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Veranka’s “Lala Crop Tee” Recolored

I’m smitten with the adorable animal graphics that came with the full body outfit in City Living, but I needed more versatility and decided to transfer them to Veranka’s amazing little crop tops. There’s twelve swatches (with both the puppy and kitty designs) but you need to grab the mesh here for them to show up!


I added 13 new designs from various EA textures for a total of 25 swatches.
FABRICATIONS: Making Maternity Wear Accessible For Masculine-Presenting Queer Parents
"Clothing that doesn’t make you change who you are just because your body is changing."

Butchbaby & Co. is necessary because there are people getting pregnant who don’t fit the mold of hyper-feminine, heteronormative, pregnant women who like wearing scoop necks, tight tees and maxi dresses. And these people deserve to have access to clothing that makes them feel beautiful or handsome or however they want to feel but, above all, comfortable in their skin and their identity

anonymous asked:

hi !! i wanted to ask for advise on what to wear with this shirt i have ☺️ it is one of those baseball kind of shirts, its dark grey with black sleeves and a little black pocket on the chest. i cant figure out how or what to wear it with ! ;( and i was wondering if you have some outfit inspirations on what to wear it with ?! thank you, btw i literally live your blog so much 😭💖💖

You are so sweet, anon! 

Pocket tees are literally one of my favorite articles of clothing because they are so casual yet dressier than a graphic tee. I would recommend wearing your baseball pocket tee with a black pair of high waisted shorts and converse. If it’s a little chilly, you can warm up the outfit with a pair of black over the knee socks! This outfit would look similar to this:

For a girlier look, pair the top with a black high waisted skirt! It would look something like this:

I have also seen baseball tees worn with maxi skirts. I recommend wearing yours with a black one. (One of my personal favorite outfits here)

These are just a few ways I would style a baseball tee - I hope this helps!