End of the Cycling Season '11: 1. Best mountain stage in La Vuelta?

I liked the one to the top of the Anglirú. Actually that one was waaaay too steep, and you could see many favourites getting it very hard. Especially Wiggins and Nibali. But Cobo finished it off like a boss. Also, I think Froome could have won the Vuelta, if he hadn’t had to ride for Brad. He was a lot stronger, and maybe he could have stayed with Cobo then… but yes, that are the conversations afterwards… Cobo won, and I think he deserved it.

Also this was the stage where Maxime Monfort showed what a big bloke he is…. Finally our commentators didn’t only talk about Jurgen Van den Broeck. They realised there are more people in Belgium. :) I love Max!