Floppy disks (working beautifully since 1992~1995) … Game Doctor SF III (超任博士)

Return of Double Dragon (two floppy disks (1992), and original brand new game bought in… 2005, better late than never. =))

Downright Neighborly

Fandom: WWE/TNA

Pairing: Jeff Hardy/Female Reader

Rating: Holy shit M.

AN: I return almost wholly whole from the land of concussions and I offer you this…kayfabulous indulgence! Tagging the always-beloved @toxiicpop, the ever-enthusiastic @oraclegazes, the King Captain @hardcorewwetrash  (my thanks for not keelhauling me for the IRS thing, cap!), and new tagees @karaboomhower, @thephenomenonalkingofthebrogues and @superrezzy00 (not sure about these tags, work darn it!). Enjoy!

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A Japanese TV Commercial for Maxell Cassette Tapes, featuring Wham!

“You’re the fish face I adore”!?!