Absolutely love this Legacy Machine Two by @mbandf one of the best watches at @marcuswatches. @maxbusser you have created an amazing piece of horology! Thank you @angrytinker and @liamchad For showing us these awesome watches. Looking forward to the next visit to @marcuswatches!
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“Alright, here we go!”
Tried On the HM6 in Geneva last month. Another crash design from Max & Co!
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Which one is the “real” Legacy Machine by @mbandf ? The Horological Machine 1, the real forefather from the creative genius @maxbusser is still enchanting after 10 years. Its 60 seconds #tourbillon connects hours and minutes, tradition and innovation. An icon in contemporary watchmaking. ❤️ #mbandf #legacymachine #maddubai by jacopo_corvo

Just heard that @maxbusser will soon announce the new Legacy Machine. Can’t wait to see what @mbandf is coming up with. Today , a photo of probably my favorite MB&F watch, the Legacy Machine 1. Classical with a lot of modern twist.
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Another one with out-of-the-box design. MB&F’s Horological Machine No 3. It’s really hard to tell time on this watch , but what a beautiful sculpture. I consider this as Horological Art.
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So I’ve been told that I need to post up other things rather than McLaren’s, so… here’s as which I’ve never been so speechless looking at watches. The collection they have which goes from AP’s to Greubel/MB&F’s is so vast it would take you longer than an afternoon or even a day to see every watch. Two watches that stood out for me were the Grubel Forsey, this model made out of platinum is a master piece which has engraved Greubel Forsey’s philosophy on the side plate. It also has a Double Tourbillon technique at the heart of the watch. Now the second watch is something you really don’t see every day, it’s such a fine and mesmerising example of true Horology. The MB&F Legacy Machine 2, the man behind it @maxbusser has designed and made a simple yet highly intricate watch. The main feature of the watch, the dual 11mm balance wheels which I struggled to keep my eyes off of are just perfect for watch. The other main feature is the high domed sapphire crystal, which doesn’t distort at any angle and is very unique for any watch of its kind. I have to thank @alexrose001 and @liamchad for their time to show me some truly awesome timepieces.
by officialdfisher from Instagram opening event was a great success! The gallery was packed and we’ve had the chance to welcome many great guests, like Sheikh Mansoor bin Mohammed Al Maktoum @mn ! Our @maxbusser brought him in a tour made of mechanical creations and kinetic art.
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