Are you tired of looking at misogynistic comic book "art"? Do warped female proportions in mass media have you longing for the sanity of accurately-sized body parts? Then these are the blogs for you!

Escher Girls

“This is a blog for pictures of female characters in impossible or ridiculous poses or with disturbing anatomy because the artists need to show teh sexy.”

Maxi and April

“We like to post pictures of us going naturally about our daily lives every wednesday and friday. At 4pm.”

Less Tits ‘n Ass, More Kickin’ Ass

“Editing comic book covers, pages and illustrations to turn "babes” back into women.“

Boobs Don’t Work That Way

"This is a blog about tits and the impossible things artists make them do.”

The BrokeBack Pose

“Strong females keeping it real.”

See also:

Women Fighters In Reasonable Armor

“Ladies that actually dress for dealing damage.”


Now before you go poopoo all over this post, we are aware that this is not an EXACT match, but what do you expect with a total spur of the moment candid photo? This is us being our normal selves!

There just happened to be a camera near by… in the perfect position . . 

… .magically set on a timer… just one of those CRAZY coincidences …



OK so here is our little 5 min movie

The Case of the Crystal Killer 

We are completely aware of the awfulness that is this movie but we thought you might get a giggle out of it so here you are!



hello followers! good news and bad news. bad news is our comic book poses are going to be on hiatus until september, but the good news is you get to see us embarrass ourselves while we try to make a horror movie for our summer film class!