There’s something important about being a creative superhero. Not just someone who can punch giants, fly over the moon, or shoot lasers out of their wherever. Yes, Dazzler can shoot lasers out of her wherever, but that’s sort of an afterthought. She takes sound and turns it unto light. She takes something and turns it into something else. She’s an artist. And her art isn’t just an afterthought. It’s part of who she is. She doesn’t paint on the side to relieve stress, or take dance lessons that help her fight. Creativity is part of her identity, all the way down to her genes. For her, mutant powers are just another creative tool. They’re an extension of her. Like any good artist, she sees potential where others don’t. She sees solutions that others can’t. She can illuminate the unclear. She can turn anger into joy. She can rock the house. 

by Rogan Josh


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