Sadly this is all I have for Higurashi pics from Anime Boston so far.

 We did a shoot but I don’t know how soon we’ll get them, so I figured I’d share these at least ♡

 Might gif the video, too ○~●

 Mion Sonozaki is me u.u 

Keiichi Maebara is maxieyi-marz 

Rena Ryuugu is traumaticcandy


She was the light of my youth
My only real life
Ruined by different views
Like a holy knife

                                                                     Twenty orbits later
                                                                     Then I met her at dawn again
                                                                     Nothing left in common
                                                                     We hardly tried to set us free

She said:
All you’ve been to me
People would be happy to be
Into the water
Into the sea

                                                                     I love you to the end
                                                                    Tell me tell me
                                                                    Who’s the man on your side
                                                                    Who’s your light now

I love you to the end
Tell me tell me
Who’s the man
Tell me who’s the man


 (Cosplay: Umineko no Naku Koro Ni - Beatrice x Battler)

CREDITS: Photos (1)(2)(3) - Lazzaro Stiudios, Photo (4) - IceQueenSerenity, Photos (5)(6) - FirstPerson Shooter

SONG LYRICS: “Love you to the End” (And One)


Psst. We uploaded a Higurashi cosplay video onto deathgodmilitia from Anime Boston 2015. I’m sorry to all my friends who weren’t there to be involved. You will see why.

This was not edited by us. This was done by this awesome guy we met at AB who goes by SaSSY Presents on youtube. We were given permission to upload this by him during the con. I just edited it to only have our part since I felt awkward about uploading the other cosplayers onto our youtube without their permission :\ 

Please see the source video for all the other wonderful cosplayers!:


Video filming and editing by SaSSY Presents (@youtube)

Keiichi Maebara is maxieyi-marz

Rena Ryuugu is traumaticcandy

Mion Sonozaki is me, redustrial-ruin



Please watch & reblog if this is true and/or has happened to you. 

Credit: ConAwareness & Maxeiyi (Youtube)


Everyone made it clear that they wanted a response to redustrialmaxieyiopinions, so here it is. It’s long, but if you could take the time to send an ask, comment or complain, you can take the time to listen to how I really feel and what I have to say. 

I hope this clears things up, and I won’t say anything further on it, because everything you need to hear is in this video.