Okay so you know full well I am not actively keeping up with SPN anymore but I’ve heard about Max, and I cannot let that go.

Max and Sam going out to a nice restaurant where Max has the smoothest lines and tells Sam he’s pretty over appetizers and squeezes his thigh during dessert, and Sam stumbles over his words every time he tries to flirt, but Max finds it endearing regardless.

Max taking Sam home at the end of the night and laying Sam out on the nicest, most expensive sheets Sam’s ever seen, taking a moment just to stare before falling on Sam.

Max being unreasonably flustered and happy when Sam Winchester with bedhead and wearing a mis-buttoned shirt brings him coffee in bed the next morning.


Ресторан аля Трактир “Сельская кухня” готов распахнуть свои двери гостям)

Отсылка идет к “Путешествию в Кеттари” Фрая) 

До конца не оттестирован, та что качайте на свой страх и риск. Получился зело тяжеленьким, но без СС.

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Heres my babqftim oc!

Name:Bonnie(of course)



Job or school: She work’s at Max Goofs restaurant as a sever

Likes:drawing, writing, white milk

Dislikes:heights, chocolate milk, boring books.

Traits:Nice and sweet but cowardly and clingy around friends. She even hissed at a a guy who was talking to her friend. She can also be very annoying at times.

Crush:She has seen Cuphead around town and took a liking to him but she doesn’t know him well.

Back story:her mother was the only one in her family left. Her mother, Stella was a pianist. But a year ago (idk how long it was when the illness started back up) her mother got the illness and died. Bonnie was so heart broken she tried to kill herself with buttercups… She was saved by a stranger when they found Bonnie in pain in a alleyway, she just works at Max’s now.

Long i know Babqftim belongs to @thebbros the first picture was drawn for me

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Jumeirah Frankfurt: A Luxury Urban Hotel

The four-year-old Jumeirah Frankfurt’s 216 rooms and suites all have oversized windows for great skyline views. A body heat detection system regulates room temperature. Yet for all the advanced technology, the rooms possess a soft palette, with silk carpets sharing space with wood flooring, and furnishings in walnut, and appropriately, honey tones. Read more >

Right, so I know that a Masterchef AU has been done to death already (and it was fabulous, btw), but I’d like to put my own little twist to it~

Bitty is one of the first on the show to receive an apron. The judges swoon over his pie (”It’s perfect,” Gordon Ramsey said, tears in his eyes and diving in for another bite. Bitty beamed). It’s perfect, he comes back out and is immediately rushed by his friends (Because he still went to Samwell to play hockey).

But then there’s Jack.

He wants an apron.

And he marches on through with a traditional Quebecois dish. He’s nervous, he’s shaking, he has to breath very deeply as the judges dig into the food.

There’s silence as, one by one, they inspect it carefully. It’s borderline. One judge says yes, another says no, and Ramsey’s there, looking over our favourite Canadian.

Ramsey quickly asks if he’s brought anyone with him. Jack replies with a yes.

So, Ramsey jogs out and comes back in a few minutes later.

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Remember Max Liebermann
Max Liebermann found his own interpretation of impressionism in the middle of the 1890’s. He left his home country in 1873 and settled for a while in Montmartre, hoping to mingle among the realist and impressionist painters. But being a German, he wasn’t accepted by the artist community (the Franco Prussian War had only just ended two year before). 

He died in Berlin at the age of 89 on 8 February 1936.

Max Liebermann, Terrasse des Restaurants Jacob in Nienstedten an der Elbe (The Terrace at the Restaurant Jacob in Nienstedten on the Elbe), 1902. Oil on canvas, 100 x 70 cm. Hamburger Kunsthalle
Max Liebermann, Papageienallee, 1902. Oil on canvas, 88,1 x 72,5 cm. Kunsthalle Bremen, Germany
Max Liebermann, Selbstbildnis (Self Portrait), 1927 (detail). Oil on canvas. Berlin, Germany.
Max Liebermann, Das Atelier des Künstlers (The Studio of the Artist), 1902. Oil on canvas, 68 x 810 cm. Kunstmuseum St. Gallen, Switzerland


Mort and Claire drank fresh fruit punch and chatted outside while they waited for restaurant-owner Max to cook up some of his famous fish tacos.

(I repurposed my Brumfield’s Bakery lot for this, and while doing so realized it has a very similar shape and footprint to the Santander Shops. D’oh! I need to do something completely different for my next community lot.)