This #TBT is a post I drafted far too long ago, because neither dress is available anymore! But I still wanted to share them, and possibly get help identifying the source of the print. They both look like real astronomical images to me (diffraction spikes on stars a a giveaway!), perhaps with artistic license in the colors of the nebulosity.

Dress #1: Kilian Kerner Cosmos maxi dress at Zalando (h/t Barbara Rojas Ayala), on the Fall 2013 RTW runway

Dress #2: One of a kind dark galaxy print dress from @shadowplaynyc

I wish I had pounced on one or both of these when I had the chance!



Road Trips

What I love about road trips— the time you spend in the car and jam out to some great music, eat some junk food on the way, have fun conversations, and the best part— great company. My best friend and I recently had a mini day trip to her hometown, which was about 3 hours away. We went to go visit her family and thrift at her mom’s local boutique, Shop Sandra’s Closet. I picked up this beautiful maxi dress that just emulates my kind of style! So I thought I wear it and shoot some fun pictures around her neighbourhood, which by the way, is such a beautiful place to live by! I just love that she lives in the countryside and the scenery is just so beautiful. I posted a come thrifting with me video for that day on my YouTube channel, so if you guys are interested you can see it here: http://bit.ly/2alzxds

Hat: Forever 21 | Dress: Shop Sandra’s Closet |  Shoes: Chinese Laundry

↠INSTA: @thereshegoesyt

↠YT: youtube.com/c/thereshegoess



I am grateful that life’s thorns have roses. 
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