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Sorry putting this out late because I had a final before Christmas Eve but, I hope you all had a great Christmas this year. To those who don’t celebrate like I do, Happy Holidays and wait til New Years.  





This is my second year and Halloween Fanart Crossover I drawn. Life is Strange with Luigi’s Mansion and Nintendo Land Party mix in it. Sorry I had to rush this, but enjoy do as always.
[2014],  [2015]


For real though Michael Clifford deserves to be happy and if I’m being honest, his decisions about how to achieve maximum happiness do not need to be scrutinized by millions of people. He’s worked extremely hard to be as happy as he is right now, let’s not ruin that with pettiness.



I drew this thanksgiving differently and will be keeping this format as a tradition for future thanksgiving.
[2014],  [2015]

What a lovely traditional feast, am I right?

What about a Corpse Bride Victuuri AU? I was thinking about the movie last night and hey! The main character is shy and nervous! Ends up engaged to someone more open and bubbly! There’s someone named Victor! The main character’s dog died!

Okay so, Yuuri is arranged to marry Yuuko, who he considers a good friend but…just really doesn’t want to marry. For maximum happy ending potential, Yuuko feels the same and is in love with someone else, but their families have arranged this marriage and neither have much say in the matter.

So Yuuri is stressed and nervous about the wedding and keeps messing up badly at the wedding rehearsal because his heart is just not in it. So he goes off into the woods to try to practice his vows because he’s disappointing his family and Yuuko and he doesn’t like this situation but there’s no getting out of it, so he might as well try not to make a complete fool of himself at the wedding, right? He goes out to the woods to practice his dancing anyway when he’s stressed out, as that’s his real passion. He feels at ease out here.

So, you’ve seen the movie, he’s practicing his vows, feeling a bit better, and to practice, he puts the wedding ring on what he thinks is an old twig sticking out of the ground, but…it was actually the skeletal hand of a young man who froze to death in these woods long ago. Yeah, it’s Victor. The Corpse Groom. He’s been stuck there for ages, ever since the lover he was planing to elope with ditched him and left him waiting at their meeting spot until he froze to death, and woke up as a corpse with a broken heart, vowing to wait until someone came along to love him and marry him properly.

And then along came Yuuri! Victor had secretly been watching him dance in the woods for some time now, as he often came near the spot where Victor’s body was, and he fell in love with the wonderful way Yuuri moves. And now, what luck! Yuuri said his vows to him and put a ring on his finger and now Victor will be free from his miserable lonely years of waiting and they’re going to get married and live happily ever after!!! So to speak.

Yeah, except Yuuri is 100% freaked out because this very cheerful dead fellow just popped out of the ground and scared him so badly he fainted, and then woke up in the land of the dead to find his apparent fiancé showed off his ring to everyone and gushing about how wonderful Yuuri is, oh look, he’s awake! Good morning, darling! I was just telling everyone how you proposed to me! It was so romantic! Are you excited about our wedding? I certainly am! Oh, why are you so pale?

And then Yuuri tries to find a way back to the land of the living, while slowly warming up to Victor, who’s a lot less terrifying when you get past the fact that he’s dead, and is actually quite charming and kind when he wants to be…but still, Yuuri has to go back, right? He can’t stay here!

Cue misadventures with Yuuri trying and failing to get back, Victor getting his feelings badly hurt because he realizes Yuuri was trying to leave him, misunderstanding and drama until Yuuri finally realizes that he’s happier with Victor than he ever was before and agrees to marry him properly. But instead of Yuuri dying to be with him, the Power of Love or whatever magic what-have-you brings Victor back to life so he can have a second chance with Yuuri in the world of the living. Yuuri learns that Yuuko was in love with someone else and is very happy that their arrange marriage won’t be happening after all, and Yuuri’s family does want him to be happy in the end and blesses the union between their son and his previously undead groom. So everything ends happily! The end!

Let’s be honest though

Alolan Raichu is so great

It gets all the checks on the list.

Eyes filled with pure joy and are literally the sky with a happy sun peeking out at you letting you know this is it this is the Pokemon that’ll never fail you.

  • Tiny nose for booping.
  • Big ears that look like they came out of a pastry shop.
  • Pancake colored body.
  • Maximum floatyness.
  • Most happy smile.
  • This raichu has actual digits for maximum high fives.
  • It has a belly that you can poke look at that tummy.
  • Best surfing buddy.
  • Excellent battler.
  • Definitely looks like a team player.
  • Probably very soft to hug.
  • Because they are floating you never have to bend down to hug them they can just float right into your arms.
  • A friend to all.
  • Impossible to hate look at them they’re like the Lucio of the Pokemon world they are just filled with joy and enthusiasm and will support you and have your back.

Finally decided to make growing cards out of my research in companion planting!

The “yes” list indicates the best plants to grow with, the “no” list indicates the worst plants to grow with. Don’t stress too much about the yes, because that’s for best results, the no list is the primary focus. If it isn’t listed it’s considered an “okay” or “adequate” plant to grow with.

The suns indicate how much sunlight a plant needs. A full sun indicates a plant that needs at least six hours of sunlight per day. A partial sun indicates a plant that should get less than six hours of sunlight a day with four being the preferred maximum amount.

Happy gardening!