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"We love you guys as much as you love the show. If not more!" - Kat McNamara

and the whole fandom went full on Emeraude mode

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Thank you Shadowhunters Cast & Crew

I just wanted to say thank you on behalf of the fandom to the wonderful cast and crew of Shadowhunters. Thank you so much for all of the bts pics, videos, tweets and info we’ve been getting about the show. Thank you for making us feel involved. I know a lot of the fandom have been really ungrateful, but we are so lucky to have an awesome and understanding cast and crew. 

I’m sorry i’m really bad at this stuff but I feel like a lot of the fandom doesn’t realise how lucky we are. Next time we get a bts pic don’t complain about how it’s not identical to the book, just be grateful that the crew/cast have chosen to share it with us because it would have been very easy for them not to post the pic.