Oh, what a hellish day.

My boyfriend: Max

Me: P
My friend: X
Weeaboo from Hell: Toad

This weeb story happened at an anime con that myself, X, and Max were attending. Max isn’t really a big anime enthusiast and leans more towards comics and video games so he dressed up as Max from Mad Max: Fury Road. Max looks eerily similar to Tom Hardy so his coworkers including myself encouraged him to dress up as the protagonist of Fury Road. I tried to complete my Furiosa cosplay in time but due to my busy school and work schedule, I had to settle for an unfinished product. X decided to cosplay from League of Legends since she wasn’t a fan of the movie and the three of us headed for the con. We had no idea just how nightmarish the day would be.

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Home At Last

Pairing: Malec
Words: 2,567
Song while writing: First Time He Kissed A Boy - Kadie Elder
A/N: Idea that popped into my head - Alec’s been gone on a mission for a while and comes home to his wonderful man and his two babes. Malec!family - sorry if it sucks and sorry for the sucky title, Im no good at titles, hope you like it! :D

Alec’s shoulders ached as he, Clary, Jace and Izzy came back to the Institute after a month and a few weeks of being in Europe for a mission. They never got far distance missions for so long before, it had felt weird and uncomfortable. Signs of demons had been popping up all over London, growing more and more with each passing day and eventually the London Institute had called for backup. And of course the Lightwoods were always known for being the best. They never turned down a fight.

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Max Domi #1.2

Here is the second and final part of this Max Domi drabble. <3 

Word count: 1, 060

Originally posted by gamemisconduct

You were still trying to calm down your new pets – the butterflies in your stomach – after the strangest call of your life, when the doorbell rang.

I miss you??

Who in the world did he think he was to just blurt something like that? It goes against all the rules of your strictly-for-sex relationship. What the hell was he thinking? And the way he dropped the call right after he said it? It totally screams guilty. He knew he shouldn’t have said it. Pretty much how you know you shouldn’t even feel giddy about him saying it.

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