maxi accessories


Atomic Bunny:

New GLOWING accessories for your sims !

4 different colors.

For men and women.

Download Here.

- New mesh.

- Maxis match.

- Base Game compatible.

- Custom Thumbnail.

- Alien Compatible.

- Neon effect.

Sorry for the quality of the Gif.

You can recolor it but DO NOT include the mesh.

Cats hears available here.


The Sims 4 Heterochromia Eyes (Download)

I always wanted heterochromia eyes irl.. it’s so so beautiful, but atleast… my sims can have it, hehe! ❣ 

CC list:

Eyes @nyloa

Moon facepaint

Eyebrows @alf-si

Egyptian eye tattoo @valhallansim

Sailor moon @notsocialbunny

Lashes @kijiko-sims


-tested in cas

-it doesn’t actually have a back, I made it for the picture

-12 colors (this was originally made for adults which is why the colors are so dim)

(for some reason the child version overrode the adult one? which is why it doesn’t currently exist)

-tell me if there are any issues ^-^ 



- 4 colors

- compatible with HQ Mod;

- recolor allowed, do not include the mesh; 

is part of the high-tech set, will soon be also posted a matching necklace.

the hightech necklace has an old version, but it had problems with bone assignment, and as I quite liked this accessory, I decided to make a second fixed version, and now has earrings too! I hope you like it :)