maximilian s

Lucas Cranach the Elder (1472–1553
A Stag Hunt with the Elector Friedrich the Wise, 1529
oil on lime
Dimensions 80.2 × 114.1 cm (31.6 × 44.9 in)
Current location: Kunsthistorisches Museum

In the background there is a town and to the right a castle complex. In the centre of the foreground is the Elector Friedrich the Wise, further to the right is the Emperor Maximilian I. and on the far right Elector Johann the Steadfast. As neither the Elector Friedrich nor the Emperor Maximilian I. were still alive in 1529 it must be interpreted as a visual mementos commissioned by Johann the Steadfast to recall a hunt, which may have taken place in 1497 when both the Saxon princes were guests at Maximilian I.’s court in Innsbruck.