If you place a thing into the centre of your life that lacks the power to nourish, it will eventually poison everything that you are and destroy you; as simple a thing as an idea, or your perspective on yourself of the world. No one can be the source of your content; it lies within, in the centre.
—  Maxi Jazz (Liontamer - Faithless, Outrospective)
My name is Maxi Jazz
And I make no apology
For linking my thinking with computer technology
‘Cause I’m not a mystic,
My views are realistic, simplistic,
One special brew I get pissed quick,
And get sick so I don’t do it no more,
I won’t find peace of mind
Rolling around on the floor.
The point I want to make,
Is you can never escape from your fate,
The mistake is to take without giving,
From within,
You know how I’m living,
I’m cool, I’m looking after myself,
And I could never place wealth before my spirit,
I feel it’s unhealthy,
The devil creep around you so stealthy, stealthy
‘Till you get bold, rush the gold,
And before you’re much older,
You’re soul is sold, where’s it getting ya,
Competition starts sweating ya,
Gold-diggers setting you up,
Soon be forgetting your existence,
Do you need a for instance,
I have to admire your persistence
In sticking to a game plan,
That brings you pain man,
And at the end of the day nothing is gained,
So listen to the voice within,
I’ll see ya later,
Pay heed to the Grand Oral Disseminator.
—  Reverence - Faithless.