enough to break bones.  Most often deaths from heights of 50ft and above are attributed to panicking upon hitting water, gasping for air and inhaling water, and the length of time it takes to surface from depths of up to 30ft. Hannibal makes a point of mentioning the erosion and depth of the water, so it is not at all unlikely that they would survive the fall, even with poor entry, though likely sustaining some damage from the impact. Also, neither Hannibal nor Will are likely to panic, and Hannibal is shown to be a strong swimmer. So. Yeah. They survived (and didn’t even need murder wizardry)!

Inbar-Gienger Talks Technique

I have decided to start a series (as titled), explaining certain skills and their technique after the popularity of my post on Morgan Hurd’s roundoff back handspring technique that I did yesterday. I am still learning as a coach, but I thought I could offer some insight to the best of my abilities. As requested, I will be analyzing Alyona Shchennikova’s double layout off bars, and pointing out why hers just looks a little bit off.

Lets start with when she releases the high bar. The first step in a good dismount (besides the technique of the giants that precedes it), is letting go when you are essentially as vertical as you can get. This will give you the most “lift” in your dismount and the most height, equalling more airtime. As you can see below, Alyona lets go of the bar when she is pretty much close to horizontal with it. This decreases her airtime. She is also piked when she lets go of the bar, which also minimizes the lift she can get.

Compare the above picture to the one of Kyla Ross. 

Kyla lets go of the bar with a nice straight, stretched body (well, hollow actually but my screenshot depicted her as straight when she was in the middle of changing shapes). This allows her to extend upwards, getting maximum height. 

Because Alyona is already giving herself less time in the air, she has to change from her hollow (in her case, piked) shape to initiate the rotation of the double layout more quickly. She is already loose to begin with, and this problem just furthers when she initiates the arch. 

Compare this to Kyla’s, who maintains a slight arch throughout the whole skill. 

Next, lets look at landing position. Because Alyona is short on airtime, she has to pike down in order to get her feet on the ground in time to not fall. 

Compare this to Kyla’s, whose chest is upright on the landing.

There are other issues with Alyona’s DLO but these are the main ones. To summarize, hers looks very jerky because of the lack of flight time, which causes her to “whip” her DLO around and then have to severely pike down for the landing. 

Requested by @theimaginatorifunny and anonymously

There’s a special place in my heart for Blaziken, the first pokémon I ever received when I started playing my first pokemon game (Look at me now, Professor Birch). Blaziken was the original fire-fighting type starter before it was cool, and with its strong legs, fierce kicks, and recent Mega-evolution it is quite the force to be reckoned with.

According to the pokédex, Blaziken can jump over a 30-story building in one leap. 30 stories is roughly 90 meters, or 300 feet. This is nearly 50 times Blaziken’s own height. The world record high-jump held by a human is a 2.45 meters (8 feet). There must be something going on here other than a simple jump. So what makes Blaziken such a high flier?

We’re going to start small, by looking at a creature with a maximum jump height of 18 cm (7 inches). At first this would seem pathetic, until you realize this creature is flea, who is barely 3mm tall themselves. Fleas can jump 100 times their own height.

Jumping this height takes a lot of energy, and a lot of push. Part of their magic lies in a special pad in their legs, made of a springy protein called resilin. This leg-pad stores energy during their jump. While the flea is bending it’s legs and starting a jump, the energy isn’t going directly into pushing the flea off of the ground. Instead, the energy is being stored in the leg-pads, “charging up” to be released all at once, kicking it high and fast upwards. Some studies report this sudden acceleration to be over 400 times the acceleration of gravity.

The rest of the question, then, is how they get that energy into the resilin. The answer is the flea’s knees, and if you thought bee’s knees were cool, fleas have “multi-jointed” hind legs. It can push with its toe, its shin, and its knees, which together act as a lever to store all of that energy into the resilin pads. It was shown that a flea’s lower leg, the toe and shin, are covered in tiny claws used for gripping the ground. In other words, while jumping, the flea actually holds onto the ground as tightly as it can, which allows it to store up enough energy to jump to great heights.

Blaziken is a bit larger than a flea, but the idea is still the same. In order to jump a 30-story building, Blaziken’s legs must be able to store up a large amount of energy before sudden release – 45,864 Joules (11 Calories) of energy to be exact, if Blaziken wants to jump 30 stories high (assuming perfect efficiency). This is basically the energy you spend from running or weight-training for a minute nonstop, only Blaziken does it in seconds. It can only get that much energy by gripping onto the ground tightly before its launch.

Blaziken’s legs must contain spring-like tendons made of resilin, which stores up energy before a jump. Blaziken grips tightly to the ground when pushing off of it, and while doing so “charges up” the resilin pads, releasing the energy all at once when Blaziken jumps.


The Paris Gun of World War I,

On the morning of March 21st, 1918 a explosion was heard across Paris.  There was neither the report of a gun nor the sight of enemy aircraft.  Over the course of the day another 20 shells exploded around Paris, with no clues left as to what had fired or dropped the explosive weapons.  At first, it was thought that the explosions were from bombs dropped from an advanced high altitude zeppelin.  However, Allied air reconnaissance planes quickly discovered what was assaulting the city.

81 miles east of Paris, a monstrous rail gun was sighted firing west.  Nicknamed the “Paris Gun”, the rail gun was a creation of the Krupp factory, famous for making big artillery pieces for the German Empire since the 1860’s.  The Paris gun originally started its existence as a worn out 15 inch naval gun mounted on a battleship, which was refurbished with inserts that reduced the caliber to 8 inches (later rebored to 10 inches).  Germany had much bigger guns in it’s arsenal, however the purpose of the Paris gun was not to have overwhelming power, but extraordinary range.  To enhance the gun’s range, the barrel was lengthened from 16 meters to over 34 meters.  In fact the barrel was so long that the Paris gun had to be rigged with a crane for support, lest the barrel kink under its own weight.

The performance of the Paris gun was impressive, bombarding Paris 81 miles away with 234 lb explosive shells. Its range was so great that gunners had to compensate for the Earth’s rotation (Coriolis effect) in order to fire it accurately. The maximum height of a shell’s ballistic arc reached 25 miles, thus the Paris gun holds the record for launching the first man made object into the stratosphere. Because of its lengthy barrel, the Paris gun achieved a muzzle velocity of 1,640 meters per second, or 5,400 feet per second.  Muzzle velocity was so great that the fired shells would wear away the inside of the barrel.  Gunners noticed that the Paris gun slowly increased in caliber as they were firing it.  The Germans were even able to calculate the rate at which the barrel was being worn, and to compensate, Krupp issued the gun with progressively larger caliber shells to be fired in a specific order. Krupp also supplied 7 replacement barrels as well. Altogether than gun and railway carriage weighed around 256 tons.

Since it was originally a naval gun, the Paris gun was manned 80 German Imperial Navy sailors who were experienced in operating similar naval guns.  Between March 21st and August of 1918, the Paris gun fired 367 shells at a rate of roughly 20 a day.  As a result of the shelling 250 Parisians were killed and another 620 wounded.  The worst of the shelling occurred on March 31st when a shell hit the St-Gervais-et-St-Protais Church, collapsing the roof and killing 91.  While the Paris gun had a long range, it was not very accurate, firing shells at random places all over Paris.  Thus, the Paris gun was employed as a terror weapon.  In terms of its effectiveness, the Paris gun was found wanting. Excessive amounts of resources and time were needed for the gun’s maintenance. In addition, the Paris gun’s 234 lb shell was not that powerful, there were many guns in German and Allied arsenal’s which were much more destructive.  Of the 234 lb projectile, only 15 lbs of explosives could be fitted into the shell.  Thus the explosive power of the shell was minuscule compared to its weight.  While the Paris gun was a wonder to behold, or a terror weapon to be scorned, it did little to turn the tide of the war.  In August the Paris gun was withdrawn as Allied forces advanced towards Germany.  After the war the gun disappeared, although it is thought to have been destroyed for scrap metal.  

Out of Context Video Game Comments

“Fuck physics, I have a pogo-stick!”

“You run on spring. Not the season.”

“His head is like, the size of a beach ball. It represents his ego.”

“I don’t think anyone has ever driven a car up Everest. That would be impressive. I’d clap.”

“I’m just a man with a stick. Don’t judge me.”

“Maximum height for maximum fall.”

“I’m the king of goats.”

“I wonder if the train would consider me a threat.”

“What the fuck just happened? Yeah okay, let’s pretend that’s normal.”

“I just wanted to surf on a train!”

“Oh sweet mama Jesus.”

“Where’s the pogo-stick, I lost the pogo!”

“Where’d he go? He just got like, eaten by the truck.”

“Catch me if you can, neener neener neener.”

“It’s my shit, I can blow it up if I want.”

“Fuck gravity.”

“I don’t want the porta-potty anymore.”

“You want my autograph? No. You’re dead to me.”

“Don’t question me. Let me kick you.”

Too Fat to Fight

By mrs momona © 2017

 February 1, 2004 

I was just discharged from my National Guard unit last week. It was kind of hard for me–I joined the Guard when I was 17 and a half and a senior in high school, and now at age 21 I had been with these guys for more than 3 years, one weekend a month and for two weeks each summer. If it was left to me, I wouldn’t have left the Guard, but I had no choice. Regulations, they said. Yeah, right. 
The story goes back to Valentine’s Day, 2003. That was the day I married Sue, my high school sweetheart. I considered myself real lucky–I had a beautiful wife and her family (father, mother, two sisters) liked me. My family (father, mother, two older sisters) liked my wife. I had a good job working for my father-in-law, bringing in good money and my National Guard pay meant that my wife and I were pretty comfortable financially. 
I had started working for my father-in-law right when I graduated from high school. He owns a construction firm, and I started at the bottom–digging ditches at first while I learned how to operate the equipment. By the time of my wedding, I was a crew leader, working with the guys under the formal direction of the foreman. I knew at some point I’d be promoted to be foreman, and then to a management position in the office, but to be honest with you, I wasn’t looking forward to it. I liked the hard physical work and being in the open air. 
The hard work every day meant that I didn’t have to do anything to keep the same muscular build I had when I graduated from high school. When I got married I weighed 165, with 6-pack abs, good sized biceps and pecs, and big thick quads. At 5'9" tall, I was in great shape. 

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i’ll always hc that dirk is pretty tall (he’s about 5'11) and he’s taller than all the alpha kids bc roxy and jake are tiny and jane is 5'9 so when he meets dave who is ALSO 5'9 hes like. Maximum Height achieved- until he turns around and sees massive bear John and his whole world crumbles under the weight how fucking wrong he’s been this whole time. he’s dumb

[Sidon x Reader, Nail Polish]

   Summary: Sidon walks in on his s/o painting their nails. He’s like ???? 

It was an unusually cold day in Zora’s Domain. With it being tucked away in a crater, the temperature only dropped. To add to it, water was flowing everywhere and it was impossible to not get wet. The Zora didn’t seem to mind though.     You, on the other hand, were absolutely freezing. So today was an indoor type of day. Huddled in a corner and wrapped in blankets, you sat comfortably with a small fire blazing under the cooking pot. The sweet smell of a stew filled the air, it’s savory aroma wafting up and out surrounding the domain. There was only one problem now. You had to wait at least an hour while it simmered before it was ready.   

So, to fill the time, you decided to break out the nail polish and paint your nails. Being a traveler it wasn’t the most practical thing to do, but it always looked nice when you were finished. Once you decided on a color, you got to work.  

 "Darling,“ the soft voice of your lover called, “I was wondering what your plans were for the next few days as I’d like to-” he stopped upon entering the room.     

You had been dating the Zora prince for quite some time now. The two of you met at the Wetland Stable when Sidon was searching for a Hylain to help him calm the Divine Beast. He was excited when you offered and wasn’t disappointed when you found the job was more difficult than planned. Actually, he praised your bravery and insisted you stay awhile to see the domain. After all, he was impressed that you managed to get some shock arrows from the lynel. You had been sneaking through and around bokoblin camps for years, so only having one foe to avoid was a breeze. After that, you continued to pop by and the prince took interest in you. Before you knew it, you were a thing.     

“What are you doing?” He implored, kneeling down in front of you. His hand reached out and gently lifted the small vile of polish to his face.     

“Painting my nails.” You smiled while flicking the brush down and watching the vibrant color add an unnatural pigment to your finger.     

“Painting your nails…” He pondered, eyes crossed from how closely he held the bottle to his face. “Why exactly are you doing that?” His eyes flickered to your hand. “Oh! I see!”     

Sidon held his hand out and you placed yours in his. “It must be a form of protection! Just like our scales and armor, this keeps you safe.” A smile spread across his face as he thought highly of his assumption.    

“No Sidon,” you giggled, “this is just for show. It’s like a decoration.” You dipped your brush back into the bottle.    

“Oh.” He tilted his head. “Well I very much like it.”    

“Thank you.”    

“Do you think-” he pursed his lips and lowered his head as if embarrassed at the thought. “Do you think you could- uh…” The flustered prince scratched his head.

“Do you want me to paint your nails too?” You watched as the pink flush left his porcelain skin. His golden eyes lit up immediately and his head raised back to its maximum height.     

“Yes! We could match!” He smiled widely.    

“The red is almost the same color as your scales.”    

“Did you choose this color thinking of me?” He chuckled.   

 "I always take such things into consideration!“ You leaned forward and kissed his nose, the pink flush returned.    

The night was spent painting your nails and enjoying the stew you made. Sidon was ecstatic when his claws were dried and he could show them off.     

"Would you look at this! Well, of course! I do agree the red does match me. Thank you very much!” The next day the chill faded and was replaced with perfect weather. Sidon got out and was showing off his claws to everyone in the domain. He wouldn’t directly show them, but did make it quite obvious that he was adorned with a new fashion statement.    

 "What did you do?“ Link leaned toward you and spoke. He watched the Zora Prince explaining the concept of nail polish to the others.     

"Painted his nails for him.” You smiled, heart warming as some of the children held onto his hands. He was so happy about something so small.    

 "Why?“ Link asked.    

 "Treasure?” Sidon looked up and locked eyes with you. “Can you spare a moment to show the children? They want their claws done too!”     

“Because he’s pretty damn cute.” You pushed yourself away from the railing you were against and headed toward the crowd of excited Zora.

Finally spilling the tea about my AMBW relationship

Hi everyone,

My name is Sapphire, I’m an 18-year-old college student with an amazing Boyfriend. So a little back story here, I’ve always loved the idea of being married someday and I have a personal goal of being married by at least 21 years old. I know how that sounds to some people, but it just a me thing and I’m sure other people have that goal too. So this is where the story begins.

 After another failed relationship with a decent guy, I was venting my frustration to my good friend Jessica. She was trying to make me feel better when she offhandedly said I should try online dating as a joke. At the time I laugh, but then two days later I was looking at dating sites searching for my future husband. The first few weeks were tough, I was putting in preferences, Ideal types and trying to make myself look good on the internet. And since my preferences where so strict the sites I were using were having a tough time looking for my ideal guy.

 "Well, Sapphire, what were your preferences?“ I hear you asking, well here’s the sparks-notes version.

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I know a relatively common HC is that Sportacus fears thunderstorms and thunder and all that

but what if he actually got struck by lightning once and that’s where the fear comes from?

What if the accents on his costume are plastic because when his bracers were metal, the strike scarred it into his skin

what if, afterward, he went through the long recovery road where he had the fractal scarring, mood swings, metal allergy, the sleep disorder (narcoleptic sport anybody?), all that stuff?

What if he risks his life pushing the airship to its maximum floating height just so he can be above the storms that roll in?

What if Robbie’s lair is the only place in town where he feels safe from it because it’s buried deep underground?


The Oie-Hou light tank of the Xhan empire is a drastic departure from the conventional designs used by most other nations. Being cast out of just a few rough parts means the vehicle is simple to produce in large numbers. Tanks of the xhan empire are both ridiculed and feared for their crude organic appearance. They are refereed to as “potatoes” by Djil soldiers this lighthearted nickname perhaps downplays the fact that Xhan tank divisions are known for their overwhelming numbers.

Xhan armored vehicles of past the 10 ton mark forgo wheels and caterpillar tracks for a primitive hover system. Using Magnetic rock tilting engines these vehicles expend very little fuel in exchange for being difficult to control. Maximum hovering height is 1 meter, capped controllable speed is 20 kph for the Oie-Hou. It must be run into the ground to break or stop quickly.

The Oie-Hou is a reliable vehicle, even if the magnetic tilting engine is damaged or runs out of fuel the crew can still manually tilt the Magnetic engine. This means even heavily damaged tanks can avoid death due to mobility kill, albeit with great effort on the crews part.

Xhan drivers tend to be quite liberal with their driving and have no qualms ramming into enemy positions as they have no delicate external components to damage. This goes hand in hand with Xhan military doctrine, as it tends to focus less on positional warfare and more on overwhelming enemy forces with sheer numbers.

The Oie-Hou is well protected for a light tank with all around armor ranging from 45-50 mm. It is armed with an internal elevating 45mm cannon and ball mount light machine gun.

Crew consists of 3 people.


Gotha Bomber Plane

In the autumn of 1916 the Germans began to equip with the Gotha twin engined bomber.  Of a pusher layout, these aircraft could fly at 15,000 feet, above contemporary fighter’s maximum height.  With a range of 800 km (500 miles) and a bomb load of up to 500 kg (1,100 lb), the Gotha’s were designed to carry out attacks across the channel against Britain.

A group of four squadrons was established in Belgium, and they carried out their first bombing raid towards the end of May, 1917.  This 22 plane sortie, against the town of Folkestone, caused 95 deaths.  In mid June a force of 18 Gothas attacked London in broad daylight.  They were met by over 90 British fighters, but not one Gotha was brought down.  This bombing raid caused 162 deaths.

On the 7th of July 1917 over a hundred defensive sorties were flown against a 22 plane Gotha raid.  In this case one Gotha was shot down, and three were damaged, at the cost of two fighters shot down by the Gotha’s defensive gunners.  It was only when the RFC began to equip their home defences with Sopwith Camels that the Gothas began to suffer serious losses and were forced to switch to night attacks

Gotha G.V Stats

Top speed: 87 mph (140 km/h)

Range: 522 miles (840 km)

Weight: 6,038 lbs (2,739 kg)

Wingspan: 78’ (24 m)

Length: 41’ (12 m)

First flight: 1915

Engine type: Mercedes D.IVa

anonymous asked:

Helloo! May I have a scenario where Tsukishima is telling his s/o who is a third year to stop coming to see him during class breaks because she gets too much attention and it makes him jealous if that makes sense? I love your blog btw!!!!

It’s been a while since I’ve written Tsukishima (so I hope I got it right), but it was still a lot of fun. Always fun to write the sass-queen. :D Enjoy!

“But Kei,” her gentle voice so firm that it surprises him a little, “how else am I going to get your lunches to you?”

“You don’t have to,” Tsukishima protests rather feebly, “you’re not my mother, you don’t have to keep on making those for me every day.”

“But you like them, don’t you?”

She looks so incredibly earnest as she asks that Tsukishima, ice-prince extravaganza, has to do a double take and reconsider his reply. The rotten truth is, he does like them. They’re the best thing he’s ever tasted, and he’s a firm advocate for her pursuing a culinary career after high school. His mom wasn’t particularly happy to hear that her cooking had been put in second place, but there’s never saying no to her son for her.

Very much like his situation right now, interestingly. His girlfriend always had a tough streak that props her core up no matter how soft and kind she’s to everyone (to his chagrin). Many a time has Tsukishima been told that he doesn’t deserve her, she’s just too nice for an asshole like him, and he rather has to agree.


“Oh,” he fumbles, ‘cus shit, he doesn’t want to stop eating her lunches but- “it’s just- is there another way?”

“Are you asking me to set up a smuggling ring just to send you your lunches without me showing up at your classroom?”

“Could you?”

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