From infusions and tinctures to oils and salves: The basics of herbal healing and the beginnings of any potion

Decoction: A decoction is needed to extract the deeper essence from harder substances such as barks, roots and stems. Place the raw materials in a pot and fill it with fresh water. Simmer uncovered until the water lever is reduced by 1/3. Strain the resulting liquid to remove particulates then drink or use as needed. Infusion: Pour freshly boiled water over the desired herb or planar matter, roughly 8 ounces of water per teaspoon of dried plant parts. When using fresh herbs roughly 3 times as much is required. 

Oil: Place flowers, herbs or other plant parts in a sealed glass container. Fill the container with an organic oil (ex: Olive, sesame, etc…) until it is an inch above the material being used. Place the bottle somewhere warm for 2 weeks, next to a stove while cooking, on the mantle, a sunny window sill, etc. Upend the container daily to ensure the oil saturates the material. 

Ointment: Heat 2 cups of pure lard to frying temperature. Add 4 handfuls of crumbled dry herbs or 6 handfuls of chopped fresh herb to the lard. Stir to to blend and let simmer for 1 minute. Remove from heat, cover and let sit over night. Reheat until liquid then mix in 4 tablespoons of an organic oil, this will prevent it hardening to much. Squeeze through a cheese clothe to remove solids and store in a crockery or glass container. 

Salve: Mix 3 ounces of finely pulped plant parts, 7 ounces of lard and 1 ounce of beeswax. When thoroughly mixed simmer over low heat in active red pot for 1-2 hours. Remove from eat and allow to cool. 

 Tincture: A tincture uses alcohol to extract the properties of a herb or plant. Loosely fill a glass container with fresh or dried herbs and add some sort of food grade spirit (ex: vodka), vinegar can also be used for certain ingredients. Cork or otherwise seal the container and leave somewhere warm for 2 or more weeks. 

 *Information from “Healing Teas - How to prepare and use read to maximize your health” by Marie Nadine Antol. 

**images from google.


Here is part of my work on Marvel’s Rocket & Groot (Guardians of the Galaxy). I designed ships, backgrounds and I painted the main establishings of the episodes.

I worked six months on this show at Passion Paris, with a great team : Arnaud Delord (direction), Maxime Mary (character design), Nelson Domingues (concept background), Blue Spirit did the animations and Fortiche did the compositing.

Check the show here for US people and here for French people.



When I was at Headless, I worked for Nickelodeon on the short My Friend Pancake. It was very exciting to do key backgrounds. Character Design was done by Maxime Mary and Caroline Lefevre. It was the first time that people from “Nickel Chrome” work together before we create this collective.

You can show the short here =>

… beneath the diadem of the sovereign, one saw the smile of the mother; … she was there at Fontainebleau as at Versailles, leaning over their cradle, attentive to every movement, watching their sleep with tenderness, alarmed at the smallest illness … following with a vigilant eye and enlightened solicitude their physical, intellectual and moral development.

… There is not a letter to Marie Antoinette’s friends, not a letter to her brothers, which does not abound in details of the health and a thousand incidents in the life of her dear little ones.

–The Life of Marie Antoinette by Maxime de La Rocheterie


Finished my latest baby blanket. It’s actually a car seat cover (as you can see in the pattern photo).

The pattern is from Mary maxim…but to be honest I didn’t like their shell stitch and went for a standard one. And also when I was ready for the dog…well I just didn’t like it.

So here is the funny part - I asked the mom to be what her favourite animal is and she replied “hippogriff” she apparently meant it somewhat as a joke but I took it seriously. My first reaction was a f*^!ing hippogriff how am I suppose to make that!!!! But then I did some Pinterest and Ravrly searches and thought ok I can make this happen.

I am so glad I did. Look at that hippogriff it’s perfection!

anonymous asked:

What is NHI Han Solo up to on Father's Day?

Hello anon! Thanks so much for asking! Here, have this quick snippet of a Father’s Day in the life of NHI Han Solo.


Han likes a steak, sure, he loves Chewie’s cheeseburgers, but he has a real thing for plants, and this tickles Leia. He grazes around Alder Glen like some big animal while he works, scoffing not only fruit and berries but chard, kale; he likes to chew stems of mint the way other men gnaw toothpicks. One crisp, lovely October afternoon when Grace is one, Han decides he’s going to replace an old fence on the edge of the land, near Chewie’s huge garden. Leia bundles Grace into the Mary Maxim jacket and hat knitted for her by Dot and they go along with him; cuddled in blankets in Millie’s bed, Leia curls around napping Grace, drinking tea from a Thermos and reading The New Yorker. Ah, the pleasure of chilly air on the face when the rest of the body is thoroughly warm! As her daughter snuggles closer, contented, Leia is struck by such a wave of happiness that she looks up to see if Han shares it. Across the field, her husband is cheerfully stomping through rotted wood, an earth-furred carrot in his teeth. Like some general’s cigar, Leia thinks, and has to hide her laughter in her sleeve to keep from waking the sleeping baby. 

So for Father’s Day 1961, Leia takes Grace out early in the morning, while Han is still asleep, to hunt wild strawberries in the meadow. Leia brackets her daughter on her hip as she scans for the dark green, shiny leaves, for flashes of red in the tall grass. Grace exults when they find the first: berry berry berry! But it takes so long to find the next ones that Grace is soon frankly bored, hates being held, wants to go back. Leia lets her run ahead as soon as they are out of the sea of grass; Grace is off on the long legs inherited from her father, rocketing towards the cabin. Dad! Dad Dad Dad. 

Leia gloats, a bit, over the bowl of strawberries. Han will be thrilled. The yield is small but these rare finds are so much sweeter than the ones the supermarket manager gives out as samples. Grace gets to surprise Han with this treasure, a responsibility she takes extremely seriously. Gravely she inches around her parents’ big bed, carrying the littlest bowl from the nesting Pyrex set between her palms, four perfect dewy berries inside. 

From deep in his pillow, Han makes a bearish snuffly sound. Grace freezes, her gray eyes so wide that Leia snorts gentle laughter. Clutching the bowl to her chest, Grace raises a stern finger to her lips at her mother, who bows her head in contrition. When Han settles, Grace tiptoes forward again. Now Han gives a woof, paws blindly around, scoops Grace up. Grace shrieks in delight. 

“Aha! My breakfast!” Han growls. Grace squirms and howls happily as her father nibbles her elbows and knees, her toes. 

“Trawbe–” is all Grace gets out before Han says “Pretty sure these are raspberries, Gee,” pressing his lips to her tummy and loudly blowing. She is helpless with giggles, feet flailing. Grinning, Han releases his daughter, takes the bowl from her. Eats a perfect berry, eyelids sagging in joy. 

“Thank you, Baby,” Han says seriously, a catch in his throat as he smooths a wisp of her russet hair. Just as seriously Grace nods back. He kisses Grace’s nose, which she ignores, raiding his bowl.

“Go on, you little bandit,” Han says softly, lip twitching, as Grace methodically devours his gift. “Give one to your Mama.”

“No,” Grace sighs, pulping the last precious berry in her fist. Han gives a vaudeville goggle of disbelief, more comical for being genuine. 

“Happy Father’s Day, Hotshot,” Leia gets out, through her laughter, and crosses the bed on her knees to kiss him. “Enjoy your bowl of air and jam.”

When Han says thank you, Sweetheart he is laughing too, Grace’s head cuddled to his chest, his eyes on Leia’s the tender, glossy green of leaves. 



When I was at Headless, I worked for Nickelodeon on the short My Friend Pancake. It was very exciting to do key backgrounds. Character Design was done by Maxime Mary and Caroline Lefevre. It was the first time that people from “Nickel Chrome” work together before we create this collective.

You can show the short here =>

She was not a guilty woman, neither was she a saint; she was an upright, charming woman, a little frivolous, somewhat impulsive, but always pure; she was a queen, at times ardent in her fancies for her favourites and thoughtless in her policy, but proud and full of energy; a thorough woman in her winsome ways and tenderness of heart, until she became a martyr.
—  The Life of Marie-Antoinette - Maxime de la Rocheterie
  1. Yesterday William Gibson very graciously retweeted and replied to my tweet about the enigmatic cow cardigan he’s wearing in the Paris Review’s photo of him and his wife circa 1973.
  2. Then Neil Gaiman retweeted it.
  3. Then I got a few polite corrections from some Gibson/Gaiman followers on the subject of my mistakenly saying “woven” instead of "knitted”. (How embarrassing!)
  4. Then a couple of people kindly tweeted back at me with the actual vintage knitting pattern (Mary Maxim No. 446 Holstein Cow Men’s 4-Ply Cardigan), which pattern seems to be occasionally available on eBay and Etsy, and which reveals a surprise cow on the garment’s back. 
  5. Perhaps my dream of finding cyberpunk cow cardigan reproductions on Etsy will now come true.
  6. I got three terrible Gibson/cow puns and one good Gibson/knitting joke out of this: Moouromancer, Cownt Zero, The Guernseyback Continuuum, and, of course, Pattern Recognition.