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This is Kiwi, she’s a Maximilian Pionus Parrot
I just took her in from a home that kept her in a small cage for her size with no toys but a clump of poop covered cage. The owner wanted to get into bird breeding and was very misinformed about many of the aspects of both parrot keeping and parrot breeding. However this post isn’t really to trash talk this birds previous owner but to find information. All I want is to find this birds original owner I hate not knowing anything about her including stuff like age, gender, name. This bird would’ve been rehomed somewhere I think around October/November with two blue headed pionus parrots in the Spokane Washington area. This bird is insanely sweet and although she is very nervous and scared she has to have a had a very loving home at one point and I would love to get into contact if by some miracle the right person sees this

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How's Gumshoe? Where is he? Is he okay? Does he have a dog? I need answers.

You mean Detective Gumshoe, correct? He’s fine, living rather peacefully in town. And yes, he does, indeed, have a dog.

Recently he has gotten a new K-9 in training that he has named Missile. A rather adorable puppy, if I do say so myself… I see him walking Missile around town rather frequently. Or just holding him. He does seem to have a fondness of just holding him. I fear that the puppy will end up being too spoiled and not cut out for being a trained K-9, with how Gumshoe seems to pamper him. (Not that I wouldn’t do so myself… Who doesn’t want to spoil a dog?)

Questionable Ethics

How long had he been out there?

“About fifteen minutes, not that long. He wanted to make sure he get up there before the temperatures got too unbearable. If he likes the surface so much, why did he become a physicist other than a military official?” Giving information to Maximilian Grey’s whereabouts, the lower sector scientist simply moved to go along his day, not wanting to get chewed at by his director.

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Focusing his lens, Maxi softly inhaled and continued to look through the window to make sure the picture wasn’t too blurry. Once he got it in focus, the older scientist took a few pictures and inhaled lightly. Hearing footsteps directly behind him, he couldn’t help but to smile lightly. “Nice of you to stop by.”

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- Suddenly Benjamin Sadler doesn't exist anymore. Who is Johan's faceclaim? -

God why would you do this to me 

I don’t even know, because Benjamin is so perfect and he’s in all the right movies in all the right time periods and I can never un-see him as my Germany now but… gah, probably Felix Maximilian ?? 

Here’s some pictures of him

I’ll never replace Benjamin tho like… ever

Lucas Cranach the Elder (1472–1553
A Stag Hunt with the Elector Friedrich the Wise, 1529
oil on lime
Dimensions 80.2 × 114.1 cm (31.6 × 44.9 in)
Current location: Kunsthistorisches Museum

In the background there is a town and to the right a castle complex. In the centre of the foreground is the Elector Friedrich the Wise, further to the right is the Emperor Maximilian I. and on the far right Elector Johann the Steadfast. As neither the Elector Friedrich nor the Emperor Maximilian I. were still alive in 1529 it must be interpreted as a visual mementos commissioned by Johann the Steadfast to recall a hunt, which may have taken place in 1497 when both the Saxon princes were guests at Maximilian I.’s court in Innsbruck.