Q: How do you want to go?
Ben: Well, there’s the real version and the muck-around version. In the real version I just want to be around people I know and love, get a bit silly, have a bit of a laugh, and a bit of “Jeez, we had some good times” and whatnot. In the other version I would get all the ladies that have been on the covers of MAXIM and be in a lovely room with lots of pillows just rolling around. 

Q: What’s your greatest achievement during your time on Earth?
Ben: Longevity. Sticking around and being able to keep on doing what I’m doing.

Q: What’s the greatest Ben Mendelsohn scene that never made it on screen?
Ben: Ah… um… [ sigh ] f–ck. [ Long pause ]  Look, unfortunately they’re too X-rated, even for MAXIM.

– Ben Mendelsohn for MAXIM Australia, Feb 2017

Wow apparently the setting of Free! is before 2008. According to the Free! Creation Notebook vol.4, that’s the reason why the characters don’t use smartphones and the animators took special care to avoid electronics such as computers and tv that could date the story. And it’s because long jammers are banned in tournaments since 2009 and men’s swimsuits can only maximally cover the area from the navel to the knee, so Rin and Makoto and Sousuke couldn’t have been wearing them in the anime.

We can still kind of date the series by the phones they use though. Mobile phones became ubiquitous in Japan since the 90s, much earlier than the west. But 1999 is when they first have internet access and color screens.

This is Nagisa’s phone from season 1 episode 9, with color screen and internet access, so I’d say it’ll at least have to be 2000 or later for a high school student to casually own one of these models.

Can we talk about how dreadful Rei’s phone looks lol.

Makoto also uses a generic slide phone that dominated the Japanese market along with flip phones (which peaked at 2007 before smartphones took over).

Haruka has a similar phone too but in a different color.

In the next screencap you can clearly see there’s an ipod-looking music device:

The first generation ipod, first design of its kind, was released in 2001. And that model looks like it’s an ipod nano from 2005.

So I think we can conclude that Free! and Free!ES took place some time during 2005-2007 (or 2001-2007 if you assume that ipod is first gen). UPDATE: Apparently the tournament Rin and Haruka competed in was the 2009 World Aquatics Championship at Foro Italico in Rome, where long jammers were last used in an official tournament. Here’s a comparison post of the venue by @matsuoka-lin (thank you!). So there’s a good chance that they graduated in 2007 (since the notebook specifically noted that the show is “before 2008″) and competed as pros in 2009. :)

So if they were 17-18 in 2007, the youngest possible age they can be, they’d be 26-27 by now. :)

Also honorable mention of these playstation wired dualshock controllers from 1997 (Makoto probably never updated his console lol):

And the fact that Makoto DOES own a smartphone! The first iphone was released in 2007 so it’s entirely possible :)

ok @chamiryokuroi.  

MCU Tony’s romantic past is canon + he probably slept with Rhodey at some time.

MCU Steve’s romantic past is probably Peggy (and Bucky).  

What about AU Tony?  and AU Steve?  I feel like AU Steve possibly would be very much the same.  Not a very colorful history, but what I really need to know is if AU Tony slept with all 12 Maxim Cover Models including the December twins?

anonymous asked:

she doesn't have any talent she's just an anorexic average model why is she even inspiring you because she's stick thin and is breaking her back to fake an ass . Just tell me a few reason why she inspires you. She's as fake as every single instagram model. i bet you wont reply to this because there isnt a single reason to create an fanpage its sad that you waste you're time on her

I wasn’t going to reply to this because I dont like wasting my time trying to justify myself / prove myself to people like this but since you challenged me I guess I have to reply now lol.

- Motivation
- She motivates me to work out, push myself, and take care of myself. It’s not about being stick thin, she’s incredibly fit and takes pride in that. I know I will never have her body type and I’m fine with that, but making health and fitness a priority is something Alexis inspires me to do. (She’s recovered from her eating disorder)

- Her Work Ethic
- She’s been working since she was very young, she’s struggled, she’s done a lot of it alone and yet she has never given up and has continued to push herself. Everyday she wakes up and works towards her dreams.. she’s accomplishing so much and I’m so proud of her.. her attitude and drive is definitely something I look up to

- Confidence
- She’s proud of who she is, she’s comfortable in her skin. She’s had the confidence to share herself with millions of people. There’s nothing wrong with loving yourself, she’s showed me that it’s possible to be proud of who you are and that it’s nothing to be ashamed of

- Independence
- After leaving a toxic, abusive relationship she’s definitely blossomed into a strong independent women. She reminds me that you can stand strong on your own and your happiness should come from within, not reliant on someone else. You are more than enough as you are and you don’t need a significant other to prove your worth. She reminds me to value myself enough to not settle, and that no one is worth being treated poorly

- Being Vulnerable
- She’s opened up about her personal struggles. The loss of her mother, her toxic ex, her eating disorder. She’s the perfect example that it’s ok to be honest, so many people feel like they need to present a perfect image about themselves and their life.. Alexis used to do that.. she made everyone think she had it all- the body, the boyfriend, the crazy amazing life.. but now she’s being real. She’s showed us it’s powerful to be vulnerable, to share your struggles and the lessons you’ve learned. It’s ok not to be ok, and that there’s nothing wrong with expressing what’s really going on

- Strength
- Throughout everything she’s gone through she’s still been strong. I currently have someone very close to me who is extremely unwell, knowing that although Alexis lost her mom, the fact she has still managed to build an amazing life and career for herself gives me hope. She’s basically done it all on her own.. she wasn’t born into this, she’s not a reality tv star.. she’s a 20 year old girl, who started at he bottom and worked her ass off through everything else to get to where she is

And hmm she has no talent, ok then. She’s also a skilled ballet dancer, a designer and company owner (ren active) she has her own makeup line collaboration. She’s been signed to various agencies, worked with tons of successful brands, been on the cover of maxim… she’s successful, she’s worked hard and been smart enough to brand herself and make something of herself… oh plus she’s a bad ass skater and has recently gotten into the acting world so 🖕🏼🖕🏼🖕🏼 and you know what’s sad? How you took the time out of your day to hate on someone you don’t even know. No one is forcing you to look at this Tumblr, so why are you? If you think someone running a page about someone they look up to is sad well… take your lame, bitter bs somewhere else :)

One Rule

Genre: Smut, pure smut
Word count: 3199
Description: “I want this evening to be about you. I want you to enjoy this. There’s only one rule - no touching. Understood?” 
Understood, the only thing is - this might be harder than you first thought.

Warnings: Mature content
Author’s note: Since this is only my first ever one-shot published on here pls don’t be mean to this lil bean cause I still don’t know what I’m doing, feedback is appreciated though! <3

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“Are you ready?”
The corner of your mouth curved upward at his words, an affectionate smile appearing at your lips.
“Tae,” your hands reached out to cup his face, “I’ve been waiting for this all day.”

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Some Favourite Jäger Moments

This is very very long. There are just too many great moments with jägers and I love them all too much. Most of it is under a readmore but if you open the readmore it will be jägers forever.

This was the moment I fell in love with jägers on my first readthrough. It’s awkward and funny and sweet. Gil’s being given a hard time by Klaus and it’s one of these monster soldiers that takes the time to reassure him. In, you know, a particularly monstery fashion.

Considering how tense poor Agatha has been it’s really nice to see her relax. And get fed! Maybe it’s some Heterodyne instinct or maybe she can just tell they like her, but she’s more at ease around these giant toothy constructs than around the students. And she’s not wrong to be.

I just laughed out loud finding this one. It’s so ridiculous and dramatic and actually really clever. Dimo uses some very precise wording to get the point across in a way only another jäger would understand.

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