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Important objectives.
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Important objectives.

anonymous: For Bing: How would you comfort your ‘user’ if they were distressed or upset?

You are asking of my comfort protocols. I am programmed provide security for almost every situation, but the details of my care will vary from circumstances.

But for most instances, such as moments of distress or sadness, I will construct a place of solitude such as a blanket or pillow nest where the distressed can be by themselves and relaxed. From there, if they wish, I can provide physical contact to further maximize the process of relaxation.

Regardless of any circumstance, I will not cease in my activities until optimal levels of serotonin are achieved or until I have received other indicators that my user has reached peak satisfaction levels.

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“I’m sorry, I’m so, so sorry, Will-” he repeated again. “It- It just fell out, I didn’t notice.” Maxim was in the process of carefully picking gum out of Will’s hair. Somehow, he had accidentally spit it out in Will’s hair, and he hadn’t noticed when it got mixed in in a gooey, sticky mess.

“I think it’s almost all out,” he said as he picked out another piece of pink gum. “You don’t hate me, do you?”


M13 by Don McCrady
Via Flickr:
M13, the Great Hercules globular cluster, taken through the SVS130 and STL-4020M. 3 hours total exposure, 1 hour per red, green, blue filter. Processed in Maxim/DL and Photoship CC. Final image upsampled 2x.