No, Ryou, the spirit in your Ring knows the answer XD; Pegasus did know that all the Items possessed an evil intelligence, but he only told Yugi that and not Ryou.

I’m kinda sad the Ryou-investigates-the-Items idea went nowhere. it could’ve been interesting to see, especially in interactions with Yugi, Pegasus, Marik and Ishizu. (Or Shadi if they ever met before the Memory World. Hmm…)

I found more characters’ favorite/least favorite foods! Weevil has…. interesting tastes.

Duke Devlin:
Favorite food: Chinese cuisine
Least favorite food: Vinegered food

Mai Valentine:
Favorite food: Penne Arrabiata
Least favorite food: Durian

Maximillion Pegasus:
Favorite food: Wine and Gorgonzola cheese
Least favorite food: Squid

Marik Ishtar:
Favorite food: Koshary
Least favorite food: Meat dish

Ishizu Ishtar:
Favorite food: Om Ali
Least favorite food: Meat dish

Bandit Keith:
Favorite food: Steak
Least favorite food: Sushi

Mako Tsunami:
Favorite food: Fish dish
Least favorite food: Shiitake

Rex Raptor:
Favorite food: Tayoyaki
Least favorite food: Bell pepper

Weevil Underwood:
Favorite food: Bee larva
Least favorite food: Meat dish

Espa Roba:
Favorite food: Pizza
Least favorite food: Umeboshi