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Honestly, in my opinion, this is how this song should be sung. Two voices blending together to become one. I love this song, just not when Christina Aguilera. She has an amazing voice, she just…out sings Ian.  And let’s face it, Max is as passionate as hell.


To anyone who’s going to the Boys of Zummer ‘15 concert to see Fall Out Boy and/or Wiz Kalifa/Hoodie Allen/Max Schnieder, I wanted to warn you that when you get to the concert venue, you will soon find that a large amount of people everywhere smoking weed (especially if it’s outside). It’s usually supposed to be prohibited in the seating area, but there were still people in the seating area near me smoking. If you are sensitive to this sort of smell/smoke or just don’t want to be around it, don’t hesitate to tell a security guard. I ended up having to because two teen girls were about to light another for the third time, and the very nice security guard got them to stop for the rest of the concert. May I also add, that Fall Out Boy doesn’t even come on until the end, so if you really are uncomfortable about people smoking weed, please let someone know, it makes the concert much more enjoyable. I’m also going to add, even though most concerts have it, that there is an immense amount of bright flashing lights and colors when Wiz Kalifa is preforming. The screen behind him and all of the lights flash brightly colored pictures, so that’s a mini warning to anyone who is epileptic. Have fun at your concert and be safe! (Share this so others can see and thank you for taking time to read this!) *Edit: I don’t mean for this to be racist or blaming Wiz or anyone in any sort of way. I’m also sorry if I offended anyone in any way. I just wanted this to be a general heads up to people who maybe this is their first concert or just aren’t used to this sort of thing at concerts. Yes, I know all concerts have flashing lights, and a lot of ones might have weed and smoking. I just wanted to let people know anyways. Thank you!